RH welcome. Concert Hall, 2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 I Waverley Singers Carol Service 81 Kennedy will perform Prokofiev‘s Violin 22 3123. 7.30pm. £3 (£1). A family Bernard‘s Church. Saxe-Coburg Street. Concerto No]. Bryden Thomson R celebration of the holiday in music. song. 6.30pm. And yet more seasonal cheer. conducts. SOLD OUT. dance and drama. with Alastair Admission free. but a collection will be ' Glasgow , McDonald and Jimmy Mack joiningthe taken in aid ofthe Royal Blind School‘s Edlnburgh I SNO Carol Concert Glasgow Royal Govan Salvation Army Band. Glasgow unit for blind mentally handicapped I national Youth orchestra or scam“ Concert Hall. 2 SauchielhhallOStrict . 332 1‘ Presbytfiry Orchestra. and adult and children. Usher “3", Lmhian Road. 228 1 155. 3123- 730p” £34m- c [C "image‘s luniorc Olrs- 7.30pm. £4—£8. NYOS perform Verdi's together with its Youth and Junior Chorus - ()yern‘re: La Fan“ DeIDem-m)‘ foraconcert ofseasonal music andcarols Beethoven-S piano Concerto No l (with under Conducmr Philip Ledger' 1 I Salvation Army Christmas Carol Concert Michael Roll as soloist) and a couple of Ed ° b h Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 8pm. The Hall I Csardas In Viennese‘flomanza Merchants Tchaikovsky pieces. the Swan Lake Suite In urg box office is not handling tickets for this “ML 7 we?“ Qcmgc SWCCL 227 5511~ and Francesca Da Rimini. Jun‘ichi I cappena NW8 Queen's llall. Clerk I event: contact the Gorgie Corps ofthc 12-.45Pm: i2 (U ~59) MCfZO-wprang llirokami conducts. Street. 668 2019. 8pm. £6 (£3.5())/£5 (£3). i Salvation Army on 346 2875 for details. 1 Shell} 0.93mi“ Plan"st 5ECPhcn Addm I 4 Sec Glasgow. Friday 21. I Jubilo: Tenth Christmas Carol Concert and “Ohm-81 [ES/Ward Dostht‘f 13”“?th Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street.6682()l9. programme o tennese c 1am crmusie o l S U N 7.45pm. £4 (£3). More seasonal music f close the successful Merchants Music i G from The Edinburgh Players under season. (-3]. St'on'aigoi’tlh pnhe‘s‘m 0' 320mm g conductor Walter Thomson. plus the E “58‘,” 03‘“ (' on“ n “a”. ‘- l . . . , _ y . . . , Sauchiehall Street. 332 3123. 7.30pm. I Spirit otthe City Carols Glasgow Royal Jubllo Junun‘s. . . ~ ' l 1 £449. See Edinburgh. Thursday 3. ' Glasgow Edinbur h ' 1 I Salute to the Stars and Stripes Glasgow 9 Roval (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchichall Street. I 8N0 Usher llall. Lothian Road 228 I v v . r 7 NATIONAL YOUTH 3323123. 7.30pm. £3.5Ht28ti. lan 1155. 7.3(lpm.£3—£15. See Glasgow, I. = ORCHESTRA Sutherland conductsthe City ofGlasgow Thursday 3. OF SCOTLAND Philharmonic Orchestra in a programme 5 __..__. of popular American music. _ 1“” “fifcfif’gggfifffl SATURDAY 29 Glasgow Canduclor.‘ JUI I 8N0 Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 Soloist MICHAEL ROLL Sauchiehall Street. 332 3123. 7.30pm. Overrun - La Form Del Destino Verdi I Storm Over Glasgow Glasgow Royal USU—£15. See Glasgow. Thursday 3. Piano Concerto No. 1 Beethoven Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street.332 SOLD OUT. Swan Lake Suite Tchaikovsky 3123. 7.30pm. USU—£15. Singer Rebecea - Francesca Da Rinu'ru' Tchaikovsky Storm performs a selection of hits from I USRER "ALL, EDINBURGH _ 7.309", recent popular musicals 1n the company of I Emma Kim" and Anyhow Rooley St Thursday 3rd January 1991 the City of Glasgow PhflharmomC Cecilia‘s Hall. Niddry Street. 228 1 155. Sponsoch by Bank o/Scdknd ()rchcstra. 7.45pm. £7 (£5). Soprano Emma Kirkby's Box Oflicc: 031-228 [15516 _ pure. ethereal voice has proved especially GLASGOW ROYAL COSCERT “ALL , 7.309", H 0 G well suited to early music. On this Friday 4th January 1991 G I 0w occasion. she is accompanied by Anthony spouond 1., 12.410 0,4. ,1; o . Rooley on lute in a programme ofAneient Box Office: 041-332 3123 Ticket Outlets: 041-227 5511 I The Pilgrlm Glasgow Royal Concert Greek Themes in mm and 17th Century woe is sponsoord by HP in Scotland “GIL 2 SimCthhi‘“ S‘WCL 332 3123- 9Pm' Song. including works by Dowland. Blow £8.5(i—L‘950. (‘omposer Shaun Daveys~ and Monteverdi. part Of the Georgian epic work for orchestra. pipe band. cho1r (uncut Society season.

and traditional musicians marks the end of Glasgow‘s reign as European (‘ity of N 9 Culture. Sec feature.

TH E E D l N B U H S E ISCO (‘ityHall.(‘andleriggs.2275511.

Glasgow 7:30pm. £2.50—£l(). The Scottish . c h d In" '8 o w ( hamber Orchestra are directed byvrola

I (“3390" at e fa 0'3 “'9 plaver Yuri Bashmet in a programme

BBC SCOTTISH SYMPHONY Glasgow Cathedral. 227 5511.2.3opm. l whgch mm... 1.5. Bach-S mandmbwg The Chm“! Sham." Pcrfmm the inevlti’h C ('oncerros3 & 6 and Mozart'sSinfonia

o R c H E SIR A AT bl” PCW'W’“): Pf’PUIi” “"53th bl" “and” (‘mtcarrante with a rarely heard modern THE USHER N A ll m Sufism." W'ItllW-f Surmundmgs- work. the Trio Sonata by Alfred

I Glasgow Meets Vienna Glasgow Royal Schnittkc. ()lcg Kagan (violin) and (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 Catherine Marmmd (Viola) are the other 3123. 7.30pm. {tr—ill. The Pops at thc 501mg“ in the laucrmccc.

Phil seri ‘s presents the popular Viennese classicsfbut tickets are sellingottt fast. 10 WEDNESDAY 2 Glasgow


s""V'MI‘Y‘ 39” d9 “"95 I Edinburgh IBBC sso (‘ityllall.(‘andleriggs.227 ° ° 551L123” m.£3.Glasvow’s Beethoven . Plano (“Keno No. I i .Edinbu'gh Roya'cmmunio" U‘h” re-discovcrfd mania foriunchtime music Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 3 11.111. Lothian Road. 22s 1 155. Noon. hammptcd the BBCSSOOM (“Queen (pa'hé'i ue) {ti-X Th“ NC“ 3.01‘rh‘mcmmlc _. Margaret Drive and into the city centre for q _ performance of l landcl s Messiah. isa an exploratory season of {Ourconccnx staple of the li R( ‘lf‘s repertoire. but will This inaugum'l outing “Mums take on a slightly different flavour this Tchaikuvskyts Symphony NO 4 and the year in the orchestration by Mozart. the Suimguém Violin Comer“) N03 l.'11ioti's contribution to a nationwide alongxidc the less familiar Symphony by CONDUCTOR; jERZY MAKSYMIUK 5 MUN” Blccmcmn'“Sim”- I)eesenyi. AndrasI.igeticonducts.while 3 :tjggstin Damay is thilvéoltn sglrzézzéugm 0 annes annov an raem SOLOISI: DMITR' BASHKIROV , MerchantsHall.7WesthorgeStrect. E 0 2275511. 12.45pm. £2 (£1.50). Baritone I . Tm SCheno Mmh_‘”"" ““H' 7 W?“ Mannov is accompanied by the pianist in a TICKETS: £2,50-£13,SO f (;°”ri-"~'S”er 3375511- ]3-45Pm-i3-5” programme ofsongs by Schumann. Ravel. i (£21. A (‘hristmas concert ofcharnber Sibelius and 8mm“ i ntusic by Bach. Krcislcr. Albinoni. . genes 2819mm,” and pump sun, .' Masscnct. Gershwin. and Bizct launches (omen “a” University(“Glasgow , the 199] Merchants Music season. 1.15pm. Violin and pian'orcciml. I i I 8N0 Glasgow Royal (‘onccrt Hall. 2 . garb", Hendflcks and 8.3"," scheia l: 1 Sgucrifhulllfitrc::833 “glimpzl Stevenson Hall. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew ; L14. ..Stl."1c.'.' returns romt e S .. ‘33 5057_7_3( . 7_ 0 5 . h. l B o x o F F I (E: holiday break with a distinctly French eligimcjsopmm, iSETcofnpingdej t ' flavour. in a programme which includes jams! Schc '3 on son 5 b Schubert. ' i I HE U E R H A ll, H N R 0 A 0' Berlitiz’s ()vcrrure: Bt’rlt't’num ( 't’lliniand gcbussv am; Richardgstrzuss in the I E D I N B U R G H T E l: 0 3i - 2 28 "5 5 the St‘nlphmtit’ I'tlll!(l.8‘!f(/ll¢'. In between. RSAM [n‘cmmional Celebrity telly star and man ofthe people Nigel Rcmals scrics_

46 The List .21 December 1990— lilJanuary 1991