I A11 is listed first by city then byvenue, artist Gari Brown; contact the above running in alphabetical order. Please send address for venue details. listings details to Art Listings not Iaterthan D B U I CHANGE GALLERY 9 Park Road. 334 to days before publication date. ' Joseph Davie (i995. Mon—Sat 11am—6pm. NO Museums are listed separately in a 7 Permanent display of art and artefacts selective guide at the end of the section. .1" 1 ' ~ from Africa. India and Indonesia. i I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 . ' 4-100ext 2682. Mon—Fri lilam—5pm; Sat I T 81 R ANNAN 81 SONS LTD 164 l noonfltpm Woodlands Road. 332 (X128. Mon—Fri i Zadolt Ben-David Until 24 Nov. A major Illam—5pm. Sat “lam-12.30pm. : solo exhibition by this Yemeniseulptor.

Christmas Exhibition Until 31 Dec. Mixed exhibition of work by regular gallery

best known for playful. apparently precarious pieces. in which animal or

artists. _ 5 human forms are arranged in delicate and Also permanent collection ofGlasgow ~ photographsand reproductions. t Cadbury's Children's Art 29 Nov—Han.

I ART GALLERY a MUSEUM, KELYINGROVE l I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent 357 392‘). Mon—Sat ltlam—5pszun ~ I Street. 221 (i370. Mon—Sat “hint—5.30pm. :- 5pm. (are. [1)] V'oluntaryguidesare : J. .5 m - ' ._ _ , -‘ : JanltelAdlerand Joselllerman OBEUntil28

available free of charge to conduct parties

. i unexpected balancmg acts. I Nov. Paintings and drawings by two Polish i

or individuals round the main galleries. ; Glasgow-Berlin Book Project, Glasgow The art work is more successful. : artist, who fled u, Glasgow u, escape the (‘ontact the enquiry desk. . Print Studio. Murray Robertson’s intriguing figures Nazis. The (‘entral European flavour they Q The Eclectic Spirit: Imogen Cunningham . It consists M108 pages, The paper is I tlnd themselves in an urban calamity brought to Scottish painting influenced ' ' 17m“ 3 Dec- The first CW UK exhibition i 200gsm Veilin Arches Blanc. lt which is Berlin post-wall; many Wungcr Painters 0f the PCl’h’d-

by this pioneering and prolific American 1 measures 37 by 27 centimetres. wmnmuller's pages am striking Christmas Exhibition 5 Dec—Jan 1991. photographer. whose work spanned 1 Stitched and bound in boards, it is abstract in the vein 0' pop an, am} Works by a variety ofartists. including scycrdl litrtjtil’ developments In the covered in flow and embossed. (“33me is in mete, amids‘ the prints. sculpture. Jew ellery and

medium. moving from pre—Raphaelism

through modernism to multiple-exposure o" Is the bonk- Das Bucnt It is called thisuesi iaces and Share repons- I I CORMUNO GALLERY 131) West Regent work. v'eH” Four- Joe Davie pleases as he plays wm‘ ' Street. 204 3708. Mon— Sat 9am—5pm.

All The World‘s A Village: Oscar Marzaroli The exhibition seems small medieval clergyman and puns The Edinburgh School Until 23 Dec. Works 1933—1988Umi1612m- Scottixhindustri‘ : compared to the product. At a starting creatively with his phrasehoolt by William Gillies. Ann Redpath and

and artistry. landscapes and cityscapes all price of £350, there are onty150 of German Christian Rothmann's blocks Robin [)hmpwn.

feature in Marlaroli‘s sensitive view of these books for sale. Each contains 0' comm deny any need to be specific I CRAIGIE HALL (i Rowan Road, 427 6884,

Scotland's changing face from the

- - - - ~ Sat Sun only 10am~ 5pm. mid-511s. 3:29:22: 932:8 zynlguxsrgztsi aund and Wm the'rgrgumem' They lust are’ The Art Lover's House: Preview Exhibition Trade Unions Changing the City Until 2 Dec. 9 p w p V o r and make "3 echsensa The completion of the Art Lover‘s House A look at the role played by trade unions writers- . oven" You can "ml wonder What project has been delayed until early 1991. in winning improvements in health. Of the writers only LIZ Lochhead would have happened if the wall but in the meanttmC tin. exhibiting employment opportunities and housing in impressed. being able to take on a hadn’t. As an artistic venture, Vier + includes some of the finished work: light Glasgow. including a display ofhistoric subject at the scale of Berlin and the Four is a moderate success, It is tar fittings. beaten wall panels. wall hangings trade union banners. and Matting May Day; new Europe. Alasdair Gray's mm more important in tefms ot the and furniture. in one of Glasgow‘s most the craft of banner-making 1n action. piece is unfortunate” on” about hismflcm moment, the cunural spectacular Victorian houses.

Treasures of the Holy Land Until 16 Dec. The only European showing for the largest exhibition of ancient art from Israel ever

I CRANRILL ARTS PROJECT lSSaltmarkel. Glasgow Cross. 552 254(1.Wed—Sat I 1.30am—o.3()pm; Sun 1—4.3(1pm.

himself. The third writer to use poetry. exchange, the financial investment. Ernest Wichner, might be excused on But then that is only the exhibition. To

to travel abroad. covering all the main account 0' a had translation. Wplitiantl own one of the books, for the price of a . . archaeological periods from the 11th Heyder's short story Is dlsappomtlng couple of prints, is a very different “5‘95 P?“ 5:359“ “'1‘” 4 Dec- _ millennium BC to the 7th century AD. nonsense that glitters, glitters. prospect (Thomas Quinn) Zanzibar to” arts and ( entral Designsof

Glasgow in a joint exhibition ofpowerful

Contemporary Art Season: Philip Reeves - ~ street posters reflectlng issues from the

Until 25 Nov. Another artist with strong

Glasgow links, Reeves‘ work is I ART EXPOSURE 53 West Regent Street. Carlaw. Maureen I’inn. Eileen Naismith Toymfiqr' Charimcn-‘Cd PF TCSiIitlnCd C(‘loursand 3320808. Mon—Sat I()am—5pm. and David Watt. u n 7( S. h r.d DY". \dggznn7 subtle patterns. Graduate Enterprise in Scotland Until 29 I BARBIZON GALLERY (‘ollege Lands. M" “1+; 1})1‘m‘g“ “‘L' ~ ~ ~ - Bumsi Be“Y3 and BiiYiiiidIThe Fenconage Nov. Paintings, jewellery. textiles. High Street. 553 199i). Mon—Sat ("I—Mtg din—5 Em- . ) . . 23-315 M’V- A "9“ inSU'llitil‘m by 630'” ceramics and photography by participants 10am—5pm. Cafe open seven days. J‘om.‘ m 1’ m” “6 To" I hmOgrdph" wyll'e CCIL‘Pri’ilng ihc “Mimi‘s "l RON“ in the Graduate Enterprise Scheme Zev Robinson: Recent Works Until 23 Nov. LXh'hmon' . Burnsand German ayant-garde artist 1983—90. The first European exhibition forthis ICYR'LPERBER FINEAFT 1“" “(05‘ Joseph Beuys. incorporating works by Mixed Exhibition 3—31 Dec. Paintings. Canadian artist. who works mainly in Regent “Nut 23] 309’- M‘m‘sai Richard Demarco and Merylin Smith. jewellery. textiles and ceramics from a pastels. following sell-out shows in ()‘xlam'sjmpm'

cfafl Carousel Um“ Jim '99] . Twun)._f0ur varietyofamsts. Montreal and New York. British'palntlngs from 19th and2tlth craftsmen and craftswornen engaged in a I ART FROM THE OILLlARO ROOM 217 Japanese Contemporary Art and Traditional ccmun‘fs- Recent “Squ'mmns 0‘ “Wk-5 P." year-long labour of one. Sauchiehall Street. 332 3711. Mon—Sat Buddhist Paintings 26—29 Nov. Two Jam“ kit.“ th- Hitlcr- “unwr- Keeping Glasgow in Stitches Until the end 10am-5pm. exhibitions for Japan Week. showing two PCPI‘KV Dmmlds‘m and “tho”; .

of the year. Mon. Thurs. Fri and the last Gallery Launch Exhibition Until 22 Dec. A very different aspects ofJapanese art. EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 48 Vt 93‘ (’Ci’rgc Sat of every month. Stitchers and new gallery in a space designed by (‘harles Mixed Exhibition 4—2 Dec. Oil paintings MIPS“ 331 2406- M‘m‘Pm 9-3()“""‘ spectators are welcome to peruse or join in Rennie Mackintosh as a billiard room. and works on paper by twenty five Scottish Stinpm' . o o v I '

‘hc mukinElofadozen large wall-hangings. withoriginal Mackintosh panelling. and English artists. Mini“ E‘h'b'llon .Lm'l-VP‘UV- 5’10de Gallery Talk 24 Nov. 2.3llpm. Talk on the stained glass windows and fireplace. The I BARCLAY LENNIE FlNE ART 203 Bath Br'l'h'll imd SL‘Ottlsh paintings. drawings Eclectic Spiritexhibition by Thomas opening exhibition features paintings and Street. 226 5413. Mon—Fri lt)am—5pm;Sat and pnms' V Joshua Cooper, who worked with Imogen prints by the six founding artists: 10am—1pm. Emesu-l‘msde" (188371948) 37““)?33 (‘unningham as a young artist. Rosemary Beaton. Lesley Burr. Sally A display of 19th and 2(lth century Scottish Dec“ Pmm'ngs' dmw'ng“ and CtCh'ngSM

paintings and dccumtiw an. Spain. Paris. India and Edinburgh.

“Y “‘ H 1‘ I SAY TREE care 403 Great Western including the Forth Rail Bridge. . . / - r J g u 71 / Road‘ 334 5898. 'I‘uc_sun 1()am_9pm_ Gary Anderson 27 Nov—22 Dec. l’alntlngs. Exhibitions by local artists and an drawings and constructions; dramatic and

students.changingmonthly. hum”r“u~‘SUPICC‘SdCPlC‘CdInflmdcml' l

,. . . - ' - I A _ . eunngtt counties panokehawe I FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood ‘. 3".” .., .. ")1 h t . I45 \\ t .Sl L \ ta ill bl k ilrizSta‘h k i._ 2L0 (Mi-“l 5L5: ) Road‘mg715]. Mumsat 1()am_5pm;sun Street.332 4027. Mon-Fri , g ,. 041-20.10.th 2-5pm_ 9.3(lam—5.3lipm;Sat1(lam—lpm. The Age of van Gogh: Dutch Painting The Scottish Collection Until 28 Nov. work THE WINTER COLLECTION 1880-1895 Until 111 Feb ‘91. An exhibition from the Edinburgh 'I‘uncstri' Company. Small Paintings and Drawings organised bythe RijksmuseumVincent l’i‘SCdilniirlngl Pi'llillntlhPJ'SC‘MlSh van Gogh in Amsterdam for the centenary artists. Some striking effects are created in JoW-H (,fthc artist‘s death. Fifteen works by Vim the‘moye between different media. Gogh provide the focal point foran Chtlsnne MCAOOU' 1-331)CC- RCCCm explorationofhis development in relation Phinii'lgh- ‘0 that (’ihi-‘C"niCmP°“*”C-*~ I GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken Glen 9030:1ffiréhnté‘hcdrc‘.""“tili""‘”iEsme“ Road (gallery at entrance toButterfly : CROSBIE HOWSON "1 U 9 Wm "‘8 “mg C PW“ - Kingdom).62()()235.Mon—Fri1.30—(ipm, ; I CASTLEMILK EAST RESOURCE CENTRE Sat & Sun 11.3(lam—5.3t)pm; closed Tue. 1 ' HUNTER 9/11 Baliantay Quad. n34 (1381. Israeli Artists Until 1 Dec. Lithographs by i JOSfiEzEIEZLSKI Novembcr_29 December The South Side Connection Until February past and present Israeli printmakers. : Tm7(FRU‘IT STlALL 1991. A touring exhibition ofdrawings along with bronze sculptures by Amos « e and colour prints by (‘astlemilk-based Gilboa. l a

58 The List 23 November 6 December 1990