ABERDEEN Cove Bay Hotel, IS Colsea Road Double on, 22 Balnagaslc Road Earls Court Hotol, 96 Queen's Road

Blue lamp, 121 Gallowgate Ho 10 Wino Bar, l0 Queen’s terrace

14/40,, lquv [/10 writ/[nu/ I H E R L D pimp” Cale lti, ISO Union Street I J Booth, 1 Back Wynd Barney Rubbloleupids, 403 Union Street Pittodrio Bar, 339 King Street I J’s, 419 Union Street Waterwhool, Horth Doosido Road

BAHCHDRY Parlcors, 3 Doe Stroot

BUCKIE tutti Erutti, 11 High Street

DIHGWALL National Hotel, High Street Royal Hotel, High Street Yulloth Castle Hotel, Yulloth Castle Drive DUHDEE Old Banlt Bar, Relorm Street Phoonix Bar, Hothorgato MtGonagaII’s, Perth Road Royal Ascot Bar, Wostport Cavorn Bar, Hothorgato EDINBURGH Crombios, 39 Broughton Street Barony Bar, Bl-BS Broughton Street

Bannormans, 2l 2 Cowgate

y I Bruntstiold Hotel, 69 Bruntslield Plato " Merlin, 168-112 Morningside Road '3 l t. The Doll ‘Iavorn, 30 Wright’s Houses l l , Grosvenor, 2B Shandwitk Plate

J4A'Jll‘77l7 3' ... ,. = 333' Kay’s Bar, 39 Jamaica Streot ':"J=OUELL-PL2rEtg' - : .

' “°'“' __ Windsor Bullet, 45 Elm Row

Hamilton's, 18 Hamilton Plate

Milnes, 3S Hanover Street

'lhe Pavilion, Buxton Terrace

ELGIH Bishopmills Hotel, Losmurdio Road

FORRES Legends, I22 High Street

j Mossot Yavorn, Gordon Street ll Pilsner lager Beers take their name from the I 3th century Co'isbrooke Hotel. Elsi" 300‘

White Horse Inn, 160 High Street brewing town at Plzen, Czechoslovakia. But the original

IHVERGORDOH .. , , After Dark, High Street “Plxen lager" IS Ptlsner Urquell (Urquell means the original mvmmss , , . Dillingors, Union Street source) the brew the locals call beer at Its best".

Gunsmiths, Union Street


Now even though the name has been adopted worldwide, that Stirrup Stano, Willow Grove, Craigshill

. . ° 9 o o original taste remains unique. So taste the world’s original “manna...” 103 5...". Street

ilsner at the more discernin beer ho ' . 5' ANDREWS P 9 uses u. you' are“ Central Bar, 77 Market Street

STOHEHAVEH Marine Hotel Royal Hotel, Allardyto Street Stottys, Barclay Street

YAIH Balnagowan Hotel

‘IHURSO Central Hotel, ‘lraill Street

WICK ‘lho Camp Bar, High Street

Queen‘s Hotel, Francis Street