watch their development with interest.

I Jerry Burns Now the proud holder ofa publishing deal with Sony Music and deservedly so. The term ‘female singer-songwriter’ gives little indication to the excellence of her songs and voice. I '

I The Catherine Wheel Plenty of exposure for the accessible pop/rock ofThe Catherine Wheel in 1990: tracks on the Ca Va Sessions album. sessions for Radio Clyde and Radio Scotland and support slots to artists like World Party, The River Detectives and The Kevin McDermott Orchestra. A four-track EP is set for release in February, following an Irish tour and a


promised double-page spread in Ireland’s music bible Hot Press.

I Dundertunk An Edinburgh quartet in the funk/thrash vein popularised by The Red Hot Chilii Peppers, Faith No More and a slew ofother Stateside bands. Dunderfunk made their first appearance supporting The Claytown Troupe last year and quickly built up their own core of fans. A bizarre sense of humour is one of their saving graces songs rejoice in such titles as ‘Aren’t Pyramids Silly?’ and their own name actually means ‘ship’s biscuits baked in oil’.

I Green Isaac Their ‘Scottish answer to Simply Red‘ tag may still be hanging around their necks, but it didn’t hinder them in signing a publishing contract with Polygram. Currently writing and recording with producer Ian Morrow before pushing for a record deal.

I The Hardllne Zesty rockers from Clydebank, boasting Jimmy Anderson, who now has to live up to the plaudit ‘the best rock singer ever to come out of Scotland‘. Just about

to start their second tour of the Highlands and, incidentally, playing King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on Sat 12. I Joyrlder Powerful rock combo formed from the remnants ofThe Cateran and LA hardcore band Dr Know. Just supported Mega City Four on tour and no doubt destined to amass their own following of punters who like it given to them loud and hard. I Kith andKln Yes, okay, so you saw a lot of them last year too wherever more than three bands gathered together in the name of anything at all, Kith and Kin could be found somewhere on the bill. They should be losing their vinyl virginity in 1991, though, with material that blends appealing rootsy rock songs with tilts at cajun reggae. I The Light Glasgow-based band, who have taken to smashing up their equipment (specifically bass guitars). and are looking into the possibility ofoverseas licensing perhaps to pay for the damage. Their debut sold out and a new single is expected, again on the independent Burn One label, in February. In the

absence ofa permanent guitarist. currently being helped out by Hue and Cry’s Nigel Clark. Touring in

February or March.

I The Lost Soul Band A long-running '. residency at the St James Oyster Bar

in Edinburgh led to an independent single on Lost Oyster Records and excited declarations on their behalf that they were ‘the new Hothouse Flowers‘. Classic songwriting values. Members moonlight as part of Junkyard Angels as well.

I Marsha Fresca By integrating (to some degree) a funk influence with their style of heavy rock, Marsha Fresca have started to build up a following in their native Glasgow. Their luscious pouting singer, though, is pure metal demi-god.

I One People Using money from Chrysalis publishing deal to build up material for indie or major release. Still retaining their reggae/rap roots, but leaning more towards structured songs these days. Remixing stuff by their friends Sugar Bullet and The Apples and even, through a Jo Callis connection, The Human League.


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I The Realm of the Shopping Trolley A big. spikey sound from this bunch of Edinburghers whose declaration ‘I am God’ was enough to put them at the top of the Demo Disco chart.

I Rejuvenation Glasgow-based dance outfit, on the house side. and veterans of Slam raves at the SECC and Strathclyde Park as well as support slots with Adamski, 808 State and Together. A single is planned for the end of February on the Soma label they’re starting with the Slam boys.

The Twist

I Rhythm Chillun Have been derided a bit as being a slightly old-fashioned funk group in that they haven’t assimilated the styles and technology ofhip-hop and house, but a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with charismatic frontman.

I Riverhead Edinburgh-based, but

with members hailing from Belfast,

Liverpool and the USA, Riverhead

: released their Alpharetta EP on Avalanche Records at the end of

1990. Direct and melodic rock, high on tunes. low on macho posturing. I Spirea X A review of their first gig was alloted such disproportionate space in the NME that many smelled

hype and felt justified when

subsequent outings failed to light the blue touch paper. Nerves, perhaps.

Ex of Primal Scream, Jim Beattie realised that a lot of people were eager to hear his own variety of ‘indie-dance’. Now desperate to get a single out before too much of 1991 has elapsed.

I Sugar Bullet One Virgin single out already in ‘World Peace’, but it didn’t change the face of the music scene as we know it. The next single is planned for March, with live dates in March/April. Working with producer/remixer Mark McGuire, finishing off their LP and building home studio.

I Tom's New Shoes An Edinburgh

band who bring a great deal of

energy to their songs. Handy reference points might be Husker Du and REM.

I The Twist The most twisted thing we’ve discovered about currently the best band in Kirkcaldy is their habit of handing out clothespegs with their name on them. Their debut EP, Pooka, on their own Woop Woop label, showcased four slices of hook-ridden guitar pop. Recent communications speak of a ‘partly completed’ record deal.

I Walk Don’t Walk Another band being pushed by The Precious Organisation, and ‘dancey, but without being monotonous‘. They’ve been writing and recording new demos before launching a proper offensive on record companies.

I The Wendys Heads turned when a formerly second-division Edinburgh band were snapped up with a great fanfare by Factory Records (Silvertone, The Stone Roses‘ label made a last-minute bid), and their white label of ‘More Than Enough’ brought accusations that they were mere Happy Mondays soundalikes, but the Factory staff claim they are enraptured with their find.

I The Wild nlver Apples Impressed a lot of people when they first emerged in 1989, and the first single from their association with Chrysalis is due on 18 Feb. It will be followed by an album recorded in Glasgow’s new St Clair studios with producer Mark Freegard.

I Yo Yo Honey Purveyors ofa highly infectious dance sound with definite commercial possibilities, ex-Win member Manny Shinowa and Brixton singer Anita Jarrett reckoned they were ‘within days’ of putting their signatures to a recording contract as we went to press. Vinyl possibly as soon as February or March, but it’s ‘crucial’ that they work as a live band and are waiting before doing more live work after disappointment with the last attempt. I Zulu Syndicate The hip-hop rap ragamuffin collective plan to release a mini-LP they’ve recorded with Mother (some tracks co-written, others separate) in February. There are plans to travel to Miami sometime soon with the intention of doing some recording and signing up with Professor Griff’s management

; company. Their track ‘Heaven’,

based on a Chimes sample, is receiving London airplay on Kiss FM, and seems to have The Chimes' approval.

The List ll 24January l99l11