Yes, it’s the poll with no tax. Fed up with reading other people’s views about the year? Well this is your chance to challenge them in The List’s 1990 Readers’ Poll. Simply fill in the form below - answering as many questions as you wish, and send it to The List magazine’s Glasgow or Edinburgh offices by 3 January. There is no need to give your name or address and your answers will not be held against you. If you don’t want to rip the page out, then take a photocopy and fill that in instead. Look out for the results in our next issue out on 1()January.

What was the best film you saw during the year?

Best comedian/comedy series?

Your nomination for the Staffed Turkey A ward for the worst film?

Best Radio show of the year?

What was the best TV programme of the year?

The Rockrasric A ward for the worst radio DJ?

Berr Plan/(err A ward for worst album?

Best new band?

Best old band?

Hip Replacement/1ward for the band that should have retired?

: Favourite music venue?

Best Club ofthe year?

Fave dance track?

What was the best theatrical performance of 1990?

Best theatrical venue?

The Wet Lettuce A ward for the show

with the least dramatic impact?

The best art exhibition of the year?

The worst exhibition?

Preferred reason for Scotland not getting past the first round ofthe World Cup?

Favourite Colemanballs'.’

Most important political issue ofthe year?

Man ofthe year?

Woman ofthe year?

Git ofthe year?

Best thing that happened this year?

Biggest waste of money ?

The most innovative gallery ofthe year?

Person you wouldn’t mind being held hostage by?

The best contemporary artist?

The Bargain Bin A ward for worst book of 1990?

Best book you read this year?

Ifyou had £1 million in used notes how would you spend it?

The Roy North A ward for the worst TV show?

Favourite TV advert?

Best radio station?

Favourite contemporary author?

Favourite Li's! cover?

What was the best gig/concert of 1990?

Sporting highpoint of 1990?

Albert Tallock Memorial A ward for the best of the TV soaps?

Best album of the year?

Sporting nadir of 1990?

Send completed forms to

Readers’ Poll, The List, Old Athenaeum Theatre,

179 Buchannan Street. Glasgow G1 2J2.

Or, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TB.

14 The List 21 December 1990— 10 January 1991