I The Travel Show Guides ( BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. Time to start dreaming about life on a sun-kissed beach. or trekking in the Himalayas. or bunking offto Breehin for a day. A consumer guide for the more imaginative and better-off traveller.

I This Is David Harper (Channel 4) 10.30—11pm. Hard-hitting. no-nonsense behind the lines reporting from Harper aka Slattery. Tonight. he ruthlessly exposes an employment blacklist and talks to a man whose name is on it merely because he breeds snails. Poor breeder.

I Inside story: Voices And Choices ( BBCl ) . 10.50pm— l . 10am. In a labour oflove. French filmmaker Marcel ()phuls tracked down the first East Berliners to crossthe Wall last November and finds out what their hopes. fears and disappointments were and how they have changed.

I Dancedaze (Channel 4) midnight— I am. A spot of navel-gazing from the inhabitants of London‘s clubland. lt promises gossip and anecdotes from ‘personalities‘ like David Essex and Peter Stringfellow. Oh aye. bang up to date kids.

I The Brain From Planet Arous (Channel 4) 1—2.20am. Which came first - the season or the title? Those witty punstersat Channel 4 have been at it again. Thistime. the name they have chosen for a stringof B-movie Shockers. is Killer Bs.geddit'.’ The first one. made on the kind of budget that a Screen Test animator would recognise. involves two brains from outer space which take over the bodies ofa nuclear physicist and his dog. Master and pup then become locked in a messy battle for supremacy.


I Challenge Annelra(BBCl)7.25-8.15pm. Right. I challenge her to come up with a programme less entertaining than

Beadle 's About. Oh. she‘s done it.

I Adventures: On The Trail or The Chinese Wildman (Channel 4) 8-9pm. A pair of eminent anthropologists set off in search of the Yeren. or Chinese Wildman. Standing over six foot tall and covered in orange hair. the creature is reputed to be holed up somewhere in the remote backwoods of China. where it spends its time leaving clues for scientists.

I Saturday Night Clive (BBCZ) 9.05—9.50pm. The most consistently funny egghead on TV.

IAliens (Scottish) 9.2ll—l 1.55pm. A sequel. which for once. lives up to its predecessor. Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn return with reinforced paracetomol to zap the stomach churning aliens.

I Film Co Four International: The Emigrants (Channel 4) ltlpm—IZ. 15am. Part twoof this monster-sized saga and the persecuted chums have made it to America. where tragedy lies in store. Axe (‘orti's epic has been much feted at TV' festivals around the world and. if you have the stamina. makes gripping viewing.

I The Last Picture Show ( BBCZ)

l 1.3(lpm— l .3(lam. Peter Bogdanovich's glowing evocation of American small-town life in the 50s. Jeff Bridges. Timothy Bottoms and ('ybill Shepherd star as the sex-hungry teenagers whose lives revolve around the soon-to-be defunct local drive-in.


I News Gallery (BBCZ) Noon—12.30pm. Mark Smith makes his screen debut presenting this 30-minute round up ofthe week's major events with a Scottish perspective.

I Voyage To The Bottom 01 The Sea (Channel 4) l—me. ()n the borderline between cult and crud. this (70$ serial ran for l lllepisodes and followed the adventures of the crew of The swat-um ,an atomic submarine. and their struggles against monsters. the Rirssians and reality. though mainly against reality.

I Scottish SUppleBflHScottish) 2—2.3(lpm. The newspaper and magazine industry in Scotland. Do they mean us‘.’ They surely do.

I Laughter In Paradise (Channel 4) 2—3.5(lpm. Vintage British comedy with the irreplaceable Alistair Sim as one of four inheritors of a cool {50.000 from an eccentric relative. However. there are some strange strings attached.

I All-StarTennis Shoot-Out (Sky Movie Channel) 7-9.3(lpm. .‘slelinroe. lidberg. Lendl and co slug it out in a mini-tournament in Milan ~ specially designed for Sky TV. and view ers with a short attention span.

I The Media Show: Red hot And Blue —Aids And The Media (Channel 4)9.3(l— lll. 15pm. The final programme in the series has some exclusive interviews with the major artists appearing in Red HotAnd Blue: a 90-minute extravaganza of reinterpreted (‘ole Porter songs. Among those interviewed are the executors ofthe Porter estate on the ethics ofdraggingthe maestro out of the closet after his death. ISpitting Image 10.05 -l(l.35pm.The satirical puppets return. just in time to catch the fall-out from Geoffrey Howe's resignation.

I High Spirits: Lifelong Fidelity-Too Much To Expect? ( BBCll It). ill—10.45pm. During a recent survey. up to 75 percent of married men confessed to having some kind of affair. Were they just bragging.or are we being unreasonable in our expectations'.’

I Paper Moon (Channel 4)

ll). lSpm— 12. 10am. Young Cons having some fun. crazy gas station owners keep 'cm on the run. Peter Bogdanovich‘s sharp comedy set in the depression years won a deserved Oscar for the striplingTatum ()‘Neal.

I Death In A French Garden (Channel 4)

l2. Ill—2.05am. Yes. it's movie madness on (‘hannel 4. two excellent films in one evening. Shy-boy ('hristopher Malavoy getsa job teaching guitar to spoiled-little-rich-girl Ana'r‘s Jeanncrct. whose scheming mother has the hots for him. as well as a couple of tricks up her sleeve. Rene Belletto's thriller hasbeen skillfully adapted into a sophisticated. stylish film by Michel Deville.


I Nature: The Price Of Peace( BBCZ) 8.3(l—9pm. Now that the Cold war is over. a new problem has emerged: how and where to get rid ofthe excess nuclearand chemical weapons that are stored up in Russia and America. The US have decided to destroy some of them on a remote island in Hawaii. Not surprisingly. the locals were less than chuffed at the decision. Annelle Arnaral spoke for them all in Hawaii when he described it as ‘obscene'.

I The Wh?s Man (Scottish) 9— lllpm. (Seorge Wyllic‘s obsession with question marks is revealed in this hour-longlr'ibute to the great (ireenock sculptor and former customs man. Previously shown on Channel-1.

I And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Changing The Guard (Channel 4M; lllpm. Jan Dobrovsky. a former underground activist in Czechoslovakia. examines the problems that his native country will have replacing the secret police force afterthe downfall of the communist regime. Previously. the Statni Bezpecnost were one of the elite secret police forces in Eastern Europe. Rather ominously. he suggests that no one believes that they have gone forever.

: l l ! I

I Zorha The Greek l ( hanuel 4 i lllprn--ll.4(larn. Anthony 1)llllllll‘lil‘.\;l lost}'(ireek who ttll.lClle~- himself to. Englishman abroad. \lan Hales. 'hrourzh a variety of amorousadventures during Bates' attempts to reopen .r lrgiiite mine in l a remote part ot (’retc . llatcsgradually becomesa convert to ()uinn‘sl alstalrian ever-optimisticview of life. Michael (‘acoyannis' film was described at the time as ‘A grand Baeeahanalian bash' by [he Titties. though most were content to label it film of the year in NM

IVic Beeves' Big Night 0utr(‘h;mnel-ll l (1.30— 7pm. They just wouldn't let it he a ' quick repeat show lor llritain‘s top entertainer. Tonight Vie introduces a woman with a lifoot arm. a foul-mouthed fox and a mound ot earth that sings traditional folk songs.

I Twin Peaks ( BBC: ) ‘)--‘).5(lpltt. Devastatingly original or phonev schmuck'.’ Whatever your opinion on David Lynch. there‘s no denying his work gets talked about. Tonight. boyfriend Bobby Briggs accuses the whole town of killingl.aura.

I Critical Eye: Kurdistan The Last Colony? ((‘hannel 4) ‘l-— lllpm. There are an estimated 25 million Kurds (the lourth largest group of people in the Middle

liast ) who stand divided by borders j artifically forged within living memory The programme speaks to resistant c leaders based in the live tilllCl'L‘lll countries currently occupying Kurdistan IFiIm 90(HH(‘1) Illlll lll.5llpiri Harry Norman and the Ninia 'l'urllesplus Darkman reviewed.


I European Championship Sportscene (BB('2) 3.55 5.35pm. The last time : Scotland took on the Bulgarians in the Vassil Les ski stadium a memorable tree kick put lirre into the lzuropean ('hampionships. (an we grab both points again and this time help oursels es to qualify" .lock Brown is then tlll'llL'lllrllUl and Dougie lash' Donnelly rsyour host l highlights will be show ii at lll .itlprn on HH‘ 'l ._J

The list ‘5 33 Nov ember l'sllitl75