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I Festival Of Jewish Culture Various venues. Glasgow. See also Film. Music. Theatre. Dance. Exhibitions and Book Events listings.

Yiddish Day Sun 25. RSAMD. 11.30am—9pm. Includes: talk on Yiddish music by Majer Bogdansky(l 1.30am. free); illustrated talk on the exhibition ‘A Postcard View OfJewish Life' by David Pcarlman (12.30pm. free): performance by Anna Tzelniker. First Lady oniddish Theatre (2pm. £5/£3): readings by guest artists from Stories From J (’WLS‘II Poland by Isaac Bashevis Singer and Sholem Aleichem (4.30pm. £3.’£l .50): and Klezmer concert by clarinettist Giora Fiedman (7.30pm. £6/£4).

Benny Green Tue 27. Merchants l Iall. 12.45pm. £3 (£1 .50). A lunchtime talk by the saxophone-playing. musical-writing. radio-show-presenting raconteur.

Monday 26—Saturday1

I Scotland Japan Week Various venues. Glasgow. Info: Candleriggs Ticket Centre 227 5511/Greater Glasgow Tourist Board 204 4400. See panel and Music.Theatre. Dance and Exhibitions listings.

Kimono Show Mon 26. Hutcheson‘s Hall. 12.30—4pm. Free. With Taisho Koto Music.

Opening Ceremony Mon 26. King‘s Theatre. 7.45pm. Free. With traditional music and dance.

Kimono Show and Kikoho Meditation Tue 27. Glasgow Royal Concert I lall. 12.30pm. £2.

Tea Ceremony Tue 27. Hutcheson’s Hall. 2—5.30pm. Free.

Kimono Show Tue 27. RSA M I). 7.30pm. With music and dance.

Yabusame (archery on horseback) followed by Kile Flying Sat 1. Bellahouston Park.

1 1am. free.

Kudo (Archery), Kimono Show and Martial Arts Sat 1. Kelvin Hall. 3—7.30pm.£1 .50 (50p).

GAY/BISEXUAL Thursday 29

I Sexuality and Capitalism Lesbian and Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 7.30 for 8pm. An open discussion with Edinburgh Bisexual Group. which poses the question. ‘1 low is sexuality affected by the competitive. materialist society that we live in'?‘


I Polarity Therapy Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. 10am—5pm. £18 (£12). Keith Farvisleads an introductory workshop on the theory and practice of this alternative health treatment.


I Batik Workshop Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438.

Info: 2202201. 9am—4.30pm. £18.50


Mullen, the Project Director at Greater Glasgow Tourist Board, ‘which is an indicator of how keen they are to show us their skills and crafts to as many people as possible.’

It would be naive to suppose there were no commercial motives at play, but as in the field of culture, both sides benefit from cross-fertilisation. The Scottish tourism industry stands to benefit greatly from links being forged this year between Scotland and Japan.

The short-term benefit is a programme that includes martial arts, kimono shows, a whole range of tea-drinking ceremonies, Nah theatre, participatory workshops and several very unusual performances. ‘I saw some of these events in Marseilles two years ago.’ recalls Mullen, ’and some things were very visually spectacular, like the huge drums, which are beaten by up to twenty performers, the Akito Kanto festival, which involves a single performer carrying nearly 50 lanterns, or Yabusame, a kind of archery on horseback.’

Samurai warriors in Bellahouston Park? Aye, right enough, it’s not your average Saturday morning.

(Andrew Burnet)

Scotland Japan Week runs Mon 26 Nov—Sat 1 Dec at various venues in Glasgow. Info: 204 4400.

’Comlng, ready or not' isthe cry currently on twenty million Japanese lips. Already an established stereotype, with multi-Iens camera and obliging grin atthe ready, the Japanese tourist is now officially sanctioned by Japan’s government.

80 keen are the Japanese to promote themselves abroad and understand foreign cultures that they’re prepared to fund festivals of their own culture in other countries. For obvious reasons, Glasgow has been chosen this year to host Europe’s fifth annual Japanese festival. For Glaswegians, Scotland Japan Week, which begins on Monday 26, is an opportunity to sample over 40 Japanese cultural events at no great expense.

‘Many of the performers are paying their own way to come,’ says Frank

Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. 11am—5pm. £18 (£12). Adrian Martinez leads a session of slow. moving meditation. based on the forms and

10am-v5pm. £18 (£12). plus £2.50for

materials. Edward and Fran Marquis Faulkes give tuition in this unique oriental craft. ()pen to beginners and experienced

artists. processes of nature. which brings about T d relaxation and harmony withone's environment.

I Recycling- Making It Work How Meeting Wednesday 5

House. 7 Victoria Terrace. Edinburgh.

I Using Shiatsu For Better HeallhTheatre Workshop Cafe. 34 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh. 226 5425. Info: 2263066. 7—9pm. Free: refreshments served. Qualified teacher and therapist Richard Blair leads a workshop on the history. theory and practical use ofshiatsu (Japanese finger pressure therapy).

Thursday 6

I What Future For The Soviet Union? Lecture Theatre. Royal Museum of Scotland. Lothian Street. Edinburgh. 225 7534. 7.30pm. Free. though seats may be booked for 60p. A lecture by Professor Bill Wallace of Glasgow University.

including lunch (limited concessions are available). Designed to 'produce or refine ideas that could lead to sustainable new trading around recycling.‘ this workshop is offered to anyone with ideas. skills

or influence which might be useful.

Thursday 29

I The All Of Being Creative Glasgow Buddhist Centre. 329 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow. 333 0524. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). A public talk by Buddhist theatre designer .layamati.

Saturday 1

I Oowsing For Beginners Salisbury Centre. 2 Salisbury Road. Edinburgh. 667 5438. l0am—5pm. £18 (£12). Maggie Thompson will be demonstrating the mystic art of using a y-shaped hazel twig to find water.


I Tai Chi Yang Style Salisbury Centre. 2

Thursday 29

I Women In Profile Meeting 5 Dalhousie Lane. Garnethill. Glasgow. 332 7377. 7.30pm. Free to members (membership £1 ). The first big meeting in a while. to which all interested women are invited.

OPEN EXTRA T UnhlSunday25

I National Astronomy Week Events Royal Observatory. Blackford Hill. Edinburgh. 668 8405. £1 (50p): ticket covers as many events as you wish to attend.

I Guided Tour Fri 10am. Book in advance for a chance to see around the observatory in detail.

Open Days Fri 2—5prit: Sat. Sun 11am—5pm. A chance to take a look around the observatory for yourself.

Talk: The Sky At Night In November Fri 23. 7.30pm. Given by Chris Davis.

Talk: Star Formation Sat 24. 6pm. Given by Antonio Ch rysostomou.

Talk: Galaxy Formation Sun 25. 6pm. Given by Bob Nichol.

I National Astronomy Week Events City Observatory. Calton Hill. Edinburgh. 556 4365.

Open Evenings Fri 23 and Sat 24. 7—10pm. A chance to have a look at Mars (which won‘t come so close for another fifteen years) and (on a clear night) Jupiter through the observatory's Cooke refractor telescope. lfcloudy. there will be illustrated talks and tours.

Friday 23/Saturday 24

I Trade Union Fair Marquee. George Square. Glasgow. Info: 332 4946. All day. Free. Information and advice on all aspects of the trade union movement in Scotland. with stalls and stands set up by individual unions and women‘s organisations. displays on new technology. lunchtime entertainment and refreshments.

Thursday 29

I Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony'I‘he Mound. Edinburgh. 6pm. Free. Carol singing and a personal appearance by Saint Nicholas as Edinburgh lights its civic tree.

Friday 30/Saturday1

I World AIDS Day Various events at venues throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh. General info: 031 557 3885 (office hours). See also Music preview.

Women and AIDS/HIV Seminar Fri. Geoff Shaw Suite. Strathclyde House. 6 Elmbank Street. Glasgow. Info: Liz Byrne 227 2856. Noon—2pm.

Safer Sex Roadshow F ri/Sat. Tin Pan Alley. 39 Mitchell Street. Glasgow. 221 5275.

l 1pm—late. Church Service Sat. Gorbals Church. Eglinton Street/Cumberland Street. Glasgow. 429 2602. Noon.

World AIDS Day ltealth Fair Sat. St Ninians Hall. Paisley. 041 887 9436. 2—5pm.

Tuesday 4/Wednesday 5

I Big Noise Fashion ShOW Tramway. 25 Albert Drive. Glasgow. Info: 227 5592/5525. 7.30pm. £1 (50p under 16 concession available Tue only). Big Noise Young Designer of the Year will be announced on Wed 5. and all proceeds from that night will go to Glasgow Council for the Single Homeless.

80 The List 23 November— 6 December 1990