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1. All ads must be prepaid. Cheques/ Postal Orders should be made payable to The List Ltd and enclosed with form.

2. Replies to Box Numbers must be clearly marked with the

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Edinburgh EH11TE,orto:

Name Address


Lineage: £4 per 31) words

Semi Display: :3 per 11) words (minimum 20 words)

Display: £5 per single column centimetre (minimum Excl. VAT

Ila Box Number is requiredthere will be an additional charge 0121.

Lineage: £3.51) per 311 words Semi Display: £2 per Iliwords (minimum 20 words)

Display: £4 per single column centintetre (minimum 4 lixcl. VAT

Ila Box Number is required there willhe an additional charge oI£1.


Lineage: £5 per 30 words Semi Display: £4 per 10 words (minimum 20 words)


3. Replies to Box Nos will be forwarded once per fortnight. 4. No liability can be accepted for mistakes or for forwarding replies.

5. The List reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation.

Print Name, Address and Message in BLOCK CAPITALS, one word in each box, and send your ad to:

CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, 14 High Street,

CLASSIFIED ADS, The List Ltd, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 2J2.



No of issues



Payment encl Tick if Semi Display required: (min 20 words)


Adv_e_rt— note: tel nos count as 1 word

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THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1:1

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with 'vour Box replies please let us i know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.

I Female (36) recently arrived in Edinburgh from Northern Isles. Adventurous. fun loving. Enjoying city life: films. music. eating out. also Scottish Countryside. Interests: travel. languages. Seeks honest. caring male for friendship. Box No 137 32.

I Good-looking, sincere male (30) seeks attractive female (211—30) for friendship or lasting relationship. Interests: cinema. music. good food. Photo appreciated. Will reply to letters. Box No 13733.

I Bored, bored, bored! Friends moved or married'.’ Mine too. Glasgow male (2(1). own flat and car. Seeks similar female for festive fun. romance? Let's get merry this Christmas. Photo please. Box No 137 3-1.

I Good-looking Glasgow gay student (21 ) looking for that elusive guy attractive. intelligent. fun loving and sincere. Interests include and generally fun. To fill the gaps. write to Box No 137 35.

l l l

I Say student (21) moving to Glasgow. tall. slim. Into indie music. films. drinking! Seeks similar for friendship. possibly more. Box Nol371’3o.

I Tall, blond, slim Glasgow student (23) suffering from naivety and a hatred ofthe sordid scene. seeks similar sensitive boy for emotional and sexual healing. Please be sincere! Box No 137 37.

I Edinburgh gay guy (28). Straight-acting. seeks gay friends ofa similar age. Interests include theatre. cinema and travel. Why not get in touch. Discretion assured. Box No 137 38.

I Male (21) whose only indulgence is peeling offlayers of the mind. seeks female (for friendship). Interests include sweat. hair. toilets and everything in music from Satan to Tim Buckley. Box Nol3713‘). I When will SDID become duet??? Gay male (2(1). good looking. honest. intelligent and straight acting. seeks someone

to share life‘sups anddowns.

Loves food. music. movies. life! ALA. Box No 137 41).

I Glasgow-based graduate looking for female student for easy-going evenings out at cinema. theatre. pubs. Must like the West End. wine and maybe cider. Photo appreciated. Box


I Caring man (35) looking for sincere woman to share life with. Active. hillwalking. squash. cooking. countryside. Conservation. music but in need of frequent calmer romantic interludes! Central Scotland.

Non-smoker. Box No 137 42.




DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates start at £5 persingle column centimetre (excl. VAT)lor Group 1 and £4 per single column

centimetre (excl. VAT) for

Group 2. Minimum size 4cms.

THIS IS SEMI DISPLAY It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. The rnrnimum is 20 words and costs from in for Group I and H for Group 2. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers. cost from £6.

I This is a lineage advert A maximum of 30 words will cost only £4 for Group 1 and £2.50 for Group 2. Personal advertsin this style. including Box Numbers. are £5 for 30words.

DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi Display

6 consecutive insertions forthe price ofS.

Please note Lineage and Semi Display adv erts are inclusiv e of VAT.


«Iconsecutive insertions 5’} 8consecutive insertions It)"; 12 consecutive insertions 15"} 25 consecutive insertions 20"}

FOR DISPLAY ADVERTISING please telephone: Edinburgh (031) 558 1191

WE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High Street (opp. John Knox‘s House), Edinburgh, during business hours.

98 The List 7:21) Deccan-31990”



'I‘ If I. If I) .\ ’l‘ l .\ (. I'I‘II'IIL‘I Your advertisement appears to

must with your own personalised telephone number. Readers leave recorded messages for you on this number and by using your own personalised security code only you have access to these messages.

The advertisements below are genuine people seeking a one to one relationship.

To answer any of these adverts simply dial the telephone number below your chosen ad.

Tel: 08359-812000 Teledatrng information line. Tel: 0839 812001 What IS Teledating? (Both lines 24 hours) .

I Professional tall fair-haired male. blue eyes. loves countryside. music. cinema. sailing and squash would like to meet an independent. friendly. humorous lady. Age and looks unimportant. personality everything.

Teledate: 0839813259..

I If none of the male advertisers match your dreams, please call Teledate: 0839 813373.

I To place your teledate advertisement in the List, please call 071 465 8880.

I Well-built 25-year-old male. professional. former student. interests include working out. movies. travelling and weekends away. Would like to meet a girl with similarintercsts for friendship.

Teledate: 0839 813618.

I Are you 25—40. male. with a fun personality. mobile. Ifso I'd like to meet you. I'm 33. female. with a good sense of humour and based south of Glasgow. Teledate: 0839 813629.

I Special Offer! Special Otter! A 30-word teledating advertisement together with your own personal teledating numbercostsiustile. Callus on 071 465 888010r details.

I Bubbly girl 18. based in central Scotland. working in the travel industry. loves good food. good music and good company. seeks adventurous male.

Teledate: 0839 813639.

I Greenlshtemale 22. tall. good-looking. active and mobile. professional career, seeks ambitious male. 25+ , tall, hunky would help, for fun times. dancing. romance and more. Teledate: 0839 813640.

I It none of the lady advertisers match your ideals. please call Teledate: 0839 813653.

Teledating uses Premium Rate Servrces. Calls on TELEDATING numbers commencing 0839 are

charged at 33p per minute cheap rate and 44p per

minute at all other times