functions. The in-house bar and catering are under franchise, so you can arrange to use them or else engage different caterers: flexibility is definitely on offer here. Prices ‘depend very much on who‘s

should contact the manager. Peter Searie.

Ifyou actually want to get wet. Edinburgh‘s Iniirmary Street Baths

the discretion of the District Council‘s Director of Recreation.

of persuasion to assure him that nobody is goingto drown . . . The

you to erect a marquee for an outdoor event in the Meadows. Apply in writing well in advance. Charges are nominal. but you must provide your own site services (toilets. etc).

ones‘. After the last memorable Thunderball. the management

but remains quite amenable to jolly japes such as bouncy castles in the Ballroom. Hire ofthis (excluding

£155. with prices increasing at weekends and fora late licence. For a bigger function. hire the Music Hall for £200 an evening.

booking,‘ but in the first instance you

are available for hire but entirely at

So. no go unless you use your powers

same official may alternatively allow

The Assembly Rooms staff are open to suggestions and ‘not just sensible

reserves the right to refuse bookings.

music. bar service and catering) costs

Alternately, hire both for an event of unrivalled grandeur. But take note bookings are accepted months in advance.

Assembly Rooms George Street. Edinburgh (031220 4348). Director of Recreation 17 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh (0315571265). Fruitmaritet Gallery Market Street, Edinburgh (03] 225 2383). Henirew Ferry Clyde Place. Glasgow (04] 429


3766). Scotrail Mrs C. Branscombe. Glasgow (0413353910). Winter Gardens Mr Smith, Department of Parks and Recreation, Glasgow District Council (04] 632 8924). Tramway Peter Sear/e. A bert Drive, Glasgow (04] 422 1282).


If you don‘t want to organise anything but tickets for your party.


Okay, so you've had your lun. Lots of it, in tact. But now you want to get rid oi all those bodies littering your living room floor. There’s only one sure way to do it bring out all the old records which should have been consigned to a Woolies bargain bin at long time ago. That‘ll shirt ’em.

1. A Little Peace— Nicole

2. Mull Oi Kintyre— Paul McCartney and Wings

3. Sailing - Rod Stewart

4. Crystal Chandeliers-Johnny Cash 5. There’s lilo-one Ouite Like Grandma St Winilred‘s School Choir

But just in case the one true love of your life happens to be curled up among the alorementioned strewn bodies, the


ioilowing should leave him, heror it in no doubt as to your intentions.

1. Every Loser Wins—Nick Berry

2. Starting Together— Su Pollard

3. The Power of Love —Jenniier Rush 4. Anyone Can Fall in Love —Anita Dobson

5. I Just Called To Say I Love You - Stevie Wonder


seagrass. be lace bobbin yarns. occu cookery bor organic gar< blocks. cale rainbow cat book-ends.

candles. linc wax. dinosai

// Q I g ,/ ,’/ e /

We think we have a Christmas

come and have a look, there’s

cosy coffee-house.


lino printing kit. candle holders. glass engraving kit. silk paints. stencil pack. candle wax. ' dinosaur brass rubbing kit. candle moulds. toad kit. water paints. Pooh kit. wax crayons. Das. cane. fabric painting starter kit. pot-pourri. macramé beads. seating cane. pipe cleaners.

present for almost anyone. Why notvegetarian

plenty of parking and you can have rantings. cc a break from your shopping in our

Das. cane. fabric painting starter kit. pot—pourri. macrame beads. seating cane. pipe cleaners. seagrass. bells. dolls house furniture. cotton balls. minerals. plasticme. crystals. felt squares. lace bobbins. raffia. spinning wheels. origami paper. children's books. plant dyed knitting yarns. occult books. Christmas decorations. healing books. wooden lorries vegetarian cookery books. wooden cars. gift books. jewellery beads. Steiner books. wooden animals. organic gardening books. puzzles. Christmas cards. Noah's Ark. wrapping paper.

7 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 031 229 7884. Open 10am—6pm Mon—Sat. OPEN SUNDAY 9th, 16th and 23rd Ham-5pm

g We accept A§cessnd Visa __

you could do worse than try Glasgow‘s The Choice. which charges £70 for up to 350 people on a Tuesday. Wednesday or Thursday and will also print your tickets for an extra £20. The Shelter. on the other hand. will take you any night of the week at all. providing they don‘t have a band booked. The price is £30 for the venue. £60 if you want a DJ and music as well.

The ever-so-trendy Tunnel Club also caters for functions - on a Tuesday or Wednesday only. The management provides a DJ and can cope with over 300 people in the dance hall; prices from £100 to £300. or more ifyou fancy having a

3 Karaoke show (see below).

No Japanese high jinks at Edinburgh's Buster Browns. but they will cater for most musical tastes. and tailor the night‘s DJ-ing to suit your preferences. Available Monday to Thursday. £75 during the last two weeks of December. otherwise free ifyou can find more than 200 pals. The deservedly popular Mission is also for hire. though only on Mondays and Tuesdays. for £100 if you provide your own DJ.

For an even more special occasion. The Amphitheatre provides a complete dinner and dancing package in association with the Caledonian Hotel. Lazio‘s Italian Restaurant. The Great Wall Chinese

:Ii squares. ad knitting

2n animals. I. building ace paints. sic boxes. r. mobiles. aking kits. iCk. candle 1x crayons.

.__ i

The List 7 ~ 20 December 1000 87