I OOOOIE HOWSER MO pays his lirst ever house-call and unearths a case oi measles. Well. alright then. it is actually Chucky, the doll with the realistic psychopathic tendencies. returning to the screen In Child's Play 2. See Film Index page 23.


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they can iorm their own rock combo. Jean-Paul Rappeneau's lavish and acclaimed production at Cyrano De Bergerac will be at the Glasgow Film Theatre and the Edinburgh Filmhouse. See Film Index page 23.

I MAURICE ROEVES is set upon and brutally tickled tor looking too dour in Ken Loach's new Irish thriller. Hidden Agenda. See Film Index 23.

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. Sheltering Sky opens across ? the Central Belt. seeieature page 12 and Film Index

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Come See The Paradise. Alan Parker's latest look beneath the American Dream. examines the experiences at Japanese-Americans interned during the Second World War. See Film Index page 23.

2Thc List I 1 24January 199]