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The List's stall pundits go all dewy-eyed over Glasgow's highlights.

I ROCK: The Big Day.

The sheer one-ottness that drew such vast numbers. The transformation oi a city centre into a colossal street party. The diversity at entertainments.

(Alastair Mabbot)

I THEATRE: Jock Tamson's

“515(30th s

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Communicado took the ambitions and hopes oi 1990 on its shoulders and began the year with a breathtaking theatrical portrait oi a nation- subjective. impulsive, passionate and unique. (Mark Fisher)

I JAZZ: Frank Sinatra.

The singer’s still consummate artistry proved the pundits wrong and averted a riot over appalling ticket re-allocation.

(Kenny Mathieson)

I ART: Site-Specific Work. ,_ , Just the tact that itwas able \ to happen. I hope it 61‘smmfip‘r‘aiubURE“-- con nues. 2‘ j,— (Rilary Robinson)

I SPORT: Eumpean Indoor

Athletic Championships.

The highpoint ot1990

sports events, which

marked a dramatic upturn in

Tom McKean's iortunes,

culminating in his gold

medal at Split.

(Ross Parsons)


Jaded, bitter and cynical, The List’s pundits let oil steam about the year's let-downs. I ROCK: The Big Day. Feet worn down to stumps by the end. Impossibility at seeing anything at all in the George Square crush, and at getting into the quayside when the most interesting things were happening. (Alastair Mabbot)

I THEATRE: The Ship. Smug. indulgent and hackneyed. One at the best comments I heard about The Ship was that, like a ' much Victorian English theatre, it was decadent. (Mark Fisher)

I JAZZ: None.

lithe jazz programmethrew up any disasters, ldidn't hearthem.

(Kenny Mathieson)

I ART: Degas Exhibition Press Launch.

With pre-pubescent girls dressed up as dancerstor the (exclusively mate) photographers. Yuk.

(Hilary Robinson)

I SPORT: Scottish Power Chanenge.

A group at musclebound louts showing their skill in a variety oi meaningless tests at endurance or power, but noticeablylailing to raise a cheer.

(Ross Parsons)

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