I Never Give a Sucker an Even Break I H09 N°8V°"(Chann614)5-5-30Pm- I 8°39 0"“ UM" (SC"“'5hl (Channel 4) 3—4.20pm. w.c. Fields and Sturgis. in the Black Hills of Dakota. isthe 3.15—4-40pm-Qn agmd day there are G'Oria Jean Star in this surreal. plotlcss scene for the world’s largest motorcycle mOl'C PCOPIC Itvtng In Australia than thCl'C sen-cs of comic scbpicccs. convention. 300,000 bikers arrived for a are Brttons watching its soap operas on the I ) week of talcqclling‘ souvenir-swapping On most days. hOWL‘V'CT.AA't’lgthTU’S 5.25_b_55pm. A young boy suffers a blow and scorc-scttling. . fans here are more numerous than natives on the head and regains consciousness I 73093”: 300"” 53m” (SCOtIISh) “"3 them Barry NMm‘fni "“ “’5‘” from eight vears later to discover that his mind 8-30—10Pm- The gruesome disczvcry 0ft my" Li “def m 'nvcmgmc as béc m t ' wait for it. a dead body. leavest e U ( C 501* 5- ' him into]‘fhegggig‘ifigrygiifrreiigytih‘; Glasgow POlicc baffled- T3881“:t i5 500" 0" . The curse 0' Mr, 8,8?" (Sgutmh )' ' authorities from returning to his family he the casein this Hogmanay SPCC'a'. 8’30f9pm‘ r'd'fl’k’u“. Mr 89"" “if” V realises he has one chance of regainingthe I Rab C. Nesltitt at the World Cup(BBC1) Rowdnfiu‘mmn hf” hfmh ‘m‘d. 5W“ “)th me hconcc knew. Randalcreasemciscr 9.25_10.15pm. Rab gctst0f()|10w he'docsn thave a‘gtrlfrtend.astfttwasnt directs this delightful children's tale. Scotland to Italy for the world CUPt the pamfuuy Obvmus'

I Return of the Jedi (Scottish) 5.30—8pm. The third and final instalment of the Star Wars saga has Princess Leia and the robots attempting to rescue Luke and Han. Though youngsters may be intrigued by the tribes of teddy-bears. others may think it's time for Lucas to look for fresh

only snag being that he has to take an 84-year-old football-daft Stanley Baxter along with him. Still Roxburgh took Aitken along. The Scottish team weigh in with the best argument yet for euthanasia when they lose to Costa Rica.

I0|d Faces (Channel 4) 10.35—1 1 .35pm.

“"chrSCS- I The Ring (Der Ring Des Nlbelungen) Der Aged “my 513“ ‘7“? new" 9”“ mad“ I The Ring (00! Ring Des Niebelungen) Des walkme 2_6_30pm. part two ofthe the big ttme get their fifteen mtnutes tn the Rheingold (Channel 4) 8—1 1pm. The operatic epic. spotlight at The Queen 5 Hotel tn . SCthU'CS for this and the {OHOWing I Scoteport Review of the Year (Scottish) BlaCKPOO" F‘” 9” am Hi" NW6“? pa" weekend have been SPCCiaHY Cleared ‘0 5.35—6.30pm. Ofeourse it‘s not the same 0f 67'ycar'01d twms who 5mg an‘d d‘mcc “"0‘” Opera fans ‘0 50c wagncr‘s cPiCin since [an Archer used to lead the look and even Peri?“ a Strip-mast“ Even m? four monster portions. Sunday 30’s section back on New year's Day armed with a Women laugh if you Show Your kkacht

one of them reveals. Other highlights

runs 2—6.3()pm. while the rest is transmitted on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6.

brand bi enou h to drown Paul Daniels . . . . . in. Stiii. tlge currtgmt crew talk less which mClUdc Al N'chOIS‘ a gcnamc comedian

' ' - er and a husband and wife means you get more action on the screen. cum hmb bend

. dance team from Preston in Lancashire. gaggggggfluxmme Channel 4‘s answer to the Rolling Stones

- below). nostalgtc look back at the most famous (sec rugby club as well as highlights oftheir I The Ram“ sum” in concemBBCZ)

.d- - lCh - h . h ll).55pm—12.25am.Teenage rebels now fascia? “Stmas mate w" going through their mid-life crises should

cmpathise with Mick. Keith. Ron. Bill and giiimifxiigfiifeifagfig‘gima in 0‘3"“ as they give I! all they‘ve slot Ich- A - this strange off-planet comedy. Conceived The éhow‘ Part 'Of the Uib‘m “out? I 1001 Nights 0' TV (Channel 4 ) 8-1 limit as a Spoofs“), Wars, it providcsa was filmed live at Barce ona ear ter tn t e A nostalgic look back at some ofthe lumbering vehicle for many OfBrooks~ Year- medium‘s highest and lowest points; along UFOGS (unfunny old gags) and‘ as per, similar lines to last year's successful A -Z they are glaringly obvious subtlety is still 9f W‘ The “109‘” “nc'up m prfscmm way beyond his horizon. includes Gary Ltneker. Ruby \V ax. . I on" Fools and "on" (BBCI) Michael Palm. John Heglcy. Adam i‘iillii. 7_15_8.05pm. A new Suva" series for the Vic Reeves and Alison Steadman. irrepressible Trotters begins with Del worried by Rodney’s boozing. I Kali the Lion (BBCZ) 8—9pm. Simon King follows the lions ofthe Masai Mara in Kenya through the seven hungry months ' when the Wildebecst have moved on. I Halt c. Nebltt’s Seasonal Greet(BBC1) I PIHCMUI The Slime 0' BMW (BBC 1) 9.50— 10.35pm. ‘See Christmas. see TV. 10-10.45pm. On Christmas morning.

sec repeats?‘ In case you missed it last year 1950. four brave young students broke I Scotch and Wry (BBC 1) 11.10—11.55pm. the pavement philosphcr offers one or two into Westminster Abbey and absconded Traditionally the most-watched TV words of advice relating to Christmas, with the Stone of Scone. The nation wasin programme in Scotland. it silences most I Sponscena(BBC1) 1(),()5_11_2()pm, uproar. But thanks to those brave boys in households as they prepare for the

Live and exclusive in the studio, Dougie blue the stone was eventually unearthed. post-midnight onslaught.

Donnelly oversees the draw for who gets This spoof Pathé News-style documentary I Vic ROBVBS'S NOW Year’s EVE Big Night 0|." to grow the ‘tnsh next year. and who plays gets a welcome rerun. So look out missus. (Channel 4) 11.35pm—12.20am. He's back who in the third round of the Tcnncnt‘s those cheeky young Scots chappies may be in a one-off New Year special complete Cup. nickinga stone near you. with Novelty Island. the Man With the

Stick. Mr Wobbly Hands and all his‘s

~ . ILittle Dorrit—Part One: Nobody’s Fault other running gags.

(BBCZ) 8—10.5(lpm. Christine Iidzard‘s

' masterful two‘part adaptation of "t a' Dickens‘s tale weighs in at a hcftysix . hours. However. top-notch performances

" front a host of well-known British

'" thespians. some fine camera work and music from Verdi make it all slide by. The story‘s not bad either.

I Screen One Special: Happy Feet ( BBCI) 8.30—10pm. Phyllis Logan stars as the indomitable Dora the dance-teacher who gets embroiled in an old romance during her dancing school's annual trip to the Yorkshire Classical Dance Festival. Ii'he LostBoys(BB(‘l)1H.tS-11.5ttpm. Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patric star in this rather anaemic teen vampire flick. Shortly after moving into a small

. City 0' Ugh" (SCOmSh) 2-3-453m- RU" Californian town Michael (Sam Emerson)

I Emo Phllllps- Comedian and Mammal (Channel4) 11—1 1.45pm. Emo Phillips— American and weird more like, still he’s very funny. the first time.

I Moonstrucit (BBC!) 11.20pm-lam. This gentle New York love story has Cher on top form as dowdy widow Loretta

Castorini falling for her future hubby Rig in concert “Pm Dcccmbcr1989and is warned against the local bloodsuckers beneaththe Iightofahugc m00n_ Norman septcmbcronhls Yeah WC”. 135' Year by a couple ofcomic store wetrdos. JCWison's film. which reaped three Oscars "Own". you fonow mc. . Needless to say he‘ignores tltc \\ arntng. back in 1987. gets its first showingon I NW NW "0' 30mman Completely ' "3 9' 0'? Ban“ (SC9"'Sh) 335—4353” I “‘8 Pmduce's (( ham“ ,4) British TV. Different (Channel 4) 10-11.4()pm. Classic The Liberties. The C hlmcs. Spires! XgThc llpm— I 2.40am. Cult Classtc. bad taste IBarry Norman's Films of the Year(BBC1) collection of weird sketches herded Alm'ghtyt ZU'“ 5Yndlcatci “19318 plSh comedy from Mel Brooks starring/cm 1-1.453m, Tvtsguru motsth movies togethcron mm. Unfortunately not and Yo Yo Honeyare featured tn thtsltne Mustclnnd Gene Wilder. whotryto picks out his best and worst ofthisyearts enough people ever said tothem‘Stop up Of some of Scotland sftnest young produce a flop musical that turnsottt tobc crop. that, it‘s silly.‘ bands- a smash.

The List 21 December 1990— 1()January 199171