I The Hangover Show (BBCI)

10.55—1 1 .35pm. With immaculate timing Pete McCarthy conducts his own which hunt: which one of the cures should you take? See preview.

I The Tom Curtain (Scottish)

ll.45pm~2. 10am. A top scientist is followed to East Berlin by his fiancee/assistant who fails to realise he is involved in a dangerous game ofdouble bluff with the enemy. Paul Newmanand Julie Andrews star in Hitchcock‘s classic dissection of the limits ofmutual trust.


ITron (Scottish) 1.3(}'-3.15pm. Disney's big-budget attempt to break into the fantasy market involves a computer whizz-kid (Jeff Bridges) who gets trapped in a computer game. Some impressive

i computer-gcncrated graphics keep the action watchable though the v ideo game version is better.

I A Wee Home From Home ( BBCI) 3—3.5(ipm. Dancer Frank McConnell and singer. songwriter Michael Marra perform this state ofthe an adaptation of Communicado's successful stage production about an exile returning to Glasgow.

I Little Dorrit- Part Two: Little Dorritt's Story (BBCZ) 7.25—1025pm. The second halfof the prize-winning adaptation by Christine Edzard. tells the story through the heroine's eyes.

I Sportscene (BBCi ) 7.35—8.05an Highlights ofthe traditional New Year fixture between Rangers and Celtic. If your hangover can stand the noise levels. I City Lights: Murder He Wrote ( BBC 1) h’.()5—S.5(lpm. ldle bank clerk and would-be author Willie Melvin fears for his life after receiving threatening phone calls.

I Ghoslbusters (Scottish) 9-lopm & 1(l.3()—l 1.30pm. Imagine theexcitement at the studios when they found they had a plot to blend .-l nimul House humour with state-of—the-art special effects. The result is a slick. humorous battle between good and evil fought out on the Manhattan skyline.

I The Waterfront Beat: Jolly Roger Capers (BBCl) lU—ltlfitipm. The boys and girlsin blue keep a weather eye open for strangers along the riverbank in this new series. In the course of their duties they will thistime be looking into piracy. computer fraud. racial attacks and serial killings

I Letter to Brezhnev (Channel 4)

llirl 1.45pm. After she falls in love with a Soviet sailor. letters are exchanged between a Kirby girl and the Kremlin in this charming. shrewd. sentimental. and scousc romantic comedy.


I Holidays for Hooligans (BBCI)

l 1.50am-12.40pm. Twelve youngsters from deprived backgrounds are herded together on a boat for fifteen days and have to sail round the north coast of Scotland with skipper David James. who believes it is character-building for them. I Sportscene (BBCt ) 2.50-3.50pm. A look back at the sporting highlights of 1990. remember them?

I Hume at Large (1380 ) 8—8.30pm. George meets ‘Prince' Charles Edward Stuart. who insists he is the rightful heirto the Scottish throne. as well as the more self-effacing Ruairidh MacLennan. the 13-year-old ehiefofthe MacLennans who fits his clan duties in between football practice and maths homework.

I Bleak House (BBC2) 8.05—9pm. First

serialised in 1852 and first screened in 1985. the Beeb‘s version ofDickens’ mystery story receives a deserved reshowing. Denholm Elliott and Diana Rigg star.

I Minder: An Officer and a Car Salesman (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. Yes. it is the one that was shown two years ago but they don‘t make ‘em like that any more. In fact they don‘t make Minder at all anymore. so we should count ourselves lucky we’re getting to see this one.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. The topical comedy series graduates from radio to TV and Mary still hasn't lifted a finger to stopthem.

I Smith and Jones (BBC1)9.30—10pm. The final episode of the current series. They bow out in some style.

I The Whistle Blower(BBC1 )

10—] 1.45pm. James Fox. MichaelCaine and Nigel Havers star in this 1987 spy thriller centred on events at GCHQ in Cheltenham. BobJones(Havers). suspecting offical involvement in the death ofa ‘mole‘. begins to play avery dangerous game.

. ;- Ira“, e. I Cheers: Love is A Really, Really. Perfectly 0K Thing (Channel 4) 9—9.3lipm. A bit ofa pretentious title for the first in the latest series of comedy episodes from the Boston bar. Tonight. Sam tries to retain the friendship of Rebecca. who is now waiting tables at the bar he owns.

I PD. James (Scottish) lopm. The first in a six-part thriller featttres detective Adam Dalglicsh. who gets caught up in a series of murders on the Norfolk coast.

I A Shoe Fetishisl's Guide to Bruce Morton (Channel 4) 10.30—1 lpm. Erstwhile member of the Funny Farm. Bruce performs some of his own surreal brand of humorous sketches in front ofa ‘home‘ audience at the Third Eye Centre. which is a strange place to call home in anyone‘s book.

I Zorro the Gay Blade (Scottish) lily-1.35am. If you still haven‘t adjusted your body-clock after the New Year's celebrations this cult movie is worth catching. George Hamilton hams it up as the blade who in reality is a bit of a flop. Meanwhile the villains‘ task oftracking him down are hindered when all the guests turn up at a masked ball dressed just like the Blade himself.


I 'Allo 'Allo (BBCl ) 6.55-7.25pm. The continuing saga of smut and innuendo. set behind the enemy lines.

I Bergerac (BBC1)8. 10—9.05pm. Jim thinks he has given up the copper's life. but the copper‘s life refuses to give him up. He is drawn back into the detective game in order to clear his girlfriend‘s cousin ofa murder charge and so the BBC can wangle another series out of him.

I Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit (BBC2) 9.05—10pm. Adopted at birth by a charismatic preacher. young Jess finds her fondness for dispensing sermons makes her less than popular at school. and begins to wonder ifshe will ever find a friend. A welcome rerun for this prize-winning drama series; the other episodes are to be shown on Sunday 6 and Monday 7.

I Apocalypse Now (BBCZ) 10-11.3Upm. Alternately pretentious and insightful. Francis C oppola's adaptation of Conrad‘s Heart of Darkness bores into the very heart ofthe Vietnam conflict.


I For Whom the Bull Tolls (Channel4) 7.15—8pm. Craig Ferguson and Angelo Abela take off for the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona. with one or two japes on the way.

I Loveioy(BBC1) 8.05—9pm. lan McShane returns after six years lay-off as the itinerant antique dealer. Having recently spent some time at Her Majesty‘s pleasure. Lovejoy. is determined to find out who set him up.

I Bradman (BBCZ) 8.05—8.55pm. The greatest living Australian. Donald Bradman now 82. talks to journalist Jack Egan about his cricketing career.

I Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit(BB(‘_2 )

9L 10pm. Jess‘s mother begins to suspect her passion for Melanie. The pastororders Jess to renounce her passion but she refuses. The final instalment is screened tomorrow.

I 84 Charing Cross Hoad 10—1 1 .35pm. Two elderly bibliophiles fall for each other via a transatlantic correspondence. Anne Bancroft. Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench star in this bitter-sweet romance.


I Wildlife on One: Oevillish (BBCI) 8.30—9pm. The latest series begins with a look at the world's largest octopus. an extremely dangerous customer.

I Black in Britain (BBCZ) 7.20—8. lopm. The story of four different families provides the focus for this study ofblack people living in Britain.

I The New Spain (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. Although this is billed as an attempt to look at the true heart of Spain and claims to go behind the tourist cliches. the first programme seems to have a strange preoccupation with bullfighting.

I Oranges are Not the Only Fruit ( BBCZ) 9.05—10pm. The final instalment ofthe award-winning drama.

7.2-Th—t:l:ist 21 December 1990- lilJanuary 1991


I Grange Hill (BBCl ) 5. Ill-5.35pm. The North London comprehensive begins its fourteenth academic year. See if you can spot the liastlinders" stars of the future.

I Hume at Large (BB(,‘1 ) 8—8.3Upm. The big man continues his search for Seotswitl‘. strange tales to tell.

I Twin Peaks (BBCZ) 9— lilpm. Who shot agent Cooper? Who cares'.’ There are a further 22 episodes of this guff and frankly it's about time they told us who the murderers are and had done with it.

I Without Walls: Whisky Galore (Channel 4) 9— lllpm. This documentary examines the story behind the filming ofCompton Mackenzie's novel.

I Spender ( BBCl ) 9.3a. 10.20pm. Jimmy Nail stars as an undercover cop sent home

to Newcastle from the Metropolitan Police in this new eight-part series for the BBC -- send him over to Twin Peaks. he'd solve the case in less than 22 episodes.


I Bookmark: One Fond Embrace: The Story of the Irish (BBCZ) 8.(l5--9pm. Thomas Kinsella attempts to condense the story of the Irish language into 55 minutes-- impossible.

I Parnell and the Englishwoman ( BB(‘2) 9.25— 10.25pm. Trevor live stars as the ill-fated Irish politician who led the agitation for Home Rule in the 188i is. l lis fall from grace came as a result ofhis scandalous affair with the wife ofa military officer Kitty ()‘Shea. played here by Francesca Annis.


I The Sick Kids (Scottish) ().3()-7pm. The fly-on-the-wall teatn report back from the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

I Bleak House (BBCZ) S.(lS--‘)pm. The second part of the adaptation of Dickens' novel.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience ( B B(‘2) 9-9.3(lpm. Keeping up the BBC's reputation for comedy on a Thursday night are the new boys from Radio].

Scones and Tea With V and B: Victorand Barry have an ‘ever-so-slightly embarrassing' chat with Nicholas Parsons. New Year's Day. BBC Radio Scotland. 5.05pm.