I A Gentle Sound Received their rim taste of publicity as ripples of apprehension ran round the community ofTain that their vouth was about to be corrupted by the

evils of acid house raves. The main attraction of the rave. Highland Region‘s very own A Gentle Sound. pleaded innocence, but owned up to

a fondness for Mancunian pop.

I The Apples Fronted by Callum McNair. formerly of the wonderful Syndicate. and boasting ex-members i of Win and Hey! Elastica. The ! Apples are set to seduce the country with their song-based. as opposed to groove—based. dance sounds. Signed l i to Sony (ex-CBS) Publishing and ' finishing offtheir first album. which i will be preceded by a single. ‘Eye i Wonder‘. on Epic Records. (iigs planned for May.

I Badgéwearer Like their (iruff Wit thrashwit labelmates Dawson. Badgewearer pulverise aural passages with razor sharp guitars and quirky observations. Melody Maker know a good thing when it grabs them by the scruff of the neck and awarded them the Single of the

The Light

l i

381 O'Brien 0' Boom = ,

Week last June. Currently giving our ears a rest. but not for long. we hope.

Dundortunk \ s. n

Who’s going to be making our lives worth living in 1991, then? Here. for your perusal, we present a selection of the emerging bands from Central Scotland who will be busiest over the next twelve months. All ' are at different stages some have major label deals. some have I 899%” WW“ Bicakmg '.n a b ht tth . . d d l I . new singerandpreparingtorecord roug Cu 611' own In epen ent TC CdSCS. others 'dI'C scraping away their debut indie single. Pristine pop.l on the pub Circuit -— but what they have in common is that they're 130'“th “‘1 {CCdbaCH-m‘ ' ° ' ° . ' . , , , I Boom Oneofatrioot acts being confident 1991 W111 be their year. So. if you see any of these names pushed Wm. precious cropping up in the gig listings. make a point ofdroppmg by.

Organisation (the others beingThe Hardline and Walk Don’t Walk), which discovered Wet Wet Wet. the soulful duo are signed to London. recording their LP in New York.

I Borderline Very smooth. pleasing dance grooves from the West. They demoed for EMI in the latter part of 1990 and had five other record companies sniffing around. We J

10 The List 11— 24 January 1991