I Scene: Education For Muslims ( BBCZ) 12.20-12.5(lpm. As demand from Muslim parents for their children to be educated separately continues to grow. Scene lets f the pupils have a say in the matter.

I Cricket: The FirstTest ( BBCZ) 7. lS—7.45pm. "Thank you Peter. it's ' Richie Benaud on home turf giving you the condensed highlights of the second day's play in the First Test in Brisbane. ‘-,\


I Children In Need (BBCI )9.3(lpm—2am. Beg. borrow or steal the money to go out to the pub and escape this. Terry Wogan and Sue Cook host seven hours. ycssei'en hours of well-intentioned shenanigans. BBC Scotland chip in with British Choirgirl of the Year Susan (iray and a brass band from West Lothian who won the British Schools' Brass Band Championship. The pledge line number is ()41 33l 1331. No number is given for complaints.

I This Is David Harper (Channel 4)

10.30-1 1pm. The hard-hitting reporter talks to an RAF crewman who tried to blow up Suffolk with a hydrogen bomb in 1970 - and why not'.’

I Scotsport Extra Time (Scottish)

10.45—1 l . 15pm. Jim White looks forward to tomorrow‘s derby fixtures in the premier league. while McCririck does his impersonation of a pissed Vision ()n presenter.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

11.15—1 1 .45pm. Sheena McDonald chairs another all-female debate.

I Killer 8s: Stranger From Venus (Channel 4) 1—2.25am. More. watchable late-night tosh. with Patricia Neal befriendinga superior being from another planet. intent on warning earthlings about their misuse of atomic power and the plot development in Neighbours.


I Four-Mations UK: Burrellesque (Channel MIMI-4.40pm. Lesley Keen's celebration of (ilasgow’s Burrell Collection kicks off the nine-day season of new animation on I-‘our.

l l l l

. ' ,’ swig?

q. . . A... ’3 ‘Tii/gt'd'n

l I Adventures: Revenge Oi The Rain Gods

| (ChanneHW—me.Tliisstunning

' documentary follows the intrepid Rosie

I Swale as she journeys by bus. boat and horse (not at the same time) through

Sotith America searching for the lost

Mayan civilisation. Well. where did you

last see it‘.’


Shot. and no need to chase that one . . .‘ V.

I Saturday Night Clive (BBCZ) 9.45—1().3()pm. Living proof that you can make it to the top with a naffname and no neck. Plenty of wit though.

I Four-Mations UK: State Of The Art (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. Channel 4 has for long been the chum ofanimators. responsible for giving them good slots and commissioning innovative work. like The Snowman in its earlier days. This documentary concentrates on female animators Candy Guard and Joanna Quinn.

I Frankie Howard On Campus (Scottish) 10. 10—1 1 . 10pm. Ooh no. don‘t titter. a special recording of Frankie‘sone-man show at that bastion oflearning: Oxford University.

I Tidy Endings (Channel 4) 10.30—11.3(Ipm. Harvey Fierstein wrote and stars in this short drama concerning a meeting between the two ‘widows‘ ofa recently deceased AIDS victim: wife and gay lover.

I Pears On A Willow Tree (BBCZ)

10.30—1 1.30pm. Highly personal and moving look at the recent history of Poland. directed by Witold Starccki. who returned to make the programme after five years in exile.

I Four-Mations UK (Channel 4) 3.45—4.45pm. A whole hour ofshort animation features. including part twoof Ra: Pth ()f The Sun (iorl.

I NB Special (Scottish) (Ftifitlpm. A repeat of their ‘Compare and contrast The Glasgow (iirls of a century ago with those oftoday. in not more than 3(lminutes.‘ programme.

I Sex, Lies And Toupeetape (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Equinox on the age-old question of baldness and its links with virility. The programme will also explore other myths about Ira/(lies as well as shining the spotlight on the annual convention of'l'he Bald Headed Men Of America Club. whose motto is. no doubt. ‘I lair today. gone tomorrow.‘ 1

I Howard's Way (BBCl)8.t)S-8.55pm. The final episode - a frenzy of buyingand selling. as they all try and wrest controlof companies they haven‘t yet wrested eontrol of during the six long ycarsof tossing about on the waves.

I House DI Cards (BBCI ) (J—ltlpm. Chief Whip. Francis Urquhart. has a cunning plan to get into Number Ten. It involves undermining the position of the current PM. I wonder if Michael I lescltine watches?

I Prisoners Ot Conscience ( BBCZ) 9.35—9.4(Ipm. Ludovic Kennedy. the grand old man of British broadcasting. introduces this third series designed to help political prisoners throughout the world. by publicising their plight.

I The Shooting Party ( BBCZ)

9.40—1 1.15pm. The carnage of the I-‘irst World War is mirrored in the house party of nobs shooting their mouths off at the table and their guns off at the game birds. James Mason heads a strong cast of British talent in this opulent period piece.

I Too Late Blues (Channel 4) 10—] 1.55pm. John Cassavetes' impressive debut as a Hollywood director follows the moody life of aspiring composer Bobby Darin as he tries to woo shy songstress Stella Stevens. A powerful and absorbing film. underpinned by a feast of contemporary (I9hl)jazz.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.50—1 I .SUpm. Alan Parker's career comes under Melvyn‘s magnifying glass.


I The Guinea Pig (Channel «I ) 2 .ifitlpm. Young Dickie darling Attenborough plays a working-class lad. much put upon by his snobby peers when he is sent to a public school as part of an experiment. At the time. the film caused a stir when Dickie

cameoutwitlia‘fotir-letterwortl' the word in question being ‘arse‘. ('i‘ipes. no wonder the chaps had a go at him. A

powerful ground-breaking drama lrom the

brothers Boultirig.

I Open Space: Dealing With The Beast

(BB( ‘2)725—755pm. John Browning (3‘)) was diagnosed HIV positive eight years ago. though he does not have AIDS. The Open Space cameras spend a day with him and emerge with an extraordinarily upbeat film about his own response to the thsease.

I Why Lockerhie? (Scottish) SRO lllpm. .-\ drama-documentary oi the dreadful eventsover Lockerbie two yearsago. Do we really need this“?

I Nature: Medtly Madness ( BB( ‘3)

8.30 9pm. linvironinentalists square iipto the bigCalifornian lruit iariiiersoyer the anti-medily spraying. which they as er is affecting everyone.

I Paisley Votes: The Candidates Face To Face (Scottish) IIISII l 1.5llpm. Ilalfol the candidates in Scotland's unique political double-bill get the chance to question each other. 'I oinorrow it‘s the turn ofcandidates from Paisley South,

I Castaway (Channel 4) 9-] l . 15pm. ()liver Reed and Amanda Donohue star as the protaganists of Lucy Irvine's trtie-to-life novel in this TV premiere. An old man and a bored housewife hit it off. or rather don‘t. on the beaches ofa tropical island. Masterfully' guided by Nicholas Roeg.


I Turkey: One Of Us? ( BBCZ) 7.45—8.3tlpm. As the Turks have found out. there's more than one way ofgctting into Europe. They used to try it by force. now they are trying to pass the tests set by the EC. Will they be more successfulor will they get stuffed'.’

I Women. HIV And AIDS (Channel 4) 9—1llpm. Two years in the making. this documentary takes a long-awaited look at the problem of AIDS from the female point of view. For instance. the risk of transmitting the virus via lesbian sex is rarely covered in the literature about HIV’ u too often portrayed as a ‘gay male disease'. This film helps remove some of the grey areas not covered elsewhere and features the pioneering work being done in Iidinburgh by the group Solas Fighting Back and in (ilasgow with Dr Mary Hepburn.

ITwin PeaItS(BB(‘3) 9 -‘).5llpm. Still running and no one knows who done it yet Tonight. Special Agent Cooper finally gets down to it and interviews a login connection with the murder ofl.aura. Sounds more like a job for Special Branch I Film 90(BBCI) lll.2(l-lll.5llpm. Barry Norman reviews Bernado Bertolucci's latest offering The Sheltering Sky. which chronicles the moral and physical disintergration of an average American couple travelling through Morocco in 1947.

I Paisley Votes: The Candidates Face To Face (Scottish) ltl.5(I—l l .Sllpm. As political pundits try to predict the pattern of voting in Paisley the candidates from Paisley South have a go at each other.


I Scottish International (Scottish) b.3(l 7pm. In what is becomingan increasingly important time-slot in 'I'\' schedules. Scottish hay e a new current affairs programme to look at international events from a Scottish perspective.

I Timewatch: One Of The Reasons Why (BBCZHs‘. Ill 9pm. Another programme wades into the morass ol contlic Is that ultimater led to the Vietnam wai

Initially . as the proeiaiiiiiie ie|.ites. the Americans had supported I lot In \ltiili :iiitl liatl been responsible loi training his communist independence mos eiiient I

whoops, ‘J

The List 23 November b December I‘Ntl83