Jimi Hendrix resurrected in Glasgow.


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Jimi Hendrix, once glowingly described as ‘the man who makes bad tunes sound good’. died twenty years ago. In an orgy of repackaging, re-issues and re-evaluation, we‘ve had the book, the Late Show special and the advert. Now here comes the club. Andrea Baxter gets experienced.

Dig out the loon pants. borrow Uncle Eddie‘s old platform shoes the Hendrix experience is coming to the Mayfair (a surreal venue at the best of times). Psychotic Reaction. or Andy and Mark as their mothers know ‘em. have decided that though there‘s been a lot of hype around the 20th anniversary. there hasn‘t been enough emphasis on the music itself. The llendrix Happening is a one-off attempt to place his music in context - and also an attempt to teach people how to dance to ten-minute guitar solos. they tell me.

‘There’s a lot of bands around just now who owe him a debt and are heavily influenced by him. and we want to remind people ol'the original.‘ says Andy. ‘When you go to clubs you hear the same music all the time but the stuff we‘ll be playing is the music that in turn influenced


him. well known and less well known, from 1966 to 1970 basically and some more recent records as well.‘

But it could be argued that Hendrix‘s music never really went away clubs like Helter Skelter play his stuff to packed dancefloors and every indie-kid worth their white chocolate buttons has at least got the mid-price compilation album. isn‘t this just revivalism playing old tracks that


all the punters who turn up might already know'.’

‘Ifsomeone asks me that.‘ says Mark. ‘l‘d say. well, were you around in the mid-60s in America when all those garage bands were coming out? Were you around listening to all the obscure British beat and psychedelic stuff? I wasn‘t. and neither was anybody who‘s going to come to the club. So we're saying look at The Charlatans. Stone Roses, Ocean Colour Scene, Blur and all the Manchester bands - it‘s basically all rip-offs of what happened then. and it‘s a lot poorer for it I‘d say, the music they could be playing in clubs. I actually like it, but I still think people should get a chance to listen to all the other stuff that inspired it. Okay it‘s old, but you don’t throw out antique furniture because it’s old it’s quality that counts.‘

‘1 think all music is current anyway.‘ adds Andy. ‘even if it‘s made twenty years ago. you‘ve still got access to it and you can play it. it’s not dated. It’s his times as well as just him we’re celebrating. The whole scene in Britain at that time was dead exciting, with Cream really taking off and The Who. and he wouldn‘t have been the same if he hadn’t come to Britain. 1 like his flamboyance too. his style as much as his music. But the stuff he in turn influenced makes him important he drew on so many styles from jam. to soul to R‘n‘B, plus the British stuff.‘

With special psychedelic lights, smoke machines. films and slides, and reductions in

1 price for those who venture forth in authentic oils

‘clobber‘, Andy and Mark are hoping to create

* something of a timewarp atmosphere in the

Cameo Suite. ‘If this works. we're going to do a

i Lennon happening. . . a tour ofdead rock stars.’ 5 Roll on the Jim Reeves Big Night Out.

The Hendrix Happening is a! the Cameo Suite.

; The Mayfair. on Thurs 15 Nov.



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providing alternative entertainment tor those nights in (it you really must). Dance International (BMG) brings you news and views irom the global dancetloor. giving into about what's happening on

the streets and in the clubs around the world.

entitled ‘Stella-Swing'.

§ bringing a collection at

; contemporary club clothing 3 around Scotland this month. The event. leaturlng wacky 60s styling plus rattles tor clothing, reaches Zutz Cate Bar. Glasgow on its opening night, 14 November. and Edinburgh's

Published every two months l The Pelican on 25 or so. the latest issue November. Invitations are i leatures proiiles ol ! complimentary and ' Deee-Lite and s-Express, available lrom Swing. the plus the Brain Club in j venues and Edinburgh a hairdressing salon ill/0.

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Top Five Fave Raves chosen 50' M0081 (Amazing

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4. Philly: Fluke (Juslbeen ; released.andalready i happening on dancelloors.

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The List 9 22 November 1990 69