I BLUE STEEL (18) Unusual. vaguely teminist action thriller starring Jamie Lee Curtis as a rookie cup in the tough world oithe Manhattan police force. who becomes caught up personally and prolessionally in a mysterious string of murders. With Ron Silver. Clancy Brown; Oliver Stone co-produces. See review. Odeon. Cannons and UCIs irom Fri 23.

. w «is I THE EXORCIST III (18) OirectorWilliam Peter Blatty puts the trighteners on again in the ‘oiiicial' sequel. with the dead priest irom the dead scarey original resurrected - only to be possessed again. Some guys have all the luck. See review. Wide release lrom Fri 23 Nov.

I HARDWARE (18) British-made luturlstic horror movie set in a post-industrial desert township terrorised by a remorseless killerandrold. Stacey Travis and Dylan McDermott star asthe young couple who take him on, in this visually stylish science llction pic with a human edge. See preview. Glasgow Cannon The Forge. Odeons Glasgow. Edinburgh and Strathclyde and UCIs trom Fri 23 Nov. I HENRY ANO JUNE (18) Philip ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being' Kaufman directs this tale ot libldlnous literary types. The love triangle between writers Henry Miller and Ana‘is Nin provides a winning combination ol art and eroticism. With Fred Ward. Una Thurman, Richard E. Grant. See leature. Glasgow Cannon Sauchiehail Street and Edinburgh UCI irom Fri 30 Nov.




x I.“ r: E


Pierre Prevert.60 mins. A vivid

humour. panache and genuine eroticism

Edinburgh: University Film Society.

j I American Gigolo ( 18) (Paul Schrader.

Q US.'1980) Richard Gere. Lauren Hutton. .' Nina Van Pallandt. 117 mins. Archetypal

* the American fast-lane. Gere is perfectly cast as the title character. a shallow.

I An Angel At My Table (PG) (Jane


I L'Age D'0r(18) (Luis Bunuel. France. 1930) Gaston Modot. Lya Lys. Max Ernst.

confrontation between sexuality and Catholic censure. as explored with

by the Spanish master ofthe surreal.

Schrader. exploring the seamier side of

Armani-clad stud who provides his clients

with infinitely pleasurable sexual satisfaction. but is unable to experience either love or commitment himself. This ( emotional paralysis changes when he becomes an innocent dupe in a political scandal and reaches out to the beautiful Hutton. Engrossing Brechtian morality play. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Campion. New Zealand. 1990) Kerry Fox. Alexia Keogh. Karen Fergussson. 158 mins. Campion's follow-up to her remarkable debut Sweetie is a lengthy treatment of her compatriot Janet Frame's autobiographical trilogy ofnovels. originally made for television. Following Frame‘s life from awkward childhood and teenage years. through university (where she was diagnosed as schizonphrenic) and bohemian travels in Europe. to her adult achievements as a writer. the film offersa more subtle depiction of mental illness than Sweetie. and is superbly conceived and acted throughout. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Apprenticeship Ol Ouddy Kravitz ( 18) (Ted Kotcheff. Canada. 1974) Richard Dreyfuss. Micheline Lanctot. Jack Warden. Randy Quaid. 121 mins. In 1948 Montreal. young Duddy (Dreyfuss) finds his way quickly to the top. learning on the way that niceness is necessary too. Over-simplified but amusing. with an Oscar-nominated screenplay adapted by Mordecai Richler from his novel. (Festival OfJewish Culture) Glasgow: GF'T. IAria ( 18) (Various. UK. 1987) 98mins. Ten sequences by different major directors (including Roeg. Russell. Altman. Temple. and Godard. although Charles Sturridge's contribution is perhaps the best) each based on operatic arias. A self-indulgent and wildly mixed bag is inevitable. but the film is occasionally excellent. and the music is always impressive. L'CI East Kilbride Film Society. I Ayl Carmela (15) (Carlos Saura. Spain. 1990) Carmen Maura. Andres Pajares. Gabino Diego. 105 mins. Tragi-comedy from leading Spanish names. set during the Civil War. with Maura (nominated for BestActress) and Pajarcs as travelling players who normally entertain the Republican troops. but find themselves one foggy. frantic night facing the Fascists' footlights. (European Film Awards) Glasgow: GFT. I Babette's Feast (U) (Gabriel Axel. Denmark. 1987) Stephane Audran. Jean-Philippe Lafont. Bibi Andersson. 103 mins. The Jutland peninsula during the late 19th century. Exiled French , housekeeper Audran wins 10.000 francs in a lottery and uses the money to prepare a sumptuous banquet in honour ofa deceased Lutheran dean. whose daughters are sustaining his mission to the poor and needy. But when the shopping list arrives the sisters begin to wonder if a feast is 1 compatible with their piety. . .A delicious i gastronomic experience and an exquisite. boisterous slice of cinematic narrative with real feeling. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Back To The Future Part 3 (PG) (Robert

Zemeckis. US. 1990) Michael]. Fox. | Christopher Lloyd. Mary Steenburgen. I 119 mins. After the elongated trailerof BTI‘? we're back in 1885 forthe third and j absolutely final instalment of the series. in l which Michael has to face up to j longstanding enemy Biff and save the Doc from certain death. except that the latter is 1 much more interested in falling for Mary i Steenburgen. The end result is not quite a bad film. but. as with almost every other sequel of a sequel there‘s an overall slackness which prevents it from liftingoff

in the way that it should. In almost every sense. we‘ve been here before.

Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Basket Case 2 ( 18) (Frank Ilenelotter.

US. 1990) Kevin Van Hentenryck. Annie Ross. Kathryn Meisle. 90 mins. In this follow-up to Henelotter's cult classic original the introverted protagonist ; Duane (Hentenryck) and his hideously {

. deformed Siamese twin brother Belial

(Basket Case himself) are taken in by a 5 kindly spinster (Scots singer Annie Ross. would you believe?) who shelters a whole family of so-called ‘special individuals'. In the freak community. Duane forms a relationship with the grand-daughter of the house. while Belial finds an equally distorted mate too. but as the twins plan the big separation the interest ofan unscrupulous tabloid journalist causes

great consternation amidst the coterie of misshapen creatures. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Battleship Potemkln (PG) (Sergei Eisenstein. USSR. 1925) A. Antonov. Vladimir Barski. Grigori Alcxandrov. 75 mins. Made for the 20th anniversary ofthe 1905 revolution. Eisenstein‘s all-time classic follows the mutiny by the crew of the Prince Potemkin and the support given by the local civilian population. who are mown down by the Czar’s troops in the famous Odessa Steps sequence. Expressive camera technique and a grasp ofediting that wrote the textbooks are just some ofthe innovations thatput l Eisenstein and Russian film firmly on the cinematic map. Edinburgh University Film Society.

I Bird On Aere ( 12) (John Badham. US. 1990) Mel Gibson. Goldie Hawn. David Carradine. 107 mins. Formula film-making at its most bloated and least inventive has Gibson on the run from a couple of crooked drug-smuggling cops he turned in a few years back and Hawn as the old girlfriend about to blow his cover. Less-than-enthralling chase flick will probably pass a couple of hours ifthe alternative is having your toenails pulled out. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. ; Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: 3 UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. I The Blues Brothers (15) (John Landis. US. 1980) John Belushi. Dan Aykroyd. Carrie Fisher. 130 mins. Bloated. overlong anarchic Chicago comedy with the two stars on a mission from God to salvage the imperilled fortunes ofan orphanage. Lots of guest stars. musical numbers and automotive destruction in a typical product ofover-emphatic contemporary American humour. ,' Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Blue Steel (18) (Kathryn Bigelow. US. 1989) Jamie Lee Curtis. Ron Silver. Clancy Brown. 102 mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Salon. Edinburgh: Odeon. L'CI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. La Scala. UCI Clydebank. L'CI East Kilbride.

I Bye Bye Blues ( 15) (Anne Wheeler. Canada. 1989) Rebecca Jenkins. Luke Reilly. Stuart Margolin. 116mins. Warming tale of a housewife keeping up her spirits during the depressed World War Two years by joining a touring dance band as singer and piano player. The film was a deserving audience winner at the 1989 London Film Festival and is further evidence of the breadth of talent currently working in Canada. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

. I THE MAD MONKEY (18) An American screenwriter in Paris. Jetl Goldblum becomes caught in a web of greed. ambition and sexual obsession when asked to script a dodgy tilm project. With Miranda Richardson. Edinburgh Filmhouse irom Sun 2 Dec.

I METROPOLITAN (15) Ironic. sharply observed directorial debut by Whit Stillman. in which a group of young UHBs- Urban Haut Bourgeois— gatheriorthe Christmas party season. with an escort shortage allowing a radical outsider entryto their charmed circle. See preview. Edinburgh Filmhouse irom Thurs 29 Nov.


Not to be coniused with The Exorcist Ill. this spooi horror stars Linda Blair asa suburban housewite possessed by something nasty and Leslie Nielsen as the exorcist called in to help. More Airplane than Exorcist, with plenty of peeling skin, popping eyes and paranormal parody. See review. Glasgow

Cannon, The Forge. Odeons Glasgow and Edinburgh and UClslrom Fri 30 Nov.


Comedythrillerwith a moral tinge starring Michael Caine asa beleaguered advertising exec who takes the idea 01 making a killing rathertoo literally in his ruthless pursuit of success. With Elizabeth McGovern. Swoosie Kurtz. See review. Glasgow Cannon The Forge, Odeons and UCIs irom Fri 23 Nov.


Well, whatcan you say? The film which achieved the biggest-everweekend openlngioran

independent. spawned a worldwide youth cultand marketing phenomenon and precipitated a sharp rise in terrapin cruelty statistics. Leonardo. Raphael. Donatello and Michaelangelo are our mutated sewer-dwelling heroes in this excuseior merchandising poorly disguised as a moralistic adventure story. See leature. Cannons. Odeons. UCIs and justabout


everywhere else from Fri 3U

EThe List 23 November 6 December 1990