I Scottish International (Scottish) 6.3tl—7pm. Margo MacDonald presents the week's news stories from a Scottish angle. See preview.

I Without Walls: Tunnel Visions ( Channel 4) 9. 15—10. 15pm. The innovative arts series. linked together by an armadillo called Douglas. has invited a French documentary crew over here to nose around British culture a bit. and draw theirown conclusions. Meanwhile. a group of Brits are doing the same in France.

I Die Itinder(BB(‘2)9.2.< -ln.25pm. Miranda Richardson stars as an English mother of two (ierman children who are spirited away by her ex-husband. When neither the British or (ierman police seem willing to help she takes matters into her own hands. Set in Berlin. l ondon and llamburg it also features a handful of (iermany's best actors.

I Blackadder Goes Forth ( BB(‘ll

9.30 - ltlpm. No job is too low. no mission too safe for him to yolunteer for. A deserved rerun of perhaps the best Blackadder series so tar.

I The RSA Lecture (Scottish)

Itl.45— 11.45pm. 'Wee Men and Big Windaes'. the programme seeks out the remaining architectural gems left in (ilasgow,

I Sex Talk: Who Needs It? (Channel 4)

lb I 1.45pm. Shooting themselves in the tool a bit. the programme discusse‘ how important sex really is. Important enough for ('hannel 4 to devote a whole series to it


I She Play: The Necklace ((‘hanncl 4 l 11.45pm midnight. Donna l-‘ranceschild's play loli )ws two young Scots girls liy ing rough in l ondon. When they come across a valuable t ecklace in a rubbish bill they think their lkls k must be in. Wrong. Ms (‘rancesehild‘s latest stage play. A ridrlie (ow-Jumped om t/lt’ Moon is currently at Edinburgh‘sTravei se Tlleatre.


I Scottish Action On Employment t Scottish) 6.3tl—7pm. What are the prospects for Scotland's unemployed finding a Job here’ I Play Me Something ((‘hanncl 4) 9—10.3(lpm, Winner of the Furopa l’rize at the Barcelona Film Festival. 'l'imothy Neat‘s film version of .lohn Berger's not el follows a complex and intriguing tale of love in Venice. as related to a groupof travellers stranded at the airstripon Barra.

I Your Cheatin' Hearti BBC!)

10— It).5tlpm. The final instalment of .lohn Byrne's six-parter has them all tip in Aberdeen. where The Loom o‘ Lucifer feature in The l‘illtl/ Round ( 'p.

IGUI'US ((‘hanncl 4) MIN) ll .‘llpm. Ben Kingsley. who once played the greatest guru of them all in (innit/ii. narralesthis documentary w hich looks at the various figures who haye made an impression on

Western or Fastern culture through their ( missionary work |

76'l'he l.ist‘) ~32 .\oycmbci I‘Nll


I NB (Scotish l Ill 40 -1 l . Itlpm. (‘atch tip with what's on and w here with the fun-loving threesome.


I Attempt On The Pole ((‘hannel 4) 3—2.3(lpm. In 1980 an internationalteam from ('hina. Britain. L'SA. .lapan andthe Soviet l'nion. for want of something better to do. walked across Antartica.

I The Travel Show Guides ( BB(C)

8.30 9pm. Tonight. the beautiful and largely unspoilt area of North-Western Spain is explored.

I This is David Harper ((‘hanncl 4)

Itl.3t)—l 1pm. In a clever parody of aclever parody. Tony Slattery' takes up where

. Stephen Frv's l)av id Lander left off. Tonight. were the police right to trust Billy ‘l’aving Stonc' Adams'.’ And ifso. where is he now 1’

I Frederick Forsythe Presents: A Little Piece Of Sunshine (Scottish l 7.55 ‘)_Stlpm. The first lit a set ies of three Forsythe sagas. A small .indseeiningly tranquil rslalid-community iii the West lndicsturns olit to be a hotbed of y ice arid drtigs w hen a Scotland Yard 'tec flies in toinyestigatc the murder ol the ( ioyclllot

I MrMikels On The Mountain it‘hanncl4) .s ‘tpin In I'Nl. a giotipol topBritish climbers set 1‘“ from lsathmandu. on the trail to Mt Maklllti This film tollowstltc fortunes not of the climbers. btit oftheir oll-ltt'glectctl Sllcrpas. :llltl lot‘tlses Oil the tensions that glow up between the tyso groups,

I PlanetOtTheApestScoitish)

If. lll .‘. Illam .\ quartet ot sequels and a i/rt‘tlilrl'l'V series bred contempt for this lii'sl \ islt to [heme Boullc‘s planet. This weird ltll iraiound in Darwin‘s theory of

c \t‘ltllltill. with t ‘liarltoii I leston abused by a group ol apes with )ackbootson. turneil iiitoa minorsci-ticlassic.

I Beneath The PlanetOtThe Apes (Scottish): ll) 4 lttain. l'nderneathtlrc sut lace ol ape-cry ilisation lurks a tribe of


tiiilnans worshipping all atom liomh \‘ot a

bad follow -up. hill already the pathol sequels. .ipe masks. etc is becoming clear (that's enough ape lilnis I'd).


I Schotield's Europe ( tiltt‘l)

* IS S 5pm l'un-loyingl’hilissentotl :oand Iiiiope to bring back a pack of si\

I Not Only. . . ButAls0(BB(‘2) 8.05-8.35an Pete and l)ud in a rerun of some very funny sketches and sotne where they got laughs merely by threatening to corpse. Still it beats Jeremy Beadle. and anything or anyone who beatsJeremy Beadle deserves a mention on these pages. I Without Walls: Tunnel Vision ((‘hanncl 4) 0.30 - 10.30pm. The return leg ofthe unique swap. organised by (‘hannel 4. has the French TV crew nosing about over here. See preview.

I NB Special (Scottish) (>--(i.3(lpm. The Glasgow Fair. as experienced by the gruesome threesome.

I Spitting Image (Scottish)

IIHIS- 10.35pm. A welcome new series for Luck and Flaw.

I on The Page

(Scottish ll 1.35pm 12.05am. The succinctly named author. Tom l’ow . talks to .leirny Brow n. presumably about how a Barnum episode inspired his choice of


I Selling The Secrets i Scottish) 9 lupin. The documentary looks at Iiow Soviet scientists are making cash from the hard-wort experience of the Space Race. Meanwhile. Krushchev spins in his grave. I And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Rates Ot Exchange ((‘hanncl 4w lupin.

'l ercsa Toranska examines the entrailsof the Polish economy and finds former communists profiting from the current system.

I Kings And Desperate Men ((‘hanncl 4) ltlpm II. ISam. For those whojust couldn't get enough of The Prisoner. this somewhat ill-conceived thriller takes off where the T\’ series left off. Mc(ioohan is a right -on phone-in host. whom Alexis Kanner endeavours to hold hostage on-air. With some wildly over-the-top acting it fails to live tip to the reputationof the original series.


I Vic Reeves (channel 4) (mi) 7pm. The :omedian who just wouldn't let it Iie.gets iquick rerun of his hugely popular Friday night show.

I Focal Point S ts‘.3(lpm. The hard-hitting investigative team from BB(‘ Scotland are back otit on the streets looking for stories. so watch otit.

I AIDS NOW ((‘hannel 4 ) U- Itlpm. 'l'oniglit's programme is entitled the ('ase of the Promiscuous Parasite. Later in the series. a programme exclusively on women and AIDS w ill be shown.

I Vietvpoint 90: Let Me Die (Scottish) Ill-it) 11.40pm. A brother and sisterare brought to trial charged with the attempted murder of their mother. However. they claim she w arited to die. The programme follows the legal case that the two will present and asks. can it succeed.)



I Inside Story: The Maze Prison. Enemies Within Illltl- I I.2tlpm. l'nprecedcnted access w as granted to BB(' cameras to explore the ll-blocks in the Belfast prison. Though this shuftie round a prison is more unusual. it does seem a recurring theme with the BBC at the moment. They seem to have almost as much freedom tocorne and go at Her Maiesty's l’risons as lirnest Saunders.

I Scottish International (Scottish)

().3tl 7pm. Willi oor Margo at the controls.

I Medics (Scottishl‘) ltlpm. Life in a Manchester training hospital the one where all the doctors on TV are trained. Those greeting in the come r are destined to appear on ('usiiu/lv. while the anonymousonc is a future Doctor Who

I Without Walls: The Tracks Of My Tears I('haniicl I)”. IS? ‘).45pm. Men whoaren't afraid tocry in public. starring guess wlio'.’ (iii/la.

I Border (Scottish) IIIJSpm -lI.-15am.;\n l.A cop is sent dow n Mexico way to keep an eye on the border. Once there. he gets iiiyoly ed in the kind of dirty-de.ilingand cliicanery’ that goes with the job. Starring Jack Nicholson.

I Scottish Action On Unemployment (Scottish)().3(L-7pm. Right. you‘re all sacked.

I Harry Entield ( BB( '3) 9- f). .‘tlpm. l lat i'y's multifarious characters kick off an hour and halfot top qtrality comedy on the Beeb.

ISmithAndJonesiilliczwsn lupin. The old troopers return w ith more gags that involve the two of them staring each other out across the top of a card table. INakedActoriBB('l)1i).li)~li).3ilpin. Nicholas (‘raig's definitive tome. I. All Actor is brought to the screen in a scriesof .th.)‘tt’r(‘/tt.t'.ye.y for the aspiring thespian. Which pressies to buy for w from. and w ho to invite for after-show fecdsare among the vital topics addressed.

I N8 (Scottish) lll.4tl I l . lllpm. Scottish 'l‘elevision's weekly round up of w hat’s


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