, original. with a lot more

I IThe John Rae Collective:

' The BigiiSmilesAgain

" (NuathalI)'l‘hisdebut

. rccordingfrom Scotland's

f best young jazz group is an


tiftheCollectiVe's strengths— tight btit highly

flexible and veryinventive

ensemble work combined

3 withimaginative.

' high-energysoloing.with

everybody contributing their share to the overall

I concept. Saxophonist Phil

Bancroft has emerged as the group's principal

w titer. and prov ides all the tunes here exce pt

guitarist Kevin


Intrepid MrChristian'

(the title track.

incidentally.appearsonly on the CD. as a bonus

track). His quirkythemes provide ideal vehicles for their particular blend of bop-rooted rhythms and

more contemporary.

free-form directions. The band feed off the creative tensions generated in the collision of these polarities. and come out


sounding consistently fresh. exciting and

still to come. (Kenny


I Roxy Music: Heart Still Beating (56 Records) As Bryan Ferry has been at pains to point out in ads he took out in the music press. this live Roxy album was recorded back in 1982 in France. although it doesn’t actually say so on the sleeve. which is a tad naughty. The suspicion remains. though. that

Fe rry‘s worry lies in how much this vintage Roxy material will underline the paucity of his present output. Live sound is good.andthe performances more than worthwhile (although their version ofNeil Young‘s ‘Like A Hurricane‘ is pallid beside Young's own treatment of the song); that said. it is no substitute for the originals. which had a freshness and conviction missing from these rather smoothed-out late re-workings. Roxy fans.

though. shouldn't miss it. (Kenny Mathicson)

I Piano Circus: Reich and Riley (Argo); Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass: Passages (Private Music) Anyone who saw the young six-piano group during the Edinburgh Festival will know that they approach systems music with a refreshing vigour. Their reading of Reich's Six Pianos is bright and

precise (as this music must

Z be). although Riley's In C

benefits from greater instrumental variation than they are able to bring to it. A good start tothcir

I recording career on the

re-vamped Argo label,

, which also issues Michael

Torke 's Chamber Works by the London Sinfonictta. Glass is the superstarofthis genre.

but his collaboration with the Indian sitar maestro is

more impressive for its

performance than for the

music itself, which draws on the most predictable

elements ofboth men‘s

styles. Enjoyable enough. nonetheless. (Kenny



IGLASGOW BARROWLAND ((141 221» 4679) The Beautiful South. 23 Novfl'he Mission. 3 Dec; James. 4 Dec; Stiffl.ittle Fingers. 14Dec; Hothouse Flowers. 1'7 Dec; Del Amitri. 19 Dec; The Almighty. 21 Dec; Soup Dragons. 22 Dec IGLASGOW PAVILION (041 332 18461Ciary Numan. 17 Mar.

I GLASGOW SECC(()41 227 5511)\'an Morrison. 27 Nov; Happy Mondays. 2 Dec; Status Quo. 8Dec; 1NXS.10Dec‘.(iary Glitter. 23-24 Dec; Scorpions. 9 Jan.


CENTRE ((131 557 6969) Iron Maiden. 11 Dec; Billy Idol. 15 Dec.

I EDINBURGH PLAYHOUSE (031557 2590) George Benson. 23 Novfl‘he Beautiful South. 24 Nov; Hall and Gates. 30 Nov; The Christians. 1 Dec; Robert Cray. 20Jan.


I GLASGOW CONCERT ROYAL HALL (041 332 3123) Scottish Fiddle ()rchestra. 30 Nov: Pat Kane and John Rae Collective. 1 Dec; Chris Barber. 6 Dec; Courtney

Pine and Iillis Marsalis. 15

2 Dec; The Pilgrim. 31 Dec.


332 50571Rachaka.8




Tilting Ground. 23 Nov; Pat Katie and John Rae

Collective. 3(1No\ ;Jan (iarbarek(iroup. 71)ec;

; ‘Courtney Pineaiidlzllis

35 The List 9 22 November 1990

Marsalis. 14 Dec. I EDINBURGH USHER HALL(()31228 1155)Carol

Kidd, Chris Barber. 8 Dec.


I GLASGOW CONCERT ROYAL HALL (041 332 3123) Fanfare For Christmas. 19 Dec: Spirit

of the City Carols. 23 Dec.

I GLASGOW PAVILION (041332 1846) Syd Lawrence Orchestra. 24 Nov.

I GLASGOW SECC (041 227 551 1 )Tom Jones. 4 Apr: Shirley Bassey. 15 Slay.

(031557 2590)Johnny Mathis. 6-7 Apr.

I EDINBURGH DUEEN'S HALL((1316682(119) Murray lnt Whitbtirn Band. 29 Nov; Edinburgh


Academy Dance Band. 20 '


I EDINBURGH USHER HALL(0312281155)Syd Lawrence ()rchestra. 26 Nov; Reel and Strathspcy Society Charity Concert. 1 Dec.


I GLASGOW CONCERT ROYAL HALL (041 332 3123) SNO. 24 Nov; Pops At The Phil. 25 Nov; BBCSSO. 26 Nov: Japanese Music. 27 Nov; SN().1Dec;BBCSSO.7 Dec; SNO. 8 Dec; Pops At The Phil. 9 Dec; Grand Messe Des Morts. 11 Dec; SNO. 13 Dec; Hospitals Carol Concert. 14 Dec; SNO. 15 Dec; ()rchestre De Paris. 16-17 Dec: SC(). 18 Dec; BBCSSO.

21 Dec: SNOCarol

Concert. 22 Dec; Pops At The Phil. 28-29 Dec. I GLASGOW RSAMD (041

332 5057) John Turner. 23

Nov; Majer Bogdansky. 25 Nov; Giora Feidman. 25 Nov; Amadeus Trio. 26 Nov; Wind Band. 29 Nov; String Band, 30Nov; Scottish Ensemble. 30 Nov: Carlos Bonnell.6 Dec: SCO Chamber Ensemble. 7 Dec; SEMC. 7 Dec; Carol Concert. 13 Dec; Peter Seivewright. 14 Dec; Junior Dept Concert. 15 Dec; Scottish Ensemble. 18—21 Dec.

I GLASGOW THEATRE ROYAL(041331 1234) Scottish Opera/ Les Troyens. 28 Nov;The Vanishing Bridegroom. 27. 29 Nov; Tosca. 30 Nov;in Boheme. 16, 19. 24Jan.12.16,19Feb; Fidelio.29Jan.2.9. 14.20 Feb: The Cunning Little Vixen. Feb; Falstaff. 16. 20, 27 Apr. 2. 22 May;The Barber of Seville, 26. 30 Apr. 4. 9. 17. 25 May; Regina. 16. 18.21.23 May; Stuttgart Ballet. 4—8 Dec; Rambert Dance. 11—15 Dec; Scottish Ballet. 21 Dec—5 Jan.

I EDINBURGH OUEEN'S HALL(031668 2019) E50. 24 Nov; Scottish Ensemble. 25 Nov; Sinfonia. 25 Nov; Piccolo Pack. 1 Dec; Scottish Ensemble. 1 Dec; Scottish Concert Orch. 2 Dec; Delme SO. 3 Dec; SEMC. 8 Dec; Meadows CO. 9 Dec; SCO. 15 DeczCarol Concerts. 18 Dec; Cappella Nova. 22 Dec; Jubilo. 23 Dec.

I EDINBURGH USHER HALL(0312281155)SNO. 23 Nov; SNO. 30Nov; SNO. 7 Dec; SNO. 14 Dec; School Xmas Concert. 18 Dec; Hospitals Carol Concert. 19 Dec; SCO. 20 Dec: SA Carol Concert. 23 Dec.


FRIDAY 9 Glasgow

I The Trash Can Sinatras and The Salt Cellar Strathclydc University Union.90 John Street. 552 1895. 9pm. £3. Students and guests. Attitude-wise. I‘ve got a lot of time for Trash Can Sinatras and their almost anti-patriotic stance. Musically though. it‘s taken a while to work up any enthusiasm for their commercial jangly approach. The last single ‘Circlingthe Circumference‘ had a lot going for it in the catchiness stakes, and they make as pleasing a pop sound as you‘re going to find this side of the border.

I Paris Angels Queen Margaret Union. University Gardens. 339 9784. 8pm. £4. Students and guests. Virgin are chasing them. but Paris Angels are determined to keep the ‘indie‘ in ‘indie dance‘ for awhile yet. concentrating instead on balancing their conflicting aspirations as dance act and live act. The current single ‘Scope‘ takes care of the former concern. and as for the latter at this moment in time. they‘re serious contenders for best live band in the country. Flop your moptop and bop till you drop (to coin aphrase).

I The Levellers King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 10pm. £3.50. Recent support to New Model Army. hailing from Brighton. and playing the same kind of punky folk rant. The current album A Weapon Called the Word was produced by Phil Tennant who worked on Fisherman '3 Blues and with a line-up that includes banjo. mandolin. harmonica and bouzouki, we can safely expect some intense folky stomping from them.

I Go and Barky! Barky Renfrew Ferry. Clyde Place. 429 3766. 9pm. Go recently took part in the Riverside Studios showcase at King Tut‘s and are now headlining a tour to promote their double A-side debut ‘Keep the Faith/Satisfied. Cumbernauld‘s finest. Barky! Barky are celebrating the return of faithfuldrummer Roland. recently hospitalised for a hip replacement.

I Buddha Grass Harbour Shelter. 7 Renfrew Court. 332 6231. 9.30pm. Free. Paisley rock band determined to have the biggest flyposters in Glasgow.

I Babel King‘s Court, 7 Osbourne Street, 5522250. 10pm. Free. Highlythoughtof band. mainly because of Storm Gordon's impressive vocals.

I Jinsiti Jordanhill College of Education, 76 Southbrae Drive. 959 1232. Singer/songwriter from Newcastle.

I Hideaway Blues Band MacSorlcys. Jamaica Street. 221 8499. 8.30pm. Free. Residency. Blues and soul.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise Studio. 12 Shuttle Street, Paisley, 889 6867. 9.30pm. Free. Residency.

I Big George and the Business Platini‘s. West Nile Street. Heavy blues leads from the guitarist and his trio.


I Five Thirty Venue. Calton Road, 557 3073. See Preview.

I Swervedriver Potterrow Student Union. Potterrow. 667 0214. Creation band. with an obvious appeal to fans of Dinosaur Jr and their like. Screamed up the indie charts with their debut. ‘Son of Mustang

Ford‘. giving every indication of better things to come and a great potential for live performance.

I Kreator Calton Studios, Calton Road, 556 7066. Kreator have made a reputation for themselves as the perpetrators of some eardrum-bursting mosh fodder. Heads down. now go!

I Tongue oi Alba and Psycho Surgeons Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. Tongue of Alba may have some hideous graphics (and some rather nice but totally obscure ones). but they‘re building themselves up to some powerful live shows. The Demo Disco will be around to cool us down between sets.

I Banned Fl the Pub Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9pm.

I Southside Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. Cheekily-named. but at least geographically correct. They Might Be Baggies.

I The Rootsies Duo Globe. West Port. 229 4553. 9pm. Free. Jim Condie on guitar and Ron Tate on vocals and harmonica take a break from The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Band to play a set of blues with hintsof jazz and gospel.

I Los Supremos Lcith Oyster Bar. The Shore. 554 6294. 9.30pm. Free. Rock and blues covers.

I Delta 9 Leadbelly‘s. South Clerk Street. 662 4731. 10pm. Free.

SATURDAY 10 Glasgow

I The Wedding Present Barrowland. 244 Gallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £6 plus booking fee. Tickets from Just the Ticket, Virgin, Union Street. 226 4679. DoThe Wedding Present make some kind of psychological connection between November and touring? This is the third year running that Scotland has witnessed their breakneck barrage ofjangling, colliding guitars in this month, so diaries out for next year because, while they may not have such a high profile these days. the hits keep coming.

I Teenage Fan Club, Duglas and The Vaselines College of Building and Printing. 60 North Hanover Street. 331 1355. 9pm. £4.50. Tickets from Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street, 2264679. Self-consciously American-influenced garage sounds from part-time BMX Bandit Norman Blake and similarly cuddly cohorts. . . and if you don‘t know that by now, I dare you to pick up a random copy of any national music ‘inky‘ and fail to find something of that nature therein.

I Svrervedriver Glasgow College, 70 Cowcaddens Road. 332 0681. 9pm. £3.50. Students and guests. See Fri 9.

I Five Thirty and The Poets King Tut'sWah Wah Hut, 272a St Vincent Street, 221 5279. 10pm. £3.50. See Preview.

I The Rootsie Tootsie Blues Band Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road, 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. Rockin‘ blues.

I Brooks Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street, 552 5924. 9.30pm. Free.

I Big George and the Business Platini‘s, West Nile Street. Sec Fri 9.

I Jlnsiti Bar Point, Paisley. See Fri 9.

I Ryan’s Express The Studio. 12 Shuttle Street, Paisley, 889 6867. 9.30pm. Free. I Jam Session The Studio. 12 Shuttle Street. Paisley, 889 6867. 3pm. Free. With Wolverine.


I Bulkhead and Brotherhood oi Pain Moray House Student Union. Holyrood Road. 556 8455. 9pm. £2. Non-students welcome. A double dose of. ahem. ‘techno-thrash‘. from Edinburgh‘s Bulkhead. whose last gig earned them £20 per minute (ie they only played three minutes) and Brotherhood of Pain from Aberdeen.

I Circus oi Povver Bedrock Club, Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. Tattooed New