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Kenny Mathieson looks back on a decisive year for jazz singer Carol Kidd and her new Trio as she prepares to share a stage with bluesman Tam White for the first


The combination of two of Scotland‘s most popular singers, Carol Kidd and Tam White, should ensure a near capacity audience for their first ever joint concert at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. The Edinburgh bluesman will get a rare opportunity to show off his splendid eight-piece band, with Glaswegian expatriate Jim Mullen (who has his own Scottish tour coming up in January) standing in for Ian Bairnson on guitar.

If 1990 has been a year of slow but definite progress for Tam. it has been an even more remarkable one for Carol Kidd. For one thing, there was her splendid The Night We Called ltA Day album on Linn Records. her fourth for the label. and the cornerstone of a proposed expansion of their catalogue, which will shortly include David Newton‘s Victim ofCircums‘tance and a new Martin Taylor set with Carol‘s Trio.

The recruitment of her new Trio. with David Newton on piano. Dave Green on bass. and Alan Ganley on drums. has signalled another major change for her. Throughout the 19805. Carol worked with pianist Sandy Taylor, Alex Moore on bass and guitar. and drummer Murray Smith, but the new trio have lifted her music into a higher gear. Their sound and approach to

harmony is more modern, flexible. and exciting, while their ability to respond to any unexpected deviation by the singer has allowed Carol a new freedom to throw a few unexpected twists into

familiar songs.

‘I think they would probably agree with me and say that they have to fall in with what I do. I have a fixed idea of how I want to do a song, but that idea can vary a little from performance to performance. and the musicians will feel that, and go along with it. By the same token. David might play a phrase which I will latch on to, but initially I am the one who will establish the mood.

‘They have to listen to me because they are backing me. but by the same token I will be listening to them. It is a two-way thing on stage, and that is the way it has to be. I know it‘s selfish. but to a certain degree I like to please myself. I know I have to please my audience. but I have to please myself as well. because I have to get up there with a smile on my face.‘

Carol‘s ability to stamp her own personality on even the most familiar songs is one ofthc

qualities admired by pianist David Newton. He first worked with the singer in Edinburgh eight years ago, but was delighted to accept the offer of joining her new band. now that he is ‘slightly older and slightly wiser. which helps when you are accompanying a singer.‘

‘Carol is great at getting the song across.’ says David. ‘She really understands the song in the first place, and is able to communicate that understanding to the audience. She is such a natural singer, and I have always felt that the best singers are the natural ones. Carol likes to do songs her own way, and that can bring a whole new meaning to them.‘

Unfortunately, Newton will be the only member of the new Trio to make the Glasgow gig. when Carol will be using what she now refers to as her ‘Scottish trio‘, with Ronnie Rae on bass and son John on drums. She also intends to feature the Orchestra with which she played a couple of gigs earlier this year. My own feeling was that she lost some of the jazz feel of her work in that setting; then again, she is not all that fussed about being pegged as a jazz singer anyway.

‘I am quite happy to do more blues-type songs, or more commercial things. I would like to get into more songs like ‘I Think It’s Gonna Rain Today‘, which we did on The Night We Called It A Day. After that, though, it is all down to how you approach it and how you interpret it anyway you can still give it a jazz feel.’

The current plan for the Glasgow concert. which is jointly promoted by Carol and the Glasgow International Jazz Festival (who may delve further into extra-Festival activities if this is a success). allows for an opening set from Tam White‘s band, followed by Carol with the Trio and Orchestra, and culminates in a mass get-together. doubtless around some blues belter like “Kansas City‘. It should see out the old year in considerable style.

Carol Kidd and Tam White play Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thurs 27.


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