Kids aims to provide information about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow lor children and young people. Please send details not laterthan 10 days belore publication.

G Sandra Boynton's cynic” commems on and a short ride back in time in ahorse

a nd tun ; every aspect 0' Chfis'mas ale drawn Victorian carriage. 8

- . Dec—Christmas Eve. llam—3pm. a°°°mpamed by mm “mm I THINS BOOKSHOP 53—59 South Bridge, I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. ' Paisley. 887 1010.

' illustrations, mostly pigs, depicting the 5566743. I _ all-tOO-lamlliar scenes in which we Sammy out, Every Saturday,

Crall Sessions For 8-12 yrs. lellcd manage to lind ourselves during the 10.30—11.30am. Activities and plaice; 50p.1X P 7 4 festive season _ handing back one at competitions for 3—11 yrs. plus storytelling .

10"“ mas 3P" ~‘ Pm- last year’s unwanted gills to the giver for younger children. Free- Family Craft Sessions lorparents and under i by mistake ("hanging upme Christmas 5s. 50p perchild. : unauamcrm104L302”... i cards in atastelul display belore noting _ I SUMMIT CENTRE Minerva Way. the senders’ names, leggglgURGN EILMHOUSE Lothlan Road. Finnicsmn' 204 2215‘ Her handy tips on how m reduce Children‘s Saturda matinees all e t £1 1 Winter weekend skating. Sat. : expenses especially appealed to my y s a s : 9.30am—noon. £2 (under 5s £1): Sat and

bookable. Films start 2pm. ti ht-listed son: lall out with our . . . Sun. 2-4pm £2 (under55£1). g y BDec. Dirty Dancing (PG) Boy mectsglrl. 7.45—10.30pm (disco. with DJ) £2.80.

triends it cuts down the Christmas they dance. One for the teenagers.

. g g , y . , card list (you can make up again in Asterixlhe Gaul (U) nomans beware. here 237 5511_ January!) and ‘recognise that the comes the mighty mini warriorwlth sidekicks i Children's Saturday Club Everv Saturday. greatest olll ls lo olve ol yourself (also Obellmd Gslalls- 10—11am(5—8yrs);11.15am;lpm(9-1;l Judging by its blurb, ‘Christmastime’ is the cheapest).' "1"" 20 09¢: 0001181 8M1 the 3'09 08l_(U)A ; yrs). Workshops in singing. dancing and not aimed specilically at the children's ‘The essential Christmas gilt,’ say C‘" caged Bud‘s‘onc “51‘5"” M38“ clowning led by Donna Bainbridgc- For market. But belore I had time to have a the publishers, but l'd say buy it for R0“ ab‘m“ 2'30pm' further "1‘0 PhD"C Donn“. 334043“ proper recce, my ten-year-old, lresh pre-Christmas reading in a quiet Theatre Exhibitions lrom a three-hour stint closeted with moment amid the hustle and bustle I NHNERBOW “m CENTRE 4, High

GLASGOW MUSEUMS live comic annuals newly acquired at a belore the big day. A jolly read for Street. 556 9579

8'" Museums Heat Museums Walkman jumble sale, pounced on it and chortled adults and Older children, and it The "com;th Hullabanoo Childrcnis Tour Guides are available for hire at "om cover m covet , , anyone in your “will “has to read Them“: Present 3" adaPtaiion Ola several museums. Kids 50p; Adults“. ‘lt'S lunny on every 0898,. he said. SO aloud, Skip page 72 in front of the little Japanese folktale. A child fails to earth These are aimed especially at kids; I’d heard - he read most at It out loud to ones It lets the Claus out of the bag. and her heart will become a new moon Mysteries oi the Universe at Kelvingrove Art me as I sweated at the ironing board, (Rene Taylor) mics} 511° fails In love with a brave Gallery at Museum Turns the entire popping over every two minutes to peek Christmastime by Sandra Boynton is “mo: Thf P'i’ffi‘.‘ bi“: 2:38.?” Eggccclilm in“) an inslructivc Computer at yet another drawing that tickled him. published by Methuen at £4.99. fnigfgryétscfsréglgggfigc‘ mZ'ki‘ng it

accessible to children with hearing difficulties. Suitable for 5—11 yrs. 5—24 Dec. Wed. Thurs and Fri 7pm; Sat 2.30pm

Faces ol History at The aurretl Collection The faces on various exhibits tell their own

Aladdin Traditonal panto by Dragon J8“ Kane cent” 2” DCC‘ 4'30pm‘

stones as Hal ls.» ‘vllllsldkcs lou thrnush Thwm. Company 2m: Dec. 7. 30pm; I EDINBURGHCENTRAL LIBRARY George and 7pm; Mon 24 Dec 2.30pm and 7pm 5000 years of WNW)" h" 7’12 yrs“ matinee 22 Dec. 2.30pm. Tickets £2; £3. [V Br'dgc‘ 32“ 5584' All seats £2.50. Drivers “1 The Museum 0' Transpon Meet Tickets available from all Strathkelvin Free CrCChC {Or “5ch 0f the C cmml I PORTOBELLO TOWN HALL High Street,

the people who worked on or built the Library, run by the Edinburgh (‘reche

Libraries or phone 772 3210 for details. Portobello.

vehicles through the ages. For 7— 12 yrs. I PMSLEY ARTS CENTRE NC“. Street (‘tl-(lp. For kids of all ages. large selection crackers Music. fun and action songs from Theatre Paisley. 887 1010. : "nois- mum-“S ‘md rhurSda-VS‘ Artie. Cilla and Gary. (Bring alonga l Snow White P.A.(‘.li. panto for all the : mam—""0" , cracker. blue. red. green or yellow. toadd l CRAWFURD THEATRE Jilrtlimhi" family. 8-34 Dec. 7pm 2pm. Matinee-s i I 50m" cm “a” 5‘ ("“g'c “03‘1'337 to the festival fun!) For 4-10 yrs. lODec—S College. 76 Southbrae Drixe. 9503437. ' every Mon. Wed. Sat and Sun. Kids£ 1 .50: i “unzfi . _ Jan. (10—14 and 17—-20 Dec,school Purves Puppetsin Cinderella until7Dec ; adults £3. (Matinees: kids£1Ladtllts£2.) i W‘Fleli’m‘ m thc lercmmwn' performances), 15 Dec 2,30pm and 10.15am and 1.30pm; 8 Dec 2pm and Book early. last year's panto sold otlt very ( hlldrC" 5' Pia." 9‘9“. 0P9” “cry da-V‘ 7.30pm; 21 Dec 7.30pm; 22. 24 and 25 Dec Nessie the Loch Ness Monster 10—141)ec i quickly. 1 "1"‘1‘4Pm' “dmmmn "'3‘" 2.30pm and 7.30pm; 27 Dec 2.30pm; 28 10- 158m and l-3llpm: 15 Dec 3pm For EDINBURGH Young Cilv Farmers Group Meet cvcry Dec 1 lam and 2.30pm; 29 Dec 2.30pm and 4—11 yrs. All tickets£2.50. v Saturday. 10am—1pm. For 7—13 yrs. Learn 7,30pm; 2Jan 2,3()pm; 3Jan llam and I CUMBERNAULD ThEATRE Cumbernauld. ' ' ' . about farm life and how to look afterthe 3,30 m; 4 Jan 2,30pm and 7,30pm; 5Jan . 0236 732887. l Agtlv'tles and tun l animals. llarii).2.30pm and 7.30pm. Kids£2.50; James 3M the Giant P330" Adaplillllm 0i i I ASSEMBLY ROOMS 54 George Street. Christmas Fun Session Afternoon activities adults £3.50 (concessions). Tickets from 1110 late ROiild Dilhl's SIOF)‘ 0f 21 hOY‘S film)" The ice Machine The Rooms have been include a visit from Santa's reindeer and 3 Usher Hall Box Office. Lothian Road or flying 'ddVL‘mUl'C- Until 39 DCC- 7-30Pm- turned into an ice Palace for a day of ; fairground ride. For 4—12 yrs (must be at The Singing Kettle Ticket Shop (between 58! 1118011008 from 34 N0V.3Pn1~ KidsS l creative workshops. all with a festive primary school). 15 Dec noon—3pm. Free. the Bank and the Town Hall). noon-2pm, £3.25ladu11554.4(l. theme. Xmas cards. tree decnrations. but admission by ticket only. Tickets Mon—sat, I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington ; baking and lots more. Suitable for all ages. 5 available from Gorgic Festival Office. 208 I mums wonxsnop 34 Hamilton Street. 221 4526- 1 8 Dec. 10am—4pm. 30p per workshop. , Gorgic Road from 8 Dec. Place, 226 5425, A Rlohl cmmmas Caller A CWZ)‘ talc M20111 i Further info from Arts Outreach Team. 3 I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE Rasho, Champion of the RomanyTheatre 1W0 prisoner's Who dCCldC 10 break out 0i i 225 242-1. ext 6613. 6625. 6665. l Gracemount Drive. 658 1940. workshops Christmas production prison at Christmas time. Written by I CHRISTMAS PARTY ROADSHOW Mini Mounties Every Saturday. 2—4pm. directed by Adrian Hams, Young Belle Willis Hall. Suitable for 8—80 yrs. 11—14 3, Fun for 5— 10 yrs. 90 minutes of Bouncy castle and games sessions for 5— 1 2 spends Christmas with her granny in a DOCSChOOl-‘i PCTiOTmHHCCS- l7 DOC 7Pm- entertainments. games. refreshments and f yrs. 30p per hour. travelling familyeneampmentbesidea Kids £1 ; adults £2. of course a visit from Santa. Free tickets I MURRAYFIELD ICE RINK Riversdale scrapyard. Granny tells her the history of I GLASGOW ROYAL CONCERT HALL”- availablc at venues. COnlaCl lnleldUill Crescent. 337 6933. her people over a thousand years. With i SauchlehallStrect. 332 6633. centres. Various sessions from 1()am atthc the help ofthc audience they enactthe y Book now for The Adventures Ol Nelllelhe Sighihlil Library 11 Dec. 5.30pm. '. weekend. 2pm weekdays. including story. a spellbinding tale oftravellers. I Elephant You‘ve seen her on TV. now see Mulrhouse Library 12 Dec. 5.30pm. , Beginners Skating Mon and Thurs 5.7pm, warriors, kings and emperors. told in a 3 her live on stage with Coffee the Clown. Ainslie Park Leisure Centre 14 Dec. 4.30pm. 3 Admission £1.1(iSkate hire 50p, blend of Scots. English and Romany with ; Hercules the Strongman and not Craigloclthart Sports Centre 16 Dec. 3pm. ; I owe cunmswssrlg snappgrhc songs and music, Suitable for all the , forgetting Mr Whip-Em the Ringmaster! Meadowbanlt Sports Centre 17 Dec. i Mound, princes Street, family. Until 20 Dec (not Sat or Sun). 1 12Dec-Slimicxcept24.25.26 Dec). 4.30pm. Somethingto sweeten upthe kids ona 10.30am and 1.30pm;22 Dec 3pm;28—29 I 11am and 2.30pm daily. Kids £2; adults £4. Craigmillar Library 18 Dec. 4.30pm. Princes Street Christmas shopping trip. Dec 1 lam and 3pm. Kids £2.50; adults I I l Gfacemounl LelSUTe centfe it) DCC. 3pm. Free ()ld-fashj0ncd Sweetie-S for under 85

70 The List 7 20 December 1990