FILM _ by her winning ways with a gun, they otter her a completely new identity as u d an undercover agent working ior a top n I‘ secret (but very well dressed)

I government espionage organisation. 0 h I c Needless to sav. she handles her new

post with some aplomb, but Nikita’s lictional rebirth has a certain parallel with the translormation eliected on Parillaud's ongoing screen career by her taking on the testing central role.

I BULLSEYE (15) Michal" ‘For me, this is my iirst part as an Calm and "09" "0°" actress,’ she explains in heavily W“ o" M "Dunn" m accented but nonetheless charming

play a Cockney conman and a suave swindler, doubling as a pair oi crooked nuclear scientists trying to auction atomic secrets in Scotland. See review. Odeons

English. ‘I accepted parts because at the cast or the director but never because oi the part. Alter ten years I had to stop because there was already an image oi me as a beautilui sexy

WWW. Withth ‘7" h object-the typical and conventional """"'°“ "°"‘ F" ‘6 ""1... No stranger to the piquant blend ol box r way to see women. Today, that's not at l " " oiiice acclaim and critical ambivalence all how I am ieeiing about the subject.‘ already received ior huge French Besson persuaded “87 030* t0 Witt 800088888 like 300*“ and The Bill alter a two year break irom the movies, Blue. writer/director Luc Besson has such was Parillaud's enthusiam ior his managed the same trick with Nikita. his screenplay. While the iilm requires at latest exercise in cinematic chic. An her an impressive display oi physical eilortlessly stylish urban thriller, the derring-do as she dispatches a series iiim’s high concept runs along the lines oi adversaries, the attraction tor 0' ‘Ptiilmalttm With A MaChtfle-Gun’. Parillaud was the emotional core oi the .. but such glib thumbnail descriptions material. ‘It may seem bizarre what I’m {022mm mfg" don't quite do justice to Nikita’s about to tell you,’ she adds with an eliin who has n a". "m, m “a” arresting combination oi slick action, smile, ‘but tor me, Nikita is not a blown away-career, htlt tomance. melancholy Chamter violent woman, not some bodybuilding glrmiend, taco, tn. tot-” study and the sort oi clothes you’d expert, you know. For me the point was a gang ol hit-men. Cioaks, rather like to take home with you. that she is lost. The other stuit the masks. disilouroment and Besson wrote the liim specifically ior action, the adventures are all “"9"” mm" “mm his partner Anne Parillaud, who plays accessories. It's the story at someone "m2"; °" "‘3‘ m the eponymous Nikita. In the opening who‘s missing love, communication, Dmiafésfiggfszw sequence she’s a tairly deadbeat people around her, everything. Nikita mm 3” mm. junkie type, tagging along with a band touched me because when you strip Cannons mm“ and at heavily armed ruiiians as they everything away and you open the door Edinburgh, UCls irom Fri 19 undertake an ill lated, bullet-ridden to her she’s just like everybody else.’ Nov. heist on a chemist’s shop, but when (Trevor Johnston)

apprehended by the authorities she Nikita (18) plays the Edinburgh Cameo manages to evade a one-way trip to the irom Fri 9 Nov; and the Glasgow Film local Penitentiary. lflstead. Impressed Theatre lrom Sun 11 to Tue 20 Nov.

_ harrowing Polish ottering _

interrogation, and the mad Finn Aki Eu G a Kaurismaki’s well-received The Match 8 a m 3 Factory Girl in contention ior the main i

I f European Film at the Year award. i

T t President at the European Cinema

I 1 Society, Ingmar Bergman will be in Glasgow to head the EFA Jury that also

i I FLATLINERS (15) . Heart-stopping stuii as live i medical students dice with ' : near-death experiences in the ultimate trust game. With liieier Sutherland, Julia Roberts. Kevin Bacon. See preview. Wide release i irom Fri 9 Nov.

\ includes respected actresses Deborah

Kerr and Jeanne Moreau, and among

the guests solar coniirmed are Louis

Malle, Max Von Sydow, David Puttnam r

and istvan Szabo. The great Polish iilmmakerAndzrei Waida will also be on hand to accept the Lifetime Best known for the shlock Achievement Award and introduce a excess Of the two Evil

screening at his latest iilm Korczak at


~ ‘. E the Glasgow Film Theatre on the Dead mOViCS, WhtZ kid . previous evening, Sat1 Dec. director v v ' ' g; I. E I The GFTwillaiso be screening allthe ed ed lSdmtRfilml h is Aki Kaurismaki’sthe Match Factory Giri “mmmd "'ms'mm 8"" 25 N" g- C oscr 9 e- - :1 One oi the last major events ol ogwmshwme thimaccmltr'tmmymg mamStream wnh hls flrSt 6 ,l~ a vance 00 ng orm cou also be ' r GlaSBOW'S tefltfle as Etttoitfiafl City 0' your ticket to the European Film Awards HOHyWQOd Srtsu dlo - f," Culture. and undoubtedly amonil the ceremony ltsell. Simply book seats lor pmductlon' I revor 2 .. {host prestégiotuis :t l‘ilm occitfiiaon'sI ever more than two oi the designated EFA Johnston meets the man . 0 Grace 3 60 S S 898. w e e screenin s and our torm will be ' r ' - ' 1990 5070083“ Win Maids entered :n a iirsyt come-iirst served behan Dar/(man and finds i .t . , Ceremony. Which tStO be held in basis into the seatallocation iorwhat ms rehSh for 3 I THE HANDMAID‘S TALE Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall on the promises to be a very special evening dismembermcnt still (18) Adapted irom Margaret evening oi Sun 2 Dec. Among the acting at the Royal Concert Hall. undjm med = “Hood's bteaktemtflttt nominees ior this year's Felix Please note: Dress is black tie lor all ' i L'ufigitéhxz':ge°:h'e'm" statuettes are Kenneth Branagh, guests atending the European Film i "mm women m Gerard Depardieu and Carmen Maura; Awards ceremony. Contact the ‘The guys from the studio were going i reproductive “ms “m with Jean-Paul Rappeneau's Glasgow Film Theatre box oiiice on 041 crazy at one point.‘ smirks Sam i "am", mmmon m... swashbuckling new version ol Cyrano 332 6535 ior iurther details oi the Raimi. recalling l)arknzan‘s fraught name“; tmaww who de Bergerac, Ryszard Bugaiski’s advance booking ticket otter. post-production period . ‘There was

15 The List 9 22 November 1990