Last ‘Hogmanay’, one Robert Coltrane - comedian , actor, politico and all-ro(t)und entertainer verged upon a living, breathing enactment of this definition of the ultimate festivity. As compere of ‘The World’s Biggest Hogmanay Party’ in Glasgow’s George Square, our Robert entered into the spirit of things to such an extent that somehow, mysteriously, he managed to miss the whole raison d’étre of this annual jamboree. Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong: the midnight bells came and went, in came the new year, out went the old, and did Robbie know whether he was coming or going? Ours not to reason why, ours just to scoff the shortie, scoof up the bevvie, and get on down to the decidedly dubious

delights of Runrig, Lulu, Hue & Cry and sundry other Scottish popsters. Should auld fiascos be forgot . . . This new year, organisers Regular Music and the Glasgow 1990 office have opted for fail-safe acts and presentation. 1990/91’s Hogmanay Party will be seen by over 15,000 locals, but without the glaring spotlight of national television cameras; after all, it may have seemed a stuttering shambles from

the comfort of umpteen million living rooms, but on the ground in George Square the joint sure was jumping with festive cheer.

Similarly, perhaps deciding that ‘rock’ acts are too, well, ‘rock’n‘roll’, too much of a liability. The emphasis in Glasgow’s city centre will be on country, world, folk and, um, DIY music. As the 1990 office states, mass rocking is out, ‘traditional entertainment with lots of dancing and audience participation’ is resolutely in.

Well, swing my kilt and pass the black bun. The traditional stage will reverberate to the skirl (skirls occupying the same mountainside as haggises do, but with their two long legs on the left-hand side) of the pipes as assorted ceilidh and folk bands - Ceolbeg and The Battlefield Band among them - add a rock’n’reel bent to the celebrations.

In the centre of the square, amidst three immense ‘dancing areas’, tartan stetsons are mandatory at the country and western stage. Heeding the popular Scots folklore that Hen Broon is a rabid fan of both the pedal steel and John Byrne, The Liberties, The Humpff Family and Deaf Heights will twang and yeehaw their

way through the witching hour and beyond. It is on this stage that rawk posturing is in danger of being most prevalent, so any performer seen with their feet on the monitors, or any punter punching the air will be severely beaten by a tall dark stranger bearing an enigmatic lump of coal. You have been warned.

Elsewhere in the Square expect to be assailed by assorted ethnic groups of reggae, African and Caribbean musos (this is the world music stage; get with it, man), and possibly most apocalyptic of all, the karaoke stage. Be prepared for tuneless singing en masse and the merciless press-ganging of hapless individuals onto the stage by ale-addled revellers.

This, then, is the final curtain on Glasgow 1990, and the opening chapter in the city’s post-Culture existence. For 15,000 folk it’ll be a wonderful night. All we need is just one slightly drunk compere to add that extra bit of spice . . .

The Hogmanay festivities take place in George Square from 10.30pm until 1.30am. Turn to page 84 to find out how to stake a claim for our limited number of tickets.


ALASTAIR MABBOTT Teenage Fancluh A Catholic Education (Paperhouse)

Lou Reed and John Cale Songs for Drella (Sire/Warner Bros) Living Color Time's Up (Epic)

Julee Cruise Floating into the Night (Warner Bros) Tim Buckley Dream Letter Live in London 1968 (Demon)

They Might Be Giants Flood (Eiektra)

The Blue Nile Hats (Virgin) Iggy Pop Brick by Brick (Virgin America)

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Ragged Glory (Reprise) 'Lard The Last Temptation ofReid (Alternative Tentacles)


The lith Somewhere Soon (London)

Happy Mondays Thrills. Pills 'n ’Bellyaches (Factory)

The La’s The La's (Go!Dises)

Fatima Mansions Vi va Dead Ponies (Kitchenware)

The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker (Def Jam)

The Charlatans Some Friendly (Situation 2) World Party Goodbye Jumbo (Ensign)

Prefab Sprout Jordan: The Comeback (Kitchenware/CBS)

Two Nice Girls Like a Version (Rough Trade) The Trash Can Sinatra: Cake ( GolDiscs)


The Bathers Sweet Deceit i (Island)

The Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas (4AD)

The Chameleon: Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit) The Bellamy Brothers Live at the Holly wood Palomino (bootleg)

Paul Simon Rhythm ofthe Saints (Warner)

The Church Gold Afternoon Fix (Arista)



eloometlay Fortuny (Island)

The Chimes The Chimes (CBS)

flote Kapelle N0 North Briton (lntape)

Lou Reed and John Cale Songs for Dre/la (Sire/Warner)

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