I Red Star in Orbit: Dark Side of the Moon (BB('2)‘).3ll lilfsflpm. 'l'ltisthiee-part Horizon special reveals the true story of the secret Soviet side of tlte space race in the (TUS and 7tls. It includes many exclusive interviews with those involv ed in Krushchey ‘s high priority bid to beat the Yanksto the moon.

I CasualtyzAll's Fairt lint‘ii

9.3“ llllflpm. Just another night'swoi k at llollty ( tl_\ llt~spl‘..!l .tsapaiziiioitl patient pulls a gun and holdsonc of tlte staff hostage in this repetitiv e hospital drama with a high body count. See


I Omnibus: Madonna. Behind the American l Dreamtlmcl ) Illlll ll.25pm.'l‘he

i licelfs “exclusive and frank' interview was I filmed in black and w bite at her request.

I See panel.


I I KillerBs: Teenage Monster ( ( ‘ltanncl .i)

l l I. l5am, .»\ meteor turns a teenager into i a hairy monster. Naturally . hismotlici hides ltltll away . only for the police to find ltim atid spat k off .i \ iolent rampage. by him notthepolicc.

I Cricket: The World Series t lint ‘l i

l lillam floodlitcticket from Perth (.-\tisttalia ) l‘etwccli lingland and New Zealand.


I Going Live: 100th Edition ( BBt‘l) ‘iam l.‘. lllpm \otmuchtogete\cited about really . apart front Trevor and Simon. currently the only thingwotth gettingout oi bed tot oit a Saturday

I There's No Business Like Show Business (Channel-1)} 5. lllpm. Marilyn Monroe. Iithel Meiman and Mitzi (iaynot star in

this gushing tribute to sltowfolks lley and

ain‘t that swell. it‘s being shown asa tribute to the late great Irving Berlinwho

did the music for it .-\w shticks.

I Adventures: Transantarctica ((‘hanncl 4)

S-Upm .‘ix men take on the -lll(l(lmi|e

journey across some ofthe most inhospitable terrain on the earth

(excluding Dundee).


continues against Alex Stewart and British

’- Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock(BBCt) ts’. IS— lllpm. lt's worse than that he's dead Jim. dead Jim. dead Jim. Or is he? Bones. Jim. Scottie. Uhtiru and Sulti scour the galaxy for their Vulcan chtim in the third of the set of five movies. Made in l‘JS-Tit was directed by Leonard ‘‘ Nimoy.

I Colnel Bedl ((‘hannel 4) “mm—12.45am. In celebration of the recent European Film Awards in (ilasgow, (‘hannel 4 are screening a short season of— wait for it-- t liuropean films. Tonight. lstvan Szabo's compelling dramatisation ofthe rise and fall of a homosexual (iallician in the Austro-l ltingarian army. gets the series off to a flyer.

I Rowan Atkinson: The Driven Man (Scottish) 10.30» 1 1.20pm. A strange obsession for the comic genius to admit to. btit there you go he guides tis through his loy e affair with the internal combustion engine.

I The Cotton Club ( 1th ‘2) llllllpm~12.3tlam. Francis (‘oppola‘s ambitious tribute to the great l larlem night club sitiks under a myriad of undei'dey eloped plots and overdone hoods. It comes tip for aironly when ltllington‘s music strikes up andthe hooters get down to it.

I John and Yoko: A Love Story ( Scottish) 12.35» 3.10am. A dramatic made-for-TV reconstruction of the life that the two shared. from their first meeting in Who until Lennon'sdeath in WHO.

I Heavyweight Boxing ( BSky‘B ) Z-nam. Mike Tyson's comeback campaign

Sky Broadcasting beam it over live from Atlantic (‘ityz Tyson had tttcked 3‘) consecutive victories under his belt before 'Buster' Douglas knocked him down in Tokyo. Stewart meanwhile. has amassed 35 professional victories losing only once to current World 1 leavyweight ('hamp

liy ander l loly‘field.

_ ____-., __ l SUNDAY 9

I The League of Gentlemen ((‘hannel 4)

3 sfll5pm. (‘lasstc British comedy. with a Last straight otit of the top drawer. Jack

J law kins stars as an embitteredex-army .tiati determined to pull off a major heist. w ith the help of fellow former servicemen Richard Attenborough. Bryan Forbes. Nigel Patrick and Roger Livesey.

I Ski Sunday ( BB( '2) o-ti.35piii. The return of the ‘white circus‘ with Britain's Bell brothers struggling to make an impact oit the world rankings. The first downhill of the season comes from Val d'lserc.

I Equinox: Towards a Cure lorCancer

(( ‘hannel 4i 7-8pm. A year in the ltfeof three Aiiiei‘ican scientists w ho are at the forefront of the battle against the big ‘( Although they have found a method of making cancerous cells behav e normally in test-tube conditions they have no idea yet how it will work on live patients. Why does it take so long to dey elop the drug. ask the team? Because of all the bleeding camera crews following its around. the medics are no doubt tempted to reply.

I Only Fools and Horses 1987 Christmas Special t Btit‘l )suS- ‘HlSpm. the Beeb know how to get their money's worth out of them '1 rottei‘ boy's. A worthy reshowing of one of the funnier ( ~hristmas specials.

I NotOnly. . . ButAlso . . .(BBCZ) 8.05-8.35pm. Why they should run this last of the series show at the same time as the Trotters special oh the other side is anybody"s guess. However. this one is worth catching for the appearance ofa 24-year-old John Lennon.

I House of Cards (BB(‘t)9.()5-tt).05pm. The backbench scheming and political chicanery finally culminates in an election for the leadership of the party in power. in the fourth and final episode ofMiehael Dobbs‘s adapted novel. So. did someone in the Tory party tip Dobbs the wink or did Major steal the scripts before filming?

I Menuhin: A Family Portrait ((‘hannel 4) 0.3ll— l 1 .35pm. The great violinist Yehudi. is the subject of this two-hour documentary directed by Tony Palmer.

I The Right Stuff (Part 1) ( BBCZ)

‘) ‘sS-l 1.15pm. Philip Kaufman's 1983 epic tale of America's part in the great space race stars Barbara llershey'. Sam Shepard. Dennis ()uaid and Scott Glenn. Part two is shown on Monday at 9pm.

I The South Bank Sh0W(Scottish)

1035—] 1.35pm. The last seven year's‘of Spitting Image have had a great impact on the way we view certain celebrities. dothe celebs really mind? The politicians interviewed stress. through gritted teeth. that they take it all in good part.


I Home at Large ( BBCI ) 8—8.3(lpm. The great man with the mike is on the loose again looking for stiitable interview subjects.

I Some Mothers 00 'Ave 'em ( 138(1) 8,3fl—9piii. liither a cheap excuse fora time filler or a great chance to see classic comedy yet again. You are the ref.

I Taggart: Death Comes Softly ( Scottish) l} lllpm. (ilenn (no relation to Raymond) (‘handler's detective is hot on the trail of an ()Al’ murderer in the second ofa three-part series.

I And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: The Format the Word ((‘hannel «U9— ltlpm. Surely they're not suggesting that ('hannel 4‘s youth programme “10 H’urd was largely responsible for the eventsin [tastern liurope last year? l‘ortunately not. Rather it follows the difficultiesof both establishing and now maintaining freedom ofexpression in Romania.

I The Right Stuff (Part 2) ( BB( ‘2)

‘) - ll).3(lpm. The famous chums are on their way to the moon for a holiday“ they'll never forget.

I Suddenly Last Summer ((‘hanncl 4) 10pm -12.25am. lilizabeth 'l'ay'lor'srieh. spoilt cousin cops it in North Africa and. when she arrives back babblingabout what happened. her aunt Katharine

l lepburn. demands she be shtit away in a mental home. l-‘ortunately for our Lizzie. brilliant doc Montgomery ('lift (spaced

out on booze at the time of tilming)opts for a rather less drastic treatment than the full-frontal lobotomy l lepburn wants to

see performed (he preferred the ‘full bottle in front of me‘). Tennessee Williams and (iore Vidal worked on the screen version of a plot which contains elements ofoedipal relationships. homosexuality, psycho-surgery and cannibalism. Director Joseph Mankiewicz and his cast won much praise for this ‘brilliant but immoral‘ tale.


I Vic Reeves Big Night Out (Channel 4) 6.3(l—7pm. A chance to catch up with Vic again. He'll have a new series out in the New Year— they just won‘t let him lie.

I Focal Point (BBCI ) 8—8.30pm. Their recent expose of Dornoch‘s Sheriff was a shining example ofTV journalism. ifthe rest of the series can match it they will all be worth catching.

I AIDS Now: Being Positive (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Eight people. four HIV positive and four not. were shoved into a house together in Scotland for a week. Tonight we get to see the results.

I Twin Peaks (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. Feelings are running high as special coffee taster. Dale Cooper. moves in on his prey. How will it all end? Will it all end? The press release only says ‘Will the audience be ready for the shocking conclusion?‘ Yes. we have been for weeks.

I Dark City (BBCl ) 9.30—1 1.05pm. Asa police helicopter hovers over a crowd of protestors in a black South African township two members of a local gang search the local mayor‘s house for weapons. Are the two events related? Set against the current background ofviolence and murder in the South African townships. David Lan's powerful screenplay was filmed in Zimbabwe with a South African cast.

I Viewpoint 90: Dear MrGorbachev (Scottish) 10.40-1 1.40pm. Since becoming a leader of world standing. ‘Mike‘ has had thousands of letters from all over the world. A great improvement on Brezhnev. who only used to get them from teenagers in Kirby.

I Opinions: A Corner in the Thing I Love ((‘hanneH) 11.50pm 12.30am. Elizabeth (‘ook talks about her attitude to pornography and what should be done about it. Well. we probably shouldn't do anything about her attitude. she's entitled to have one.

I Film 90(BB(‘I) l l.tlS—l l.35pm. With one of his old man‘s (Lesley Norman) finest films Dunkirk having been recently shown on the Beeb. Barry takes a look at what's on offer to match it these days. Tutting he talks to director Ken l.oacli about Hidden Agent/u. a drama set in Northern Ireland. as well as reviewing Miami Blues.


The List 7 - 20 December [090 83