1. Which Scottish exponents of the sideburn made it big this year?

2. Connect Roger Miller and Easter Road.

3. Name Judith Weir’s new work, commissioned by Scottish Opera. 4. Who demanded five pounds of Parma ham in his Glasgow dressing room?

5. Which Edinburgh band did Tony Wilson fly up to see then immediately sign?


6. Who wrote the book on which The Big Man was based? (Extra points for spelling his name correctly).

7. Connect Gary Kemp and Jack ‘The Hat’ McVitie.

8. What was the name ofCissie‘s husband in Your Cheatin’ Heart?

9. Which former List editor was a guest presenter of Scottish Books? 10. On whose life was David Hayman’s film Silent Scream based?

11. Whose Bairns appeared at the Tramway early in the year?

12. Name the one-man Dario F0 play in which Robbie Coltrane starred. 13. Which Edinburgh company are currently homeless?

14. Who brought his version of La Tempéte to Glasgow?

15. Who wrote and directed The Ship?


16. Whose joke lasted two decades? 17. What was the original title of the Glasgow’s Glasgow exhibition?

18. Which venue hosted the European Film Awards?

19. Which recently opened venue claims to be famed for its ‘hot Bosley beef sandwich’?

20. Which venue hosted the Test Dept extravaganza The Second Coming?


21. Who directed the Edinburgh Film Festival for the second year? 22. Which Neighbours star was a sell-out every night on the Fringe? 23. Whose chainsaw juggler went off to fight in the Middle East?

24. Which Good Life star acted in King Lear at this year’s Festival? 25. Who narrowly failed in his well-intentioned attempt to put Hibernian FC out of their misery?


26. Who captained the Scotland side which won rugby’s' Grand Slam?

27. What was the result of the Scotland-Sweden match in the World Cup?

28. Where were the Commonwealth Games held?

29. Which West Indian batsman played for Greenock last season? 30. Which Scots snooker star defeated Jimmy White in the StormSeal UK championship quarter-final?


31. Name the author who is involved with the new, Glasgow-based Dog & Bone publishing company.

32. Which aged eccentric wrote Glasgow Dreamer?


33. Who walked out of the McVities Prize dinner?

34. Name the newly issued compilation ofJack McLean’s columns.

35. Which renowned Scots poet celebrated his 80th birthday late this year?


36. Whose sculptures were exhibited in Glasgow‘s Pollok Park from April to October?

37. Which Glasgow gallery held a Francis Bacon exhibition?

38. Which two French artists were the subjects of the Edinburgh Festival’s main exhibition?

39. Which gallery held the ‘Edinburgh Salutes Glasgow’ exhibition in May?

40. Whose sculpture called Diagram of an Object stands outside the Hunterian Gallery in Glasgow?


41. On what date did Margaret Thatcher resign as Prime Minister? 42. Which newspaper does Jim Sillars write a column for?

43. Who was defeated in the SNP leadership election?

44. To which government ministry did Malcolm Rifkind move?

45. Who is the new Secretary of State for Scotland?


46. How long ago did Vincent Van Gogh die?

47. How old was The Liston 4 October this year?

48. Which Son of the Desert was born on June 161890?

49. The 300th anniversary ofwhich battle was celebrated in July?

50. Which birthday did Frank Sinatra celebrate this month?

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The List 21 December 1990— 10January 199183