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= Saturday 10 I

I Clydesdale Arts Festival ( ‘arluke Recreation Centre. Carnwath Road. I Carluke. 0555 51384. l0am--midnight. £1 .50 (50p). A mixed festival in the heart l of the Clyde valley. There is music from Serenata. the Carluke Primrose Prize Flute Band and punk ’ceilidh hand Bootfayre. along with workshops by Biggar Junior Choir and the Clydesdale Folk Club. Dance is provided by Scottish Ballet‘s ‘Steps Out‘ unit. and there'll be screenings and workshops given by Artemis Films. Theatre from the Dodgy Clutch Company includes a play called The Enchanted Pudding. and there will be a variety ofother activities and events. including a local photographic exhibition. a workshop on publicity. and poetry from the Clydesdale Writers Group.

Friday 16—Saturday 24

I Glasgow Trade Union Week A celebration of the city's workers' movement. and an investigation offuturc trends. General info: STUC. 332 4649. History Workshop Conference Sat 17. Sun 18. Glasgow College. Cowcaddens Road. 332 3000. £15 (£5). National. annual gathering held in Glasgow for the first time. to discuss the city‘s social history. Trade Unions Changing The City/Making May Day From Sat 17. Glasgow Art Gallery And Museum. Kelvingrove. 357 3929. Free. The role played by united.organised working people in improving health. housing and employment conditions during the 20th century. The exhibition includes displays of Trade Union banners. and a chance to see some new ones in the making.

STUC Women‘s Conference Wed 21 .Thurs 22. City Chambers. George Square. Two days ofdisCUssion. open to non-delegates. and including Films of Working Women '3‘ Lives 19(XLI 990 ( Wed. 1 pm). introduced by TUC Gold Budge holderJiine .lchay, and exhibitions entitled A Force For Change: Women And The Trade Union Movement and Women's ll'orking Lives. European Unemployment Mon 19. Tue 20. Clyde llalls. 318 Clyde Street. A conference to discuss the likelihood of increased unemployment in the Single European Market. and the emergence ofa pan-European movement of the unemployed.

FUNDRAISERS l Wednesday 14

I Scottish Motor Neurone Disease

Association Concert Saunwimd Suite. City Chambers. George Square. Glasgow.

lnfo: 5520507. 7.30pm. £12 (including buffet and wine). Hosted by Radio

Clyde's Jimmy Mack. the concert is given

by Kate Thuillier. who will singtraditional l Scots songs. accompanying herselfon the | Celtic harp. All funds will gotowards j

supporting the victims of this rare fatal illness and their families.


Oedipai wreck Woody Allen


Back in 1951 , a very young girl called Ida Haendel came to Glasgow to play the violin. The occasion was a Festival of Jewish Arts. Thirty-nine years later, she’s returning to the city for the same reason. The 1990 Festival of Jewish Culture is a high-calibre event which draws together some of the Jewish race’s most prominent artists: visual, literary, musical, theatrical and filmic. Its cultural exhibitions (including the unique Treasures of the Holy Land collection from the Israel Museum) contain a record of Judaism's remarkable contribution to civilisation. But above all, the festival is geared towards us, the Gentiles.

Chairperson Louise Naftalin has enjoyed generous funding from the Festivals Unit, which has enabled visits by the Israel Philarmonic Orchestra, the Amadeus Trio, raconteur Benny Green, and the leading exponent of Klezmermusic Giora Feidman.

The literature programme includes

personal appearances by Mordecai Richter, Benny Green (again), agony aunt novelist Claire Rayner, Paula Danziger, Jeremy Isaacs, David Daiches, Michael Rosen, Frederic Raphael and an unbilled visit by novelist Chaim Potok, a rabbinically trained investigator of the personal conflict between Judaism and secular society, who is much admired by American readers.

The biggest theatrical name is Arnold Wesker, who— improbably— reads Hutcheson's Hall (see Classical Music) Richard Markson at Merchants’ Hall (see Classical Music)

Brighton Beach Memoirs/Oedipus Wrecks at GFT (see Film)

Further events will be covered next issue.

from Wesker‘s Women, and we can see the Scottish premiere of Ghetto, a major production by Haifa Municipal Theatre. Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company will also present a colourful and energetic series of performances. In Groucho Marx's centenary year, the OFT will be screening Duck Soup. as well as Neil Simon's wonderful Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Mel Brooks‘ The Producers. Needless to say, Woody Allen will be represented too, with a screening of Oedipus Wrecks (from New York Stories) and an illustrated talk on his comedies.

And of course, there’s plenty more for Jew and Gentile alike to dip into. Though Ms Naftalin would welcome similarfunding to mount a similar event next year, it could be 2029 before the next festival comes around, so carpe diem, folks, and enjoy.

The Festival of Jewish Culture events this issue:

Thurs Iii—Sat 17: Ghetto at RSAMD (see Theatre)

Wed 21: Israel Philarmonic at the GICH (see Classical Music)

Wed 21—Fri 23: Liz Magnes at Princes Square (see Classical Music)

Thurs 222AnkorChiIdren’Choirat

Thursday 15—Saturday 17

I Charities Hypermarket Assembly Rooms. George Street. Edinburgh. 225 2525 ext 6664. 9am—6pm. A gatheringof local and national charities and pressure groups. offering Christmas gifts andother goods to boost their campaigns for next year. Volunteers have been specifically requested by Shelter. the Scottish campaign for the homeless. to help run its stall. Contact their office at 65 Cockburn Street. [Edinburgh (226 6347) or drop in at the stall on the day if you can help.



I Parents lesbian And Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. lidinburgh. 7.3tltor 8pm. Free. Re-run of a workshop led by Tony Graham at the recent Bisexual Conference. which explores the lite roles

learned from parents. and investigates

alternative patterns of behaviour.

} Thursday 22

I Guilt lesbian And Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Iidinburgh. 7.30tor 8pm. Free. Another re-run workshop

from the conference. this time led by lsla.

who will open the in-depth discussion of sexuality-related guilt.

POLITICS . f Saturday 17

I 1992 Communities of Resistance I)rummond Community 1 ligh School. Cochran Terrace. lidinburgh. 556 265 l . lnfo: 557 4960. 9.30am 4.30pm. See panel.

Thursday 22

I Living Marxism Slideshow: Militarism Room 901 . David llume 'l'ower. George Square. lidinburgh. 7pm. £2 (£1 ). 1950s: Korea l960s: Vietnam. I970s: Chile. 1980s: Panama. I990 Persian Gulf. After 1990:. . I." The Revolutionary Communist Party's Kirsten Cale presents a wide range of slides conveying the reality of ‘the imperialists" wars during the past 45 years. and their preparations for future conflicts.


I Men‘s Weekend Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438.15ri 7- 9pm; Sat. Sun 10am~~5pm. £40(£30). Subtitled ‘Giving ()urselves A Break'. this series of workshops is led bylustin Kenrick and Alex Wildysood. whose ‘Men‘s Rites ()f Passage" weekends have been taking place around Britain for two years. The intention is to allow men ofall agesand sexual orientations toexamine their gender in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Saturday 10

I The Creation Of Culture And Identity: The Developmenth Medieval Scotland Boyd ()rr Building. liniversity ofGlasgow, liniversity A venue. Glasgow Info: 031 225 4994 ext 244. 9.30am 5pm. £9(UB40 £4.50). A one-day conference organised by the Scottish Archaelogical Forum. The central theme is the history of Scotland’s litiropean connections.


I Christ And The Cosmos Theosophical

Centre. 17 ()iieensCreseent. 332 4924.

7.30pm. l-‘ree. Dr Gordon Strachan

lectures on ‘An exploration of the ancient ' wisdom atthe heartoIChristianity.‘

3 Wednesday 14

I The Unseen Worlds The Meeting 1 louse. 7 Victoria 'l‘errace. lidinburgh. 7.30pm. £2. A talk by limin Scotland.

I Sitka From Oingwall To Hawick: Woodland Management Initiatives From The Forestry Commission National Trust For Scotland. 5 Charlotte Square. lidinburgh. 7.30pm. Members ( )l The British Association ( )f Nature Conservationists 50p;

non—members £1 . The speaker is Alistair Scott of the l’oiestiy ('oiiiinission.

Thursday 15 i I Buddhism Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Saueliiehall Street. Glasgow . 333 l 0524. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 I. Ratnaguna. a

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