: which all subsequent events have


Edinburgh Ofcourse the really chic thing would have been to leave the ice as it was and let the trendies slip and slither, but sponsors Schlitz splashed out and provided a floor-covering at a cost ofseveral thousand pounds to allow dancing. ,' In theory, great. In practice. the venue was just so cold that the E assembled clubbers had more interest in consuming large . quantities of alcohol in order to assist blood circulation. Well, like the best f ideas, it almost worked . . . . I Slam's Have in Strathclyde Park Continuing with the horticultural ,- theme, this year the Slam boys ; organised ten hours of music and mirth on an island in a park. Inspired, huh? It was expensive, it was alcohol-free and critics said it would never work but 4000 intrepid clubbers proved them wrong by having the time oftheir lives. Where to next then lads? I Devil Mountain at Edinburgh's Frultrnarket Gallery The elegant interior ofone ofScotland’s finest contemporary art galleries was transformed into an urban playground for hundreds of bright young things— thanks again to Thunderball’s Fred Deacon. City cafe society engaged in throwaway trivial pursuits such as junk sculpture competitions, trash disco dancing, Scalectrix races, in an evening marred only by the hour-long queues

The city’s space cadets were out in full force for this journey into the unknown, joined by Electribe 101. the Rebel MC, the NASA Weightless Simulator and several inflatable astronauts. The Gardens‘ goldfish were in shock for weeks afterwards, but it set a standard by

been judged. Beam me up. Scotty!

I The List’s Eve at Fringe Partle at Edinburgh’s Pelican Bar Assorted media types mingled with Festival celebs at The Lisr‘s renowned annual bash. The music played. the drink flowed and The Humpff Family, Stu Who!, the Mapata Acrobats, Jo Brand, Mark Hurst eralentertained the assembled masses. All agreed it was a great night. A different story at the office next morning, though.

I Thunderball at Stirling Castle This ancient monument may have braved the elements, stood strong against enemy forces and resisted the decaying fingers oftime, but it crumbled under the onslaught of busloads of Stussy and sound gear. Thousands of years of history provided a perfect backdrop for a night ofdrunken revelry, the likes of which this less-than-exciting town had never witnessed before. It all seemed like a good idea at the time. but you can bet your cotton socks that they’ll never allow a repeat performance.

I Thunderball at Murrayileld Ice Rink,

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for the toilets. Those who were'there will remember that bit well.

I MTV/LA Gear/T he List Party at Glasgow’s Tln Pan Alley Business interest united with nightlife hedonism in a union which produced one of the best club nights the city had seen for some while. Free drink got the audience grooving to the turntable talents of the E-Zec posse and those Slam boys again. Don‘t ask me when they ever sleep.

I ‘The Big Man' Premiere Party at Lelth Theatre The party of this year's Edinburgh Festival due to the high star/mere mortal ratio. Spotted were Kirsty Wark, Liam Neeson. William McIIvanney. Steve Wooley and the small but perfectly formed Clare Grogan. The boxing ring cum dancefloor was inspired, but the best bit was being escorted into the venue past those watching on the pavement outside. Tres Cannes.

I Soul II Soul after-gig party at Glasgow’s Tunnel Club A party at the only club in Scotland where going to the toilet is a surreal experience (thanks to the Philippe Stark-inspired decor) would have to be something different. And it was. The post-industrial fantasy that is the Tunnel played host to a galaxy of stars Jazzie B, Jazzy O et al. plus (gasp) . . .Jason Donovan. Best entertainment ofthe evening was watching Glasgow‘s style victims attempting to ingratiate themselves into the blond bombshell's

entourage. None succeeded.

The MTV/LA Gear The List Party in November

The more unusual the venue, the better the party is a common received wisdom, and there certainly are some weird and wonderful places available for hire. None are more weird and wonderful than the 30] Glasgow to Edinburgh Express— yes, for a substantial sum and with a bit ofnegotiation, Scotrall will hire you a train.

More stationary, but with an arguably better view. are the Winter Gardens of the People's Palace on

2 Glasgow Green. These can hold over

300 people, but the Disctrict Council‘s Mr Smith, who does the bookings, would prefer to negotiate precise details with individual clients. The basic charge is £115 plus VAT for less than 250 people, from 5pm till midnight. plus an extra £45 per hour; greater numbers and logistical hassles (such as chairs) cost extra, and you‘ll need to arrange your own bar and catering facilities.

For a more watery view, the Renlrew Ferry has a licence for up to 400 people and provides a glamorous river setting (well, as glamorous as the Clyde gets). The cost is £500 during the week, rising to £700 at the weekend. Meals on deck can also be arranged. Just don't untie the shore ropes. . .

Definitely drier (though we‘re all keeping our fingers crossed it’ll stay afloat next year) is Tramway, which can be booked for large parties (it holds around 1500) and special

86 The List 7 20 December 1990