Christmas shopping, who needs it? Just feast your eyes on this lot and then

tell us you’re not going to

buy The List as a present : forallyourrelations. i

I CHRIST! Itorgot the dog! How could I be so stupid.

Daniel Stern. one olthe

; bungling burglars toiled by § an eight-year-old kid in

Home Alone. But itthe

, lamtly were so stupid asto

torget about theirkid,

- where did he get the brains

trom? See Film Index page


I GRANDAD. tell me about that really old lilm thatyou did with Peter Bogdanovich belore this one- did they have colourthen? Jett Bridges returns to tamiliar territory in Texasville or

i ' The Last Picture Show

: z revisited. See Film Index page19.

I All early tamin photo at Uri Geller helping histolks move house - without their knowing it. Time olthe Gypsies, Emir Kusturica's tale of an illegitimate gypsy lad tricked into loresaking his childhood home by a racketeer. will be atthe Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

9.15 Dec. See Film Index “Q i "v

page19. _ i

I NALD (the National Association at Loveys and Darlings) discuss the interior decoration olthe Citizens'. Channel 4's documentary series Without Walls presents its study at

tile behind the scenes atthe remarkable Citizens'

Theatre. Glasgow. See

Media page 81.

! I HEY with all this doshl

can buyadecentshirt.

people won't yell ‘The 603

are over pal!’ atme

anymore. Alec Baldwin

plans a rosy luture tor

himsetl in Miami Blues. See

Film lndex page19.

IAND lotheytound him \

; lying in a Skoda. which they \

had lollowed lrom alar. Points East. a maior

I OH my held. Ileel like death.whatwasthatstuttl V r, g‘ H W N am“.‘ wasonlastnight?Where 5 u :3“: “f _ .3...“ - waslonit7Whydidthe ' ‘-'-

policeman make me come chinwag about Eastern down? What was I singing? European art and culture. Familiar? See The List's begins at the Third Eye . tit’lllllffihfinsiile guide to Centre on 11 Dec. There will partying 3"“ hangovers on also be an ambitious

0308 85. collection at new work lrom

Bulgaria. Czechoslovakia.

Hungary. Poland. Romania

and the Soviet Union on

showthere lrom 12 Dec. I HEY. you'rethatbird my

389 A" USHHBS 0398 54- latherwas with last night.

3 Litle Bastian turns up again in another instalment at The Neverending Story II: The Next Chapter. Will it never end? Presumably not. See

i Film index page 19.

l i l

Z'I‘he List 7 -- 20 December 1990