I GAZZA'S back. putting the glitter back into Christmas. The glitzy old rockerwill turn up againtor his now traditional Yuletide singalong atthe SECC, Glasgow, Dec 22-24. Watch outtor St Winiired's School Choir next year. See Rock Listings page 35.

l MILKING the bumper lestive viewing iigures lor all they are worth. the TV companies traditionally keep the cream of their programmes tor Christmas and the New Year. Manon Des Sources. seen here. is one at the many movies worth staying in for overthe nextthree weeks. See Christmas TV guide page 69.



The atmosphere in the hallowed halls inhabited by The List was frenzied. There were less than four writing days to Christmas and the authors of that dignified publication were beside themselves with worry. ‘Where is The Shortlist? We’ll never get our Christmas bonus now,’ they wailed. Just then, an elderly figure in a beard

stumbled in, giggling. . .

WITH so many notables of the European film world swarming around during the preview screening of Korczak, the Glasgow Film Theatre seized the opportunity to announce that they were extending their seat-sponsorship scheme to include their original screen.

Here, Richard ‘Dickie‘ Attenborough and David ‘Dave' Puttnam are seen hard at work on the construction of the as yet incomplete second screen. Actually, this staged opening was mere wishful thinking on the part of Dickie, one of the first to put his moniker on a pew in the second screen, for unfortunately the extension to the Film Theatre will not be ready until the New Year. Still, as they both know, rehearsals are so important.

JUST in time for Crimbo, comes the news that The Traverse have scooped first prize in the LWT Theatre Awards. This means that a cool £18,000 can now be lavished on their forthcoming production of Bondagers by Sue Glover. Her richly atmospheric script tells the tale of female farm workers employed in conditions of near-slavery on the big Borders farms last century. The production, which can now have no excuses for a less than marvellous set, will open at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, in May.

THERE'S nothing like a warm welcome in Edinburgh. And that’s just what 605 singer/songwriter, Joni Mitchell experienced recently nothing like a warm welcome. As you may have heard the poor lass was slung out of an Edinburgh eatery after having words with the staff.

However, this very organ's Art Editor, who was dining that night

with Mitchell. Apparently, they and a few chums got involved in a debate over how many people could adequately be accommodated round a table. While the diners at the Doric thought the answer was eight, Mr Hall, the assistant manager, maintained the answer was six. Unable to find a compromise solution, even though two of the party offered not to eat anything, the man with the tea-towel refused to serve them. Joni then got up to express her indignation and failing to get through to the assistant-manager branded him a ‘a perfect prick’. He responded to this compliment by pushing her from the kitchen back to her seat and suggesting she ‘wash her mouth out with soap’. It was then that the whole party were given their marching orders. All that fuss over two chairs eh? Maybe miss Mitchell will feel inspired to pen a mournful ballard about the demise of mellownes among Edinburgh restaurateurs.

EVER willing to pass on a good bit of advice here‘s a handy hint from Animal Concern. In a festive leaflet entitled Death at Christmas, they stress ‘Don’t buy your child an airgun, get him a dartboard instead.’ While they are right to take a no-shooters-for-kids stance, aren’t they aware of the dreadful effects that a dartbord can have? In no time your child will have developed a beer gut. taken to wearing spangly shirts with its name on the back and started talking in a scarcely credible Geordie accent about the oche.

NB: Tickets to the George Square Hogmanay bash are available free, courtesy of The List from the Scottish Youth Theatre’s box office (Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow) on presentation of the coupon on the Letters Page of this issue.



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