4th - 8th December 1990

TAMING OF THE SHREW 4th & 5th December at 7.30pm

A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE 7th & 8th December at 7.30pm


Box Office 041-332 9000


sponsored by Daimler Benz wrth generous suppon lrom the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany with the (reothr lnslllul.

Subs/dised by the Scottish Arts Councrl


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r111 Funded from Glasgow DiSthCt Councrl's Festivals Budget.

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Callanetics Mon 6.45pm. Wed b.45pm.

3 Aerobics Tue 6pm (level l).6.45pm (level

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66 The List 23 November 6 December 1990

2). Thurs 7pm. Yoga Tue 7.45pm. Tap Tue 6.45pm (beginners). Wed 7.45pm (level 3). Thurs 6. 15pm (level 2). 8pm (level 11. Ballet Tue 7.45pm (beginners). Wed b.45pm (level 1). Ballroom and Latin 1"ri 7.30pm. I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2 r». 1‘) Queen Street. 221 0750. (‘lasses are held throughout the week in a mirrored and barred studio 1000teet square. £2- £2.80. Phone tor detailsot daily classes. Open Elementary Ballet Mon 7.30-‘)pm. Lunchtime Stretch Tue 13.311 1.15pm. (iood for city centre workers. BeginnersJazz Wedb.30 spm. Beginners Tap Thurs S .311—b.30pm. Contemporary Beginners't‘hurshairspm. Ballroom Fri 7- -8pm. I HILLHEAD HIGH SCHOOLOaktield Avenue. phone 33‘) 4777 fordetails. Contemporary Dance Class Mon 7 8.30pm with Jane Simpson. £2. Phone 334 334‘) for details. Callanetics and Dancercise 'i'hurs 6.45pm with Karen Pasi. Jazz Dance Thurs 8pm with Karen Pasi. I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIOS 261 West Princes Street. 331 2‘)31. Open to all ages. and abilities. Steps()ut classes are £2 (£1 .50). JaZITue 6.30 7.45pm. Contact Improvisation Wed o. 30-7 .45pm. ContemporaryThurs-o.3t1-7.45prn.

EDINBURGH Classes I ASSEMBLY ROOMS (ieorge Street.

phone dancer-in-residence Tamsin (irainger on 22043-181'or details. Just turn up in loose. unrestrictive clothing unless otherwise incicated. Dance base classes run until 8 December.

Integrated Dance and Creative Movement Tue 10.30am- 12.30pm. £1 .50. With Jenny Agate.

Jazz'i‘ue 12.30-130pm. £2 (£1 ).

Overlle Dancercise Tue 1.30—2.30pm. £2 (£1).

Jazz Level 2'l‘ue 5.3lLr7pm. {150(1‘150). Tap Beginners Tue 7-«8pm. £2 (£1 ).

Tap Level 1 Tue S—‘)pm. £2 (£1 ).

Jazz Advanced Wed 11am—1pm.£2.50 (£1511).

Contemporary Wed mo spm. £2.50 (£1.50).

5 Warm Up'1‘hurs‘)-‘).30am.

Jalszurs ‘).30—1 lam. £3 (£2). Theatre ,' Schoolclass.

Contemporary'i‘hurs 11.15am~12.~l5pm. £3

(£2). Theatre School class.

i Jazz Level 1 Thurs 5.311 7pm. £2.50


! Mime Beginners‘l’hurs 7 ‘)pm. £301or 12 weeks. ContemporaryAdvancedl-‘ri

10.30am noon.£2.50(£1.50).

Jazz Beginners l-‘ri 5.311. 7pm. £3.51) (121.5(1). Dance Improvisation Sat 1 lam 1pm. £2.50


1 Youth Projects [idinburgh Dance Project run numerous classes and youth groups all

over the city. Phone dancer-in-residence Tamsin (iranger for further information. I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 177 ('olinton Road. 4430101.

A variety of adult coaching sessions are available. including women's activ ity mornings. aerobics. fitness training and yoga. Phone the centre tor more information.

I ELCHAT A variety ol classesand workshops in creative and contemporary dance. for all ages and abilities. are available throughout liast 1.othian. Phone Stephanie Selley on 031 (>65 37] 1 ext 24-1 tor details.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 22‘) 1071 lorinl'o.

All classes are taught by Tracy 1 lawkes. director 01 Spring and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Open Ballet Mon 5.30pm.

JazztorAdults Mon (1.30an Beginners welcome.

Tap lor Adults Tue b.30pm. Beginners welcome.

Teenagers Jazz \vet1530pm.

Ballet lor Adults Wed (1.30pm. Beginners welcome.

Adult Pertormance Group Phone Tracy Hawkeson 22‘) 1071 for details.


Miyako Yoshida in Brahms Handel Variations.

Peter Wright’s Sleeping Beauty was a sumptuous spectacle. Hundreds oi courtly ligures adorned the stage, men in high heels and wigs, women with huge trains, set against a pink and rust-coloured backdrop shot with gilt. Minutely detailed costumes, set somewhere around the early 18th century were appropriately upgraded 100 years tor the linal scenes. It looked Iantastic, like a Renaissance painting. However, the dancing itsell iaded into the background, the narrative told

through gesture and symbol rather than expressive movement, though Sleeping Beauty Miyako Yoshida‘s elegance and poise appropriately shone her colleagues oil the stage. More like a series 01 pretty paintings than a story, the production was dragging its heels by the linal scene. The second at Birmingham Royal Ballet’s two programmes included three well contrasted pieces. David Blintley’s ditticult Brahms' Handel Variations set itsell a cracking pace and was danced with spirit and skill. Any minor stumbles were swept along with the momentum of Blintley's elegant vision at Brahms' score. Balanchine’s Symphony In Three Movements was equally well executed. A curious, somehow dated piece, it bears the unmistakable stamp 01 Balanchine's original and masterful eye, with striking, unlussy choreography matched by bold set and costume design. Finally Elite Syncopations is a comic ballet with a wide appeal. With music by Scott Joplin, the jazzy score is matched by jazzy costumes. There is nothing original or choreographically striking about this piece, but it sent people rolling down the aisles. (Jo Roe)

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