I LESBIAN Dopeheads 0n Mopeds? No, Gaye Bikers On Acid actually, though they have had to use the

I above nom de guerre, when the ned arises. The Bitters will be at Glasgow College 11 Nov, and Edinburgh’s Venue 12 Nov. See Rock Listings page 36.

I UNBEKNOWN to Nicholas Worth. Jeremy Beadle has sneaked onto the sat ot Dartnnan and has cleverly euhstltuted an exact repllca ot Nick's cartor the real one. Sam ‘Evll Dead’ Ralml’s latest tllclt Is a traglc tale ol dlstlgurement and revenge. See Fllm Index page 18.




Working fifteen days a fortnight was beginning to take its toll on the staff of The List— a manic look had entered the eyes of the ‘lifers’ who had been assigned to the Open Section and they still had only 258 more days until the Edinburgh Festival.

THE Queen’s Hall seem determined to attract a younger age group. After .

the celebrations to mark Norman MacCaig’s 80th birthday they are now trying to get the kids in with a version of ‘The Scratch Mikado‘ S-S-S Scratch Mikado not only will they be mixing all your faves from the G and S light opera but participants are advised to ‘bring a score’. Eat your heart out Manchester.

(Queen’s Hall, 18 Nov)

BBC Radio Scotland has at last hit on a title for its new arts programme. After weeks of head-scratching and awful puns the winner by a neck was the prosaic ‘Oueen Street Garden‘ cleverly combining the name of the presenter with the location ofthe studios. Previous suggestions, including ‘Up Your Arts‘, ‘Art And About’ and ‘Garden‘s Question Time’ have, thankfully, been overlooked. The new show with Neville Garden firmly at the helm will go out four lunchtimes a week. from 26 November.

A DISH and all information, or was it additional information, was on its way from 888 to confirm we could give away ten satellite dishes to our readers. The total package, worth £4000, was to have been offered in The List’s competitions page. Then the news came in that 858 were merging with Sky - Shock Horror. Would anyone care? However. we realised that, no matter how hard we tried, we probably couldn’t give away ten dishes to our readers unless they wanted to use them as tea trays.

A LOT ofthings can be hereditary— speech patterns, support for a particular football team but rarely, ifever, do people inherit a gift for photographing nudes. Trevor Yerbury, however, claims to be the fourth generation of his family to photograph classical nudes. Like his father before him and his father‘s father and his father’s father‘s father who have all had the gift of naked sight.

Not for him the kicking of a ball around in the park or a day fishing with his old man. Instead. they would, presumably, take their cameras off with them and disappear into the studio with only a flask of

l l

hot soup for sustenance and snap away happily until dusk. His father and grandfather looking on proudly as young Trevor catches his first nude on film. A show of his current work will be on at The Gallerie Belle Angele ofquthrie Street in Edinburgh, 9—24 November.

THE peripatetic Grassmarket Project are still trying to satiate their wonderlust. The latest object of their desire is Berlin. The footloose theatre project. which created quite a stir in the Fringe with its study of homelessness, has been invited to perform there. All they need to get there is 50 grand. The Scottish Arts Council will stump up halfof it and the Evening News has generously donated £250 to see them on their way. In the meantime all contributions will be gratefully received. Contact Fundraisers on 031315 2127.

HAVING trouble getting an operation done'.’ Then the Traverse Theatre is the place to be. And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon by Donna Franceschild (until 25 November) has enough medical equipment on show to make

Florence Nightingale blush. Putting the operating back into theatre has been no mean task and many a hospital has had to be approached on bended (housemaid‘s) knee. Their only concern now is what might happen during the next electrical storm.

GLASGOW has been seized by a topographical revolution. Young Flora MacDonald (now with a fully recovered arm) has just completed a knitted map of her home village on South Uist. The five-feet-square model will be displayed at Maryhill Arts Centre 19—23 November. Meanwhile. Glasgow District Council are said to be toying with the idea ofcommissioning a similar stitch-up ol‘their own fair City or getting her to provide a cosy to cover the Royal (‘oncert Hall.

The [.1819— 33 NUVL‘tlllk‘r 19903