I Baby Boom (BBCI)9.45—11.30pm. Diane Keaton inherits a sprog and is forced to take a long hard look at her career as a thrusting exec‘ when her lover leaves her and her boss decides to drop the offer ofa partnership. Glutinous comic fare of the kind that Hollywood pumped out in the 405. INotorious(BBCl)11.30pm-1.10am. Hitchcock‘s classic 1946 thriller uses the subterfuge of a spy thriller set in South America to focus on a cruelly perverse affair between US agent Cary Grant and an alcoholic Ingrid Bergman. Claude Rains is the ex-Nazi and object ofGrant‘s inquiries.


I World Cup 90(BBC1) 10.30—11.3(lam. If you can stand it. Not a classic World Cup by anyone‘s reckoning. England were unfortunate not to make it to the final and Scotland? Well they were just unfortunate.

I Back to the Future (BBC1)6.05—8pm. Christopher Lloyd takes Michael J. Fox for the ride of a lifetime back to 1955 (the first ofmany, as it turns out). Director Robert Zemeckis delights in the problems posed by transporting oneself back in time: how to get your parents to fall for each other. how to avoid your mother falling for you and how to avoid tampering with history? All done with the benign good nature ofa Frank Capra and easily the best ofthe time-travellingtales.

I Dirty Dancing (Scottish) 8—9.50pm. The film that relaunched many an old single gets it first showing on British TV. Late Spetember back in 1963. and young, idealistic Frances Houseman falls for dance teacher Johnny Castle while on holiday in the Catskill mountains. Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey cut a rug in this hugely popular small-budget dancefest.

I Padre Pablo (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Hard-drinking, chain~smoking, tough-talking, Roman Catholic priest Harvey Steele is venerated by many and hated by a few. At the age of 79 he looks back at his life and discusses his role in forming the Inter-American Co-operative Institute, one of his weapons in the fight against poverty in the Dominican Republic. V *3 f \ ‘2)

. A - .’&E’..ri§ '

I Manon Des Sources (BBC2) 8—9.50pm. The equally acclaimed sequel to Jean De Florerte (see Christmas Day). Ten years after the death ofJean, his daughter still inhabits the sunburnt hills overlookingthe farm which was stolen from him. While Ugolin falls in love her she plots her vengeance and it all ends in tears asthe tale is tied up with a satisfying symmetry.

t V .3 l ' I: _ z x X

I Tchaicovslty- Fate (Channel 4) 9.25—11pm. The second half of Christopher Nupen’s biopic examines the twilight of the composer‘s career and the extraordinary story of his death.

I Smith and Jones (BBC1)9.40-10. 10pm. A Christmas Special with a difference. They promise there will not be one single reference to the festive season. Or does that just mean that it wasn‘t originally billed to go out at Christmas?

I A Lite In Pieces (BBC2) 9.50-9.55pm. Ludovic Kennedy talks to Sir Arthur Street Greebling (aka Peter Cook) about his mail-order firm and his mould-breaking work on the European Hen Commission in the 705.

IThe Ship (BBC2) 9.55—1 1.25pm. Despite its launch into a sea of troubles when critics went overboard - either for or against it the ‘epic story of a river and its people‘ sailed proudly on. Now, the nation

can judge whether Bill Bryden’s ambitious ; attempt to re-create the atmosphere of the

shipyards. using a handful thespians and fitters, really ‘worked‘.

I The Other Side oi Gerry Sadovtitz (Channel 4) 1.40—1.55am. The highly skilled card sharp and foul-mouthed abuser of anything that gets him a laugh takes a further look at the word ofmagic.


I The Dark Crystal (BBC2) 5.35—7.05pm. Jen, an elfin boy, struggles to save his world from the forces ofevil in this fantasy adventure. Unfortunately. the late Jim Henson‘s magnificent puppet-work is somewhat wasted on this rather formulaic plot.

I The Sick Kids (Scottish) 6. 15—7pm. Over the next thirteen weeks Scottish TV‘s fly-on-the-wall documentary team, ifsuch things are allowed in hospitals, will provide a ‘unique insight‘ into the work of Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children. David Scott, their head of programmes described it as, ‘One ofthe most ambitious projects ever embarked on by Scottish.‘

I Celebrity Fifteen to One (Channel 4) 6.15—7pm. The popular quiz show has a line-up of well known faces and guess what? They‘re all playing for charity. Smashing.

I Hume at Large (BBC1)7-7.30pm. Genial George turns up some more unusual Scottish characters, including Wild Bill Hickock from Dennistoun, who changed his name by deed poll. and authoress A.J. Stewart, who returns to Flodden field where only a few hundred years ago, when she was busy beingJames IV of Scotland, she got it in the neck from the English.

I Just Like That! (Channel 4) 9-10pm. Tommy Cooper was unquestionably the funniest British comedian since the war. in that he could wring laughs from the most

pathetic gags or shambolic routines. This hour-long tribute to his genius contains much classic footage.

I My Left Foot (Scottish) 9—10.55pm. The life and times of the extraordinary Irish writer and painter Christy Brown who, crippled by cerebal palsy. could properly control only his left foot. Daniel Day-Lewis turns in an astonishing performance, spending most ofthe film in a wheelchair.

I An Audience With Jackie Mason (Channel 4) 10-1 1pm. Very Jewish and very. very sharp. the former rabbi faces an audience ofcelebs.

I Review of the Year(BBCl)

10.30—1 1.50pm. Jonathon Dimbleby looks back over the year‘s events.

I The Witches of Eastwick(BBC2) 10.30pm—12.35am. Jack Nicholson has the devil ofa good time entertaining three ladies of the sleepy New England town of Eastwick. Michelle Pfeiffer. Cher and Susan Sarandon are the star-struck

I Robin Williams: An Evening at the Met (Channel 4) llpm—midnight. Concluding a night of comedy. Williams motors his way through a dozen or so topics in the unlikely setting of New York‘s Metropolitan Opera House.

I Lenny Live and Unleashed (BBCl) 11.50pm—I.30am. In a bid to counterthe night of comedy on Channel 4 the BBC are spoiling viewers for choice by presenting this special show at the Hackney Empire. with all Lenny‘s favourite characters making an appearance.

I Cool Hand Luke (Scottish) 1.10—3.30am. Easy-going Luke Jackson (Paul Newman) is determined not to let the prison authorities grind him down when sentenced to two years on the Chain gang. Contains a memorable egg-eating scene which may make you regret recent eating


I Pee Wee's Big Adventure (BBC2) 6—7.30pm. Paul Reubens‘ cult creation of a mischievous boy living in an adult‘s body, a sort of American Keith Chegwin. began life presenting cartoon shows on TV.He made this weird and wonderfully original movie in 1985.

I Musical Tribute to Norman Buchan (BBC1)7-7.30pm. The late MPfor Paisley South was taken back to Buchan several years ago to record this programme on his beloved folk songs of Aberdeenshire.

I 24 Carroll Gold (BBCI ) 9.30— 10.20pm. There doesn't seem to be any halfway house with Carrott, you either love him or loathe him. For those who appreciate his humour this was recorded live at the Theatre Royal. Stratford.

I Pelle the Conqueror(BBC2) 9.35—midnight. Winner ofthe 1988 Palme d'Or at Cannes. Bille August‘s film receives its first showing on British TV. Max Von Sydow as the widowed father towers above the rest ofthe cast in this marathon tale of the hardships endured by emigrant farm labourers in turn-of-the-century Denmark.

I Outrageous Fortune (Channel 4)

10. lSpm-12.1()am. Lightentertainment ofthe refreshing kind, as Bette Middler and Shelly Long join forces to track down the two-timing Peter Coyote (give a doga bad name). Dixon‘s energetic and witty screenplay is brought to the screen with zest by Arthur Ililler and his cast.

I Arts Review of 1990 (Scottish) l().35pm— Melvyn Bragg looks back over the year‘s chiefartistic events and introduces a specially commissioned piece of work featuring the all-male dance group The Featherstonhaughs and their all-female counterparts in The Cholmondleys.

I Roxanne (BBCl) 1().50pm—12.35am. Fire Chief Bales (Steve Martin) is known for his romantic nature, his skill in a fight and the length of his proboscis. He meets and falls in love with Roxanne Kowalski (Daryl Hannah) only to end up helping out his hunky rival. fireman Rick Rossovitch. This charming reinterpretation of Cyrano de Bergerac in Washington State has Martin at his best.

70 The List 21 December 1990- 10 January 1991