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I NlKlTA as eater. Anne Parillaud pauses tor a quick snackin LucBesson's oh~so-chic thriller» in which she not only gives up drugsbuthecomesan assassin tor the government to boot. See Film Preview page 18.

at. . .- ITHEreallaceol Glasgow? Big Jim. one ot the nianytramps interviewedinAnlhony Stewart'shook.ATramp AroundThe City DtCulture (LocliarPublishing£9.95). naturallylznowsthehest place to drink. »- ‘The Sorry heidandtryaTornadm-a

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I HOLLAND‘S very own Rab C. Nesbitt has some fifteen of his paintings on show atThe Burrell.The

Glasgow- at least some at his work does. The second most famous Dutchman. Johan Cruyfl. also nearly cameto Glasgow. well Dumbarton. however he changed his mind when he tound out their average home gate was 600. not 60,000. See Art Listings page 54.

id’he List 9 22 November 19‘)”

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I CARRY 0n Doctor 2? No. it's Madhouse In which

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among others. See Film lndexpaget8.

THE Hendrix Happening.

a unique experiencein clubbingto commemorate the 20th anniversary othis death. But. howdoyou (lanceto atwelve-minute guitarsolo?The Hendrix Happening. the Cameo Rooms. The Mayfair.

Glasgow 15 Nov. See Clubs


I ROLL on the Drum. The erstwhile Sadler's Wells

Ballet. now operating under

the title Royal Birmingham Ballet—torreasons best knownlo themselves. will be atthe Playhouse. Edinburgh 12—17 Nov. and at Glasgow's Theatre Royal 19—24 Nov. See Dance

Listings page 52. J