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Way back in the mists of time before Christmas and New Year we gave you the chance to choose your best and worst things of 1990. A varied response to last issue’s Poll found its way into our offices over the festive period. Ross Parsons examines the results, which prove that we have an imaginative, eclectic readership, some ofwhom are obviously in need of help. Many thanks to those who took the time to reply.

op of the heap of nominations for Film EastEnders, Brookside, Lifebuoy, Twin Peaks, of the Year was Cinema Paradiso, which Byker Grove and Neighbours for the TV Soap of easily outscored its nearest rival The l the Year title. Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her The top comedians of last year were, according Lover. GoodFellas, Celia, Crimes and to your good selves, Rowan Atkinson (first) and Misdemeanours, Time ofthe Gypsies, Rab C. Nesbitt (second) with French and Presumed Innocent, War ofthe Roses and Ghost Saunders, Harry Enfield and Vic Reeves trailing were also popular choices. in their wake. Perhaps surprisingly, Peelie does Strangely, there was a marked reluctance to not appear to be the doyen of the listening public condemn any film as the Worst of the Year, that he once was. He polled as many votes as the though those voters who did take the plunge ‘bit where they say Mumbles in the Shipping opted strongly for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Forecast’. While the most popular radio show was closely followed by Schwarzenegger’s Total The Mary Whitehouse Experience, the least Recall and Wild at Heart. popular DJ was Simon Bates. The most popular TV programme was very Best Gig of 1990 predictably proved to be The nearly Blackadder Goes Forth. However, it was Big Day closely followed by Blue Nile and pipped at the post by Lynch’s neverending everyone had their own favourite album, i whodunnit, Twin Peaks, which also picked up although Rhythm ofthe Saints by Paul Simon quite a few nominations for worst programme on cropped up most often in a very varied set of TV. Your Cheatin’ Heart came in a respectable selections. The choice for worst album brought third in the square-eye stakes. tirades against rap music, Gazza, Jive Bunny, An excited Esther Rantzen is expected here, ‘anything by New Kids on the Block’, Frank any day now, to pick up her Roy North A ward for Carson and Milli Vanilli. The least favourite ofall the schmaltzy Hearts of Gold which proved to be was poor little Kylie Minogue. Never mind, her the TV Show to have raised most hackles among wee sister will soon be able to step up into her our readers. Robbie Coltrane, on the other ' shoes. ;, (silky-smooth) hand, may be more pleased to Deee-Lite garnered the most nominations for know that his homely touch in the Persil TV ad I Best New Band while Blue Nile may be surprised 9* W0“ OVCY mOSt Of our YCSPOHdems. And. { to learn that they were voted Best Old Band 1.13. dOUthCSS delighting ROY Hattersley. 771651768! i ahead ofThe Stones, The Grateful Dead, T-Rex 13‘}? ‘L; beat Prisoner, Cell Block H The Waltons, (!), Happy Mondays and Iggy and the Stooges, “5f.”

16'l‘he List ll ‘— 24 January 1991