I OH God Ken, maybe you're right, we shouldn’t l wearthese hats until alter

i they've announcedthe . winners at the European ; Film Awards. Branagh was, i however, crowned '1 European Actor ol the Year while Henry V won the title 2 olYoung European Film at f the Year. See Film Preview ' page 17.

ye .1

I I'LL be the aeroplane and you be the cabin stall. now : hold on with your legs and begin serving the in-tlight meals. Ballet Ramhert make a long-awaited return visit to Glasgow with two programmes olworit atthe Theatre Royal, 11-15 Dec. : See Dance Listings page 61.

I felt cold, damn cold as cold as Scott felt when he told Oates to close the tent flap behind him. My pet parrot had turned blue and started telling gags about nervous

brass monkeys. The only thing to keep me warm was the Shortlist and the promise of some gruel ifI got it finished.

THEATRICAL types are never given to understatement. In a purple passage worthy of Nicholas Craig, the director of Stepping Out (currently playing at the Church Hill, Edinburgh) gave some indication ofwhy they are handing over a share of the profits to the Haemotology Department at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. She gushed “The rehearsal rooms are awash with the blood. sweat and tears of this remarkable cast.‘ Darling, it must be terribly sticky during run throughs!

RICHARD Demarco. Scotland's fearless and peerless self-publicist has opened a brave new exhibition at his gallery. One which many another gallery would have been unwilling to touch. The show, simply entitled The Many Faces of Richard Demarco, runs until 24 December and has

; several artists offering their various

interpretations ofthc great man. To

be fair, the collection was

: masterminded by Douglas and Jane Shoeder who invited artists to draw, L paintor sculpt a portraitofan

‘Italo-Scottish gallery director‘ (who he?). but what next? Will we have

landscapes of his backyard? A few

pics ofwhere he went on holiday? Or 3 aerial views of his navel?

NOT that we‘d ever want to correct

the Irish Times, especially when they

write about Irish plays. This time. however, they appear to have got hold of the wrong end of the stick. Somehow, they understood that a group of students were hoping to take their much acclaimed production of Rat In The Skull to Broadway. Fortunately. the producer assured us that they have

no intention of turning this powerful political drama into an all-singing

all-dancing chorus-line production

5 for New York‘s street of shows.


claimed, ‘She will make you miss , yourbusf

FINALLY a one-off. chance ofa

In conjunction with Michael Palin, they are launching Friends of the

1 support the screens- financially not physically. After the success ofthe . GFT‘s seatsponsorship scheme,the

more modest commitment. £20 per year or £200 for life to support what

i sing the Hills are Alive or stuffchips

Instead, they will perform it at the National Theatre in Washington and at Pennsylvania University. If, that is, they can raise another £500 very quickly. Otherwise, despite the £1200 they have amassed already, they may, in time-honoured Broadway tradition, have to ‘put the show on right here.‘ Anyone who can help should contact EUTC at the Bedlam Theatre, Forrest Road.

I DON’T know, you wait all year for a good Christmas show and then they all come along at once. Hence the establishment of the Strathclyde Bus Drivers Christmas Show of the Year Award, which has this year been driven off (so they claim) by the Clown Jewels. Strangely, no one at the depot was willing to comment on quite what made Strathclyde bus drivers such good judges of children‘s shows. Perhaps it‘s the years ofexperience trying to tell who was a couple days short of sixteen and who was merely a couple of pence short ofthe full fare. Nor was it made clear by Clown Jewels how they had turned the heads ofa fleet of drivers. Perhaps this is the award referred to by the dancer featured by the Third Eye in May. Her publicity

life-time offer from the Filmhouse.

Filmhouse: offering us the chance to

Edinburgh cinema is looking for a

Palin described. rather less than accurately. as 'A place to meet. chat.

up each other's noses.‘ Contact the

Filmhouse for details.

The List 7 20 December 1990 3