Rook which once belonged to Martin Luther.

Crisis Comic Strip Until 30 Nov. The original artwork from the Crisis Comic strip magazine. featuring the true story of a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee. Organised by Amnesty International.

I NEW GLASGOW SOCIETY 1307 Argyll Street. 334 0202.

Glasgow Stained Glass Until 29 Dec. The wealth of Glasgow‘s stained glass from the Victorian and Edwardian periods. along with work by contemporary stained glass artists.

I 908 GALLERY 12 Otago Street. Kelvinbridge. 339 3158. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

The Body Show Until 28 Nov. Twenty Glasgow artists interpret the human form. from portraiture to nude studies.

A First Christmas 30 Nov—31 Dec. Work by artists who have exhibited during 1990. led by the vibrant mythologies ofCampbell Smith.

I OPEN CIRCLE GALLERY 1 lillhead Library. 348 Byres Road. 339 7223. Mon—Fri 9.30am—8pm; Sat 9.30am— 1 pm. 2—5pm. Closed Wed.

Surrealist Tendencies Until 7 Jan 1991. Works by over 20 Scottish artists. whose work ‘uses the image in a poetic orironic manner to introduce a mood or make a statement.‘

I PALACE OF ART Bellahouston. Paisley Road West. Mon—Sun 11am—7pm. MacMillan Cancer Beliel Fund Art Exhibition and Sale 19:30 Nov. Over seven hundred original paintings. with prices startingat around £20.

I PEARCE INSTITUTE 840 Govan Road. 445 1941. Mon—Sat 9am—9pm.

Sea Change Until 9 Dec. Batiks by Kay Scott.

I POLLOK HOUSE 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 6320274. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon-6pm; open until 10pm Wed.

The Enid Goldblatl Collection Until 31 Jan 1991. A selection ofaround 100pieces from the collection of 18th century continental porcelain amassed by Glasgow-born Enid Goldblatt.

I THE ROWAN GALLERY 36 Main Street. Drymen.036060996. Mon—Sun - l0am—5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Until 30 Nov. Paintings. ceramics and glass by contemporary Scottish artists.

Christmas Show and ‘Somethin' Else‘ l—23 Dec. Small paintings along with William Grandison's original illustrations for Somethin' Else 5 05 Life and Style. including portraits of 50s idols and icons: Marilyn Monroe. Elvis. Pink Cadillacs and bubble cars.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND DRAMA 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: open until 8pm on performance dates.

Dora Holzhandler 25 Nov—2 Dec. The complex patternings. simple realism and poetic sense of nature in l'iolzhandler‘s work combine to create paintings which are both mystical and instantly appealing.


Ana Maria Pacheco, Glasgow Print Studio. This exhibition of carving, drawing,

. painting and prints by Brazilian Ana 5 Maria Pacheco is embarrassing Iorthe

claims oi a pseudo-intellectual catalogue and inarticulate work handicapped by muddled thinking. Entering the gallery, the visitor is conironted by a procession ol eight painted, tile-sized, carved wooden tigures. The leading male ligure holds a slave topped by a ram’s head in his left hand; his right iorearm is smeared with red paint representing blood. His blanched stylised lace is identical to those ol the women behind him and the laces in the drawings. He reappears, in high heels, still with a red arm, throughout the two-dimensional work, as do the women and ubiquitous ram’s head issuing red smoke. Nowhere is the language oi drawing and sculpture pushed and explored, nowhere is the

subjectmatter explored.

It is instructive to think oi the painter Paula Bego who employs animals, lolklore and opera to develop an iconography oi characters who simultaneously embody our own carnal nature while being sadistic in play, the way children are. In contrast, Pacheco’s use at the supernatural loses its point. The catalogue states ‘Norwich School at Art (where Pacheco teaches) is a place ior research oi the ligure as metaphor and imaginative expression with its roots in thought, ritual and magic.‘ God help the students. A cursory grasp ol social anthropology totally debunks this approach. For instance, anthropologist-trained artist Susan Hitler can adequately theorise her metaphysical subject matter in contemporary terms. Pacheco relies upon her crafting abilities. (Fiona Byrne Sutton)

Ilex BeIIer: Lile in the Shtetl 25 Nov—2 Dec. Beller is a self-taught artist who began his successful career at the age of 60. with paintings so vivid and detailed that people have recognised faces in his work.

A Postcard View ol Jewish Lile 25 Nov—2 Dec. Before the advent oftoday‘s instant communications. the postcard was immensely popular. This exhibition looks at the role it played from 1869 untilthe 1930s.

I THE SHELTER GALLERY Renfrew Court. 332 6231. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm: Sat

Michelle David Until 8 Dec. Recent paintings.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ayr Street. 557 1405. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm. Sat mam—4.30pm. Sun 2—5pm.

Up Oor Close. Boon Oor Back Until early 1991. Jean Faley has helped the museum re-create the room and kitchen in Gourlay Street where she grew up. More than a reconstruction. the exhibition is a theatrical evocation of time and place. using period furniture. sound effects and music as recalled by Faley.

Glaswegians by Glaswegians Until 29 Nov.

Pictures showing how Glaswegians see

themselves. taken from the massive Cranhill Arts Centre photography project.

I STIRLING'S LIBRARY Royal Exchange Square. 331 2668. Monfrue 10am—5pm: Thurs Ill-8pm; Fri/Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Glasgow City ol Architecture Until 30 Nov. Models. artefacts. trail-maps and videos trace the city‘s architectural riches.

I STREET LEVEL 279—281 High Street. 552 2151. Wed—Sat 11am—6pm; Sun 2—4pm. Desert Canto VI: The Pit Until 2 Dec. An examination by American Richard Misrach of the burial sites in Nevada for livestock which die suddenly. due to— Misrach believes contamination of the groundwater by nuclear testing. Large colour photographs juxtapose dead and decomposing animals with the stunning desert landscapes and skies.

From Dunoon to Coney Island 3 Nov—2 Dec. An installation by Michel Naismith. incorporating photographs and Super-8 film. taken in seaside resorts in Scotland and America.

I SUD-SOCIAL Glasgow Underground Carriages. until 30 Nov.

Thirty-three poster/artworks in the spaces usually reserved for publicity images. mimicking and subvertingadvertising styles in a critique of the consumerist messages which usually surround us.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7521 . Tue-Sat Want—5.30pm; Sun 2—5.30pm.

Sell-Conscious States Until 2 Dee. An installation by five young Glasgow artists.

specificallycreatcd for Glasgow 1990. The ;

five use the gallery space as a small-scale model for a larger ‘self-conscious state‘ a physical and psychological locality.

I TRAMWAY Albert Drive. 423 9527. Daily 10am—10pm.

New North 2 Dec—27 Jan 1991. A celebration of contemporary art from the North ofBritain. including paintings. sculpture and photography. revealing the diversity ofapproaches and ideas in Northern art.

Nong Song Dam: Woodblock Prints Until 2

Dec. Vivid woodcuts by the South Korean

artist. who was sentenced to seven years'

imprisonment earlier this year for sending

slides of his work to North Korea. In association with Amnesty lnternational‘s Art For Libertv campaign.

I rnmsmsslon GALLERY 28 King Street.

552 4813. Mon—Sat noon—6pm.

Four Norwegian Artists Until 24 Nov. The return leg ofthe Transmission‘s current exchange programme five Glasgow artists have already visited and exhibited in Norway. Exhibits include large-scale

photographic pieces. and sculptural pieces

involving flour.

I TRON THEATRE BAR Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate. information 227 5556. Tue—Sat noon—midnight.

Letterto Van Gogh From Hell Until 30 Nov. Oil paintings. drawings and writings by Saad. an Iraqi artist. once a political




94 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 3DF, Tel 031 225 5955

Until 27 November

PICTURES FOR NOVEMBER Adamson, Bellany, Blyth, Burns, Cadell, Crozier, Eardley, Fergusson, Gillies, Houston, Hunter, McClure, McLaren, MaeTaggart, Peploe, Redpath.

Barbara Rae - New Spanish Paintings

Jim Partridge - New Woodworks Mark Powell - Jewellery; David Roberts - Ceramics

Mon - Fri 10 - 6; Sat 10 - 1.


Sebastian Salgado 24 November - 27 December Gallery Talk: Images lor Charity 4 December 7.30pm Salgado's new book An Uncertain Grace now in the bookshop 105 HIGH STREET. EDINBURGH TUES-SAT11.00-5.30

Photography gallery 8. bookshop

70 The List 23 November— 6 December 1990