Ah. the fortnight to come. I see a tall man with dark hair and huge hands. he is callingto you. He is saying. stop reading this magazine in the newsagent’s and purchase a copy ofyour own.


TH [ST _

I WHAT. no theatre? No. no- No Theatre. butthere are lots at otherJapanese events in Scotland —Japan Week (26 Nov—1 Dec). Among the highlights will be a display at archery on horseback which evolved trom a Shinto tertility ritual an early version at Bullseye! bareback. See

I Open Listings page 80.

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2 The List 23 Nove 4

I BALZAC'S up again. after a successtul Fringe run, Sarassine— Bartlett and Bloomtield's reworking oI Balzac's tale ol 3 castrato singer- returns in a site-specific version at the Third Eye Centre, Glasgow. Until 1 Dec. See Theatre Preview page 57.

I OLD red eyes, Jason Miller. packs them in once more, in the dead good.

5 dead scary, not so dead

9 priest sequel to The Exorcist Exorcist Ill. ‘Alright love, sorry about the bother, we've just come to repossess this body,

: alright?‘ See Film Index

3 page 23.


I RIGHT, hands up ilyou're a cop and a woman. No, no. no. Dinsdale. Jamie Lee Curtis practises manoeuvre number one: The ‘Stop! I wanta word with you,’ approach, in Blue Steel. See Film Index page 23.

I Aw no, it's that

Children/Actors In Need on the telly tonight, let's just stay in the car. Match Factory Girl, by tun-loving Finn Aki Kaurismaki. is one olthe seven nominations torthe prestigious European Film OlThe Year Award which will be announced at a glittering ceremony in Glasgow. Where else would you have a glittering ceremony these days? See Feature page Sand Film Index page 23.

I TWO in the bed is worth one inthe bush. as Henry

; Miller might have said.

Richard E. Grant, Maria De

Medeiros and Fred Ward relax in Henry And June. f Philip Kaulman's labour at

love which records the

. love-lite at Henry Miller, his

wite and their lover, Ana'is

Nin. See Film Index page 23.

I BLIND ambition: Michael Caine stars as an

I overzealous advertising

; exec in Shock To The

; System. which is exactly

what the reviews at his last I el‘lort. Bullseyel. must have given him. See Film Index

page 23.

I MUM! I can’tgo to school like this. Course you can. Malcolm. Linda Blair gamely appears inthis i spootolhertirstoccupation by the devil: Repossesed. See Film Index page 23.