53rd & 3rd (below), Joe Ely, Danish Radio Big Band, composer James Dillon and the new additions to the Battlefield Band.


Like a virgin?

Alastair Mabbott remembers the

glory days of 53rd & 3rd Records with the aid of two new releases.

Although memories of53rd & 3rd Records are still fresh, Fun While it Lasred, a newly-released

retrospective on Avalanche (the label that seems I

to have picked up their gauntlet along with a couple of their old bands), will give one of the few Scottish indies of any importance during the 80s a deserved reappraisal.

Started by Fast Forward‘s Sandy McLean in 1987, 53rd & 3rd announced its arrival with ‘Safety Net‘ by the then unspeakably cool Shop Assistants. But it was a strange kind ofcool the label exuded, and one that was perhaps only meaningful during a brief burst ofactivity in the

decline of a once-healthy independent network

post-Mary Chain, pre-Madchester. Trailing round venues in the mid-80$. one could easily assume that the only scene of any note was the ‘anorak‘ phenomenon.

But there was more to 53rd & 3rd than a chaste, dreamy indie kid with a guitar in one hand and a scuffed satchel in the other. There was the Ramones obsession for a start. A barely recognisable picture ofJoey Ramone served as a logo. the singles‘ code numbers all began with the prefix A.G.A.R.R. . an indication that they were

Early 53rd a 3rd: Duglas looms large

As Good As Ramones Records (or later on, As Good As A Fuck) and most ofthe roster could shift from a jangle to a buzz at the kick of a


53rd & 3rd bands tended to have a decadence underscoring the naivete and childlike awkwardness of their songs. When Simon Reynolds wrote ‘An idea of innocence pervades and possesses the scene‘, he reckoned without The Vaselines‘ ‘Rory Rides Me Raw‘.

The label‘s taste was more catholic than some of their rivals. But although the surf-pop of Glasgow‘s Beat Poets can be found on Fun While it Lasred, the same can‘t be said of the American contributions; neither bar-band supremo Bcn Vaughn nor the distinctly odd combo Beat Happening make it. Instead. the bands who are privileged enough to get two tracks apiece are the

pair who stretched ‘cutie‘ feyness to its most extreme: Tallulah Gosh and The BMX Bandits. The former would doubtless be offended by the suggestion that their real romance was with self-parody, but self-parody was and is The BMX Bandits‘ raison d’etre.

As if further proofwere needed, along comes Avalanche‘s other new release, Totally Groovy Live Experience. Just who in the world could want an album ofThe BMX Bandits caught live at a Bellshill hotel? More people than you might

i expect actually, especially since the success of

The Soup Dragons and Teenage Fan Club has cast a little halo of reflected glory on their old

3 chum Duglas. So we‘re talking crossover here. if g a crossover between Play School and Spinal Tap

can be easily achieved, or even imagined. lfyou‘ve ever caught yourself thinking that. given the choice, kids would actually prefer playing with Meccano and reading week-by-week encyclopaedias to fooling around with Turtles, you might look on Duglas‘s songs as the kind of ditties that pre-teens would get offon. But they stay confined to dives where sophisticated indie

i fans drink pints, smoke fags and stay up late to , laugh at his send-ups of a scene that has, by and

large, upped sticks and moved out of the back

bedroom to the dancefloor.

But Duglas can still amuse. After a succession

ofsweet little songs, and an encore ofThe Dead I’ Kennedys‘ ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off‘ (augmented

i with a chorus of ‘I Should Be 80 Lucky‘), the

guitarist hits the opening riff of ‘Pretty Vacant’.

‘Oooh,’ comes a miffed taunt from the vocalist‘s

I direction. ‘Now you‘re just being silly.‘

And then a hand closes around the shoulder and a booming voice is heard. Time for bed,

everyone. j Fun While it Lasted and Totally Groovy Live . Experience are on A valanche Records.


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I THE NATION WEPT a collective tear at the passing oi Corrie Boy Williamson, but his partner Ronnie Brown is still active.

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album. ‘Flower oi . Scotland', and video. 'Flower oi Scotland - a Vision oi the Corries’. Apart

from the title track. the album comprises all-new !

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