GLASGOW Performance

I CRAWFURD THEATRE Jordanhill College. 76 Southbrae Drive, phone 950 3437/3438.

Royal Scottish Country Dancing Fri 16 and Sat 17 Nov. 7.30pm. £4. The country dancing society. here performing with a live band. regularly strut their stuffall over Scotland.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street, 331 1234. The Sleeping Beauty Mon 19—Thurs 22 Nov, 7.15pm and 1.30pm. £3.50—£27.50. The Birmingham Royal Ballet, formerly Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet. visit Scotland for the first time since their move from London to Birmingham. Company director Peter Wright’s Sleeping Beauty forms the first of two programmes. Created in 1984 the ballet is a lavish version of the fairy tale, involving a cast of 80 wearing 50 elaborate wigs. See preview on theatre preview pages.

Brahms Handel Variations/Symphony In Three Movemems/Elite Syncopations Fri 23 Nov 7. 15pm, Sat 24 Nov. 2.15pm and 7.15pm. £3.50—£27.50. No fairy talesin this bunch, comprising David Blintley‘s new ballet, George Balanchine‘s version of Stravinsky‘s Symphony In Three Movemean and the comic jazz ballet Elite S yncopations. See preview on theatre preview pages.

I TRAIAWAY 25 Albert Drive, 332 0522/227 5511.

The Sweetlodge Wed l4—Sat 17 Nov. 8pm. £3—£6. Who says tough guys don‘t dance? Man Act‘s biggest and most ambitious project to date involves 20 male dancers in cuban heels. See feature.

The Birmingham Royal Ballet


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I DANCE FACTORY 142 Calder Street , 423 9430. Due to popular demand, the dance factory have opened a second studio, providing a wide range of classes for adults and children; teenage class £1 .50(£2.50 for 2), adult class £2.50 (£4.50 for 2), senior citizen class £1.50.

Dance Exercise Mon 6pm and 8.15pm. Wed 6pm.

Jazz Mon 6.45pm (level 2), 7.30pm (level 1). Thurs 7pm (for beginners). Callanetlcs Mon 6.45pm. Wed 6.45pm. Aerobics Tue 6pm (level 1), 6.45pm (level 2), Thurs 7pm.

Yoga Tue 7.45pm.

Tlp Tue 6.45pm (beginners), Wed 7.45pm (level 3). Thurs 6.15pm (level 2),8pm (level 1).

Ballet Tue 7.45pm (beginners). Wed 6.45pm (level 1).

Ballroom and Latin Fri 7.30pm.

I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2/6, 19 Queen Street, 221 0750.

Classes are held throughout the week in a mirrored and barred studio 1000 feet square. £2—£2.80. Phone for details of daily classes.

Dpen Elementary Ballet Mon 7.30—9pm. Lunchtime Stretch Tue 1230-] .15pm. Good for city centre


Beginners Jan Wed 6. 30—8pm.

Beginners Tap Thurs 5.30—6.30pm. Contemporary Beginners Thurs 6.30—8pm. Ballroom Fri 7—8pm.

I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOL Oakfield Avenue, phone 339 4777 for details. Contemporary Dance Class Mon 7—8.30pm with Jane Simpson. £2. Phone 334 3349 for details.

Callanetics and Dancercise Thurs 6.45pm with Karen Pasi.

Jazz Dance Thurs 8pm with Karen Pasi.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIOS 261 West Princes Street, 331 2931.

Open to all ages and abilities, Steps Out




The Sleeping Beauty * Symphony in Three

Movements *

New Bintley Ballet * Elite Syncopations


031-557 2590

classes are £2 (£1 .50).

Jazz Tue 6.30—7.45pm.

Contact Improvisation Wed 6.30—7 .45prn. Contemporary Thurs o. 30pm—7 . 45pm.


Mime Beginners Thurs 7—9pm. £30 for 12_l weeks.

I ContemporaryAdvanced Fri

I 10.30am—noon.£2.50(£l.50).

1 Jazz Beginners Fri 5.30—7pm. £2.50

(£1.50). Penormance I pgznfe Improvisation Sat llam— 1 pm. £2.50 I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE Greenside Place. I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 557 2590. Colinton Road. 443 0101.

The Sleeping Beauty Mon 12—Thurs 15 Nov. 7. 15pm and Tue 2.30pm. £5—£27.50. See Theatre Royal. above.

Brahms Handel Variations/Symphony in Three Movements/Elite Syncopations Fri 16 Nov 7.30pm. Sat 17 Nov 2.30pm and 7.30pm. £5—£27.50. See Theatre Royal.

A variety of adult coaching sessions are available. including women‘s activity mornings, aerobics. fitness training and yoga. Phone the centre for more information.

I ELCHAT A variety of classes and workshops in creative and contemporary

above. dance, for all ages and abilities, are available throughout East Lothian. Phone masses , Stephanie Selley on 031 nos 371 1 ext 244

for details.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 229 1071 forinfo.

All classes are taught by Tracy Hawkes, director of Spring and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Open Ballet Mon 5.30pm.

Jazz for Adults Mon 6.30pm. Beginners

I ASSEMBLY ROOMS George Street. phone dancer—in-residenee Tamsin Grainger on 220 4348 for details. Just turn up in loose. unrestrictive clothing unless otherwise incicated. Dance base classes run until 8 December.

Integrated Dance And Creative Movement Tue 10.30am—12.30pm. £1.50. WithJenny

Agate. welcome. Jazz Tue 12.30—1.30pm. £2 (£1). Tap tor Adults Tue 6.30pm. Beginners Over 40s Dancercise Tue1.30—2.30pm.£2 welcome.


Jazz Level 2 Tue 5.30—7pm. £2.50(£1.50). Tap Beginners Tue 7—8pm. £2 (£1).

Tap Level 1 Tue 8—9pm. £2 (£1 ).

Jazz Advanced Wed 1 lam—1pm. £2.50

Teenagers Jazz Wed 5.30pm.

Ballet for Adults Wed 6.30pm. Beginners welcome.

Adult Performance Group Phone Tracy Iiawkeson 2291071 for details.

(£1.50). IGRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 Contemporary Wed 6.3(L8pm. £2.50 (iracemount Drive. 658 1940. Classes are (£1.50). held in ballet. tap and modern dance. Adult Periorrnance Group Wed 8—9pm. £2 yoga. fitness weights. aerobics, self

(£1), defence, gymnastics. and stretch and tone

Warm Up Thurs 9—9.30am.

JalzThurs 9.30-1 1am. £3 (£2). Theatre Schoolclass.

Contemporary Thurs 1 1 . 15am—12.45pm. £3 (£2). Theatre School class.

Jazz Leveli Thurs 5.30—7pm. £2.50(£1.50).

gentle exercise for beginners, intermediates and over 40s. There is a free creche available during some ofthc sessions. All classes are £1 .60 1 ) per session and are held on a casual basis for women only. Phone the centre for details.

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Ring Box Office (041) 332 9000

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