Glasgow: GFT. I Superman (PG) (Richard Lester. US. 1980) Christopher Reeve. Marlon Brando. Mrgot Kidder. Gene Hackman. Susannah York. 142 mins. Patchily realised film version of the famous all-American super-hero. Spawncr oftoo many sequels. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Sweetie ( 15) (Jane Campion. Australia. 1989) Genevieve Lemon. Karen Colston. Tom Lycos. 101) mins. Controversial debut feature from New Zealand born Campion follows the fortunes oftwo sisters. the quiet. nervy Kay (Karen Colston) and the unpredictably psychotic Sweetie (Genevieve Lemon). whose behavioural eccentricities involve eating china ornaments and painting herself blue. as the pair try to resolve their emotional and familial conflicts. Boldly scripted and composed. Campion‘s film brings a dreamlike quality to the everyday. but beneath all the freakish behaviour and self-consciously challenging camerawork . there breathes a very simple tale of common humanity. Edinburgh University Film Society. I Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG) (Steve Barron. US. 1990) Judithlloag. Elias Koteas. Josh Pais. Michelan Sisti. LeifTilden. David Forman. 93 mins. You‘ve read the hype. played the video game. seen the trailers. used the toothpaste. played with the toys. eaten the pizza. What the hell go treat yourselfto the real garbage. Made cheaply. made millions. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge . Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. Odeon Ayr. UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. I Tess (PG) (Roman Polanski. UK/France. 1979) Nastassja Kinski. Peter Firth. Leigh Lawson. 170 mins. Sumptuous adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s tragic story of ill-fated love set in Victorian England where social circumstances conspire with unforseeable misfortunes to break the spirit of an innocent heroine. Handsome. evocative and absorbing. with a marvellous performance from Ms Kinski. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Terminator(18) (James Cameron. US. 1984) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Michael Biehn. Linda Hamilton. 107 mins. In 2029 machines have all but conquered the planet but a saviour is at hand in the form of a new human leader. The machines respond by sending Schwarzenegger‘s cyborg back in time to 1984 on a mission to kill the future leader‘s mother. Inventive. excitingly~paced science-fiction adventure with a notable performance from Arnie in his first villainous role. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Texasvllle (15) (Peter Bogdanovich. US. 1990) Jeff Bridges. Cybill Shepherd. Annie Potts. Cloris Leachman.Timothy Bottoms, Randy Quaid. 126 mins. A melancholic sequel to 1971‘s Last Picture Show, which brings most of the original cast together after two decades and ages them all a further ten years. Bogdanovich‘s attempted comeback is subtle. intelligent. well acted and at times beautiful to look at. but there‘s no mistaking the absence of the spark that fired the earlier film. Glasgow: Odeon. I This Gun For Hire (15) (FrankTuttlc. US. 1942) Alan Ladd. Veronica Lake. Robert Preston. Tully Marshall. 81 mins. Early conspiracy/murder drama with Freudian overtones. loosely based on Graham Greene‘s A Gun For Sale. in which Ladd plays the unsmiling hired killer who finds himself involved in political subversion. Downbeat and atmospheric. Edinburgh University Film Society. I To Have And Have Not (PG) (Howard Hawks, US. 1945) Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall. Walter Brennan. Hoagy Carmichael. 100 mins. Bogart and Bacall worked together for the first time in Hawks' Hemingway adaptation. set in the Caribbean during the war. where Bogart's

fishing-boat owner is drawn into the conflict by his (real life) love for Bacall. Edinburgh: University Film Society. I Total Recall (18) (Paul Verhoeven. US. 1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sharon Stone. Michael lronside. 109 mins. In Verhoeven‘s hugely expensive rollercoaster of violence Arnie plays an ordinary construction worker whose trip to vacational fantasy implant service Rekall Incorporated is to pitch him into an unpredictable netherworld of murderous assassins and femmes fatales before unleashing the full truth about his nightmares of life on Mars. The crazy Dutchman‘s Martian chronicle. teeming with sicko incident. is powered along by bursts ofgee-ain‘t-this-fun-brutality but scores points for the playful ingenuity of the plotting. and Arnie looks like he‘s enjoying himself. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre. I Triumph 01 The Spirit ( 15) (Robert M. Young. US. 1989) Willem Dafoe. Edward James Olmos. Robert Loggia. 12(1mins. Based on the true story of Greek boxer Salamo Arouch (played with some integrity by the always excellent Dafoe). this sobering. not-too-sentimcntal account traces the deportation of the family to Poland‘s Nazi death camps and chronicles the events whereby he was forced to take part in murderous exhibition bouts forthc entertainment of German officers. A grim and important testimony to the power of human endurance. one emphasised by the knowledge that the cast and crew spent four months filming on the original locations in Auschwitz. Glasgow: GET. I Trop Belle Pour Toil Too Beautiful For You.’(18) (Bertrand Blier. France. 1989) Gerard Depardieu. Josiane Balasko. Carole Bouquet. 91 mins. Massive French hit offers a characteristic twist on the 01d eternal threesome scenario. Depardieu plays the succesful owner of a car showroom. envied by all for his beautiful wife (Bouquet). who falls in love with his dumpy secretary (Balasko). A film of commendable openness about the needs of the senses and men‘s facility for emotional expression. its true achievement is how it turns the stuffof farce into an intense hybrid ofwistful comedy and romantic passion. Glasgow: (3171‘. I Vincent (PG) (Paul Cox. Australia/Netherlands. 1987) John Hurt (narrator). Gabi Trsek. Marika Rivera. 101) mins. Unusual film on Van Gogh. neither straight documentary nor fictionalised account. but a study ofthc artist‘s life using his famous letters asthe soundtrack to visuals that merge the paintings with the places where he lived and worked. Ambitious attempt at a varying an old. rather staid form of film-making. but the pace isoften unbearably slow. Glasgow: GFI". I Vincent and Theo ( 15) (Robert Altman. UK/Netherlands. 1991)) Tim Roth. Paul Rhys. 1411mins. The obsession with Van Gogh‘s art and madness manifests itself again as Robert Altman ponderously and at undue length traces Vincent‘s frustrated career and working relationship with brother Theo. Tim Roth plays the artist as a demented clown. stomping off for a day's painting to Gabriel Yared‘s thrashing soundtrack and eating as much paint as he gets on canvas. Cinematically it might have its moments. but essentially this is art history as a tabloid journalist might see it. Glasgow: GET. I White Hunter. Black Heart (PG) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1991)) Clint Eastwood. Jeff Fahey. George Dzundza. 112 mins. Adapted from writer Peter Viertel‘s fictional chronicle of his experiences with obsessive and occasionally irresponsible director. John Huston. while preparing to shoot The African Queen on location in what's now Zimbabwe. Director Eastwood. provides not so much an arid exercise in cinephilc archaeology as an indulgently affectionate picture ofthc

old-style filmmaker/adventurer at play. sleeves rolled up in a Hemmingwayesquc struggle against the oncoming barrage of experience. As actor. however. Clint turns in what's arguably his best performance. Glasgow: GFI‘. Central: Regal.

I Wild At Heart (18) (David Lynch. US. 1990) Nicholas Cage. Laura Dent. Diane Ladd. Willem Dafoe. 127 mins. Lynch's much-hyped Cannes prize-winner turns out to be weird and wondrous in itsown way. if not quite as cohesive as the earlier Blue Velvet. Cage and Dern are the energetic young lovers on the run. pursued by ultrastrange hitman Dafoe on a sometimes comic. sometimes disturbing. trail towards the ultimate rendezvous with Elvis and the Wizard of Oz. Aside from lovingly detailing the pernicious influence of pop kitsch upon our very consciousness however. the movie isn‘t really about anything. even ifit is a helluva trip. Glasgow: Grosvenor. Edinburgh: UCI. I Wild Strawberries ( 15) (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. 1957) Victor Sjostrom. Bibi Andersson. Ingrid Thulin. Gunnar Bjornstrand. Max von Sydow. 94 mins. Following an appalling. symbol-laden nightmare. an elderly professor (Sjostrom) finds himself reliving his life as he travels to an academicawards ceremony. Bergman‘s customary bleakness is shelved. with enjoyable results. while Sjostrom‘s performance glows with feeling and intelligence. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Wings 01 Desire ( 15) (Wim We nde rs. w. Germany .1987) Bruno Ganz. ()tto Sander. Solveig Dommartin. Peter Falk. 127 mins. Restless angel Ganz on duty over Berlin takes a tip from American movie star and former angel Falk on the possibilities ofcrossing over. and follows his mentor‘s path to consummate his relationship with beautiful circus acrobat Dommartin. Gorgeous black-and-white photography and a sensitive feel for the people and places of Berlin grace this thematically rich and uncharacteristically optimistic slice of Wenders enchantment. Highly recommended. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Witches (PG) (Nicholas Roeg. US. 1991)) Anjelica Huston. Mai Zetterling. Rowan Atkinson. 92 mins. Nine-year—old Luke is warned by his Norwegian granny about the everpresent threat posed by the existence of witches. which isn‘t much help actually because within the next half hour he stumbles on their annual convention in a small English hotel and gets himself changed into a mouse for his pains. A pleasing adaption of Roald Dahl‘s children's story has director Roeg creating a superior kids movie that has you rooting for the mice all the way. Lotsof fun. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Zardoz (15) (John Boorman. UK. 1973) Sean Connery. Charlotte Rampling. Sara Kestelman. John Alderton. 105 mins. Sometime. somewhere in the future. Connery is a devoted Exterminator working for the sex police. controlled from a giant bust of Zeus called Zardoz. ()n recovering some repressed memories. he begins to doubt. and leads a raid on the spaceship Zardoz. with visually exciting but spuriously philosophical results. Finely acted and directed. Boorman's fantasy epic is a little overladen with the spirit of the times. but still worth seeing. Edinburgh: Cameo.

usrmcs WEEK one

Friday 11—Thursday 17

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [0] indicates that wheelchair access is

available. though prior notilication is

advisable. [E] indicates the availability olan induction loop. lorthe convenience 01 hearing aid users.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muircnd. 637 2641 . £2.51) (Child/()AI’£1 .511).

1. Air America ( 15) 2. 15pm (Sat only). 5.15pm.8.15pm.

2. Arachnophobia (PG) 2.51Ipm (Sat only). 5.25pm. 8.25pm.

I CANNON The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. [1)]. [[5] (screens 1.3 and5). Shows commencing before (rpm £2; after (rpm £3 (Child £2).

1. Home Alone (PG) 1.10pm. 3.411pm. b.115pm. 8.35pm.

2. Air America ( 15) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. b.15pm. 8.45pm.

3. Arachnophobia (PG) 1.11)pm.3.41ipm. b.115pm .8.35pm.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlesu’G) 1.15pm. 3.25pm.

5. Ghost ( 12) 5.35pm. 8.25pm.

6. Child‘s Play 2(15)2pm.4.115pm. 6.211pm. 8.511pm.

7. The Little Mermaid (U) l .211pm. 3.211pm. Flatliners ( 15) (3.1)5pm. 8.411pm. Neverending Story 11 (L') Sat. Sun only 1.311pm.

Almost an Angel (PG) 1 .311pm (not Sat. Sun). 4pm. b.211pm. 8.45pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. £3 (Child £1.61): OAP [before 6pm]

£1 .611). Two bars open 6—9.3(ipm (Mon—Sat); 6.30—9.311pm (Sun).

‘I. Ghost(l2) 1.311pm. 4.4(ipm. 7.55pm. 2. Child’s Play 2 ( 15) 1.1(1pm. 3.25pm. 5.5(lpm.8.31ipm.

3. Almost an Angel (PG) 2pm. 5. 15pm. 8.211pm.

4. The Exorcist ( 18) 1.21ipm. 4.45pm. 8pm. 5. Presumed Innocent ( 15) 1.311pm (not Sat. Sun). 4.40pm (not Sat. Sun). 7.55pm. Neverending Story 11 Sat. Sun only 1 . lllpm. 3.25 m. 5.45pm.

I CITY CENTRE ODEON Renfield Street. 332 87111. Licensed bar. [1)] screens 2.3 and 4. £3.25 (Child ()AI’£2.25 [£2.5(11ast show]; Studentr 111341) £2.51) [available as advertisedi). Luxury seatsalsoavailablc in screen 1 £3.75. All tickets for shows commencing before 1.3(ipm £2.25. Advance booking available from box office ( 1 1am~ 7.3lipm) or by Visa Access hotline (333 955 1 ).

AirAmerica ( 15) 12. 15pm. 2.45pm. 5.311pnt. 8.35pm.

The Little Mermaid (1') 12.45pm. 2.45pm. Come See The Paradise ( 15) 5pm. 8. 15pm. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( P( i) 12.45pm. 3.15pm. Flatlinersl15)5.45pm.8.35pm. Arachnuphobia (PG) 12. 15pm. 3pm. 5.45pm. 8.40pm.

Home Alone(l’G) 12 31lpm.3.15pm.bpm. 8.45pm.

Texasville( 15) 12.15pm. 2.45pm. 5.25pm. 8.25pm.

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. Ilillhead. 339 4298 7814. £2.51)(Student/UBMHLZ; (‘hild’OAP £1 .5”). Seats can now be booked for last evening and late screenings: the box office isopen 2--7pm. 1.Air America ( 15) 2. 10pm (not Sun). 5.411pm. 8.20pm.

2. Home Alone (PG) 2. 15pm (not Sun). 5.50pm. 8.15pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I SALON Vinieombe Street. 339 4256, Circle £2.75; Stalls £2.51I(Student/ LJB411

28 The List 11—24 January 1991