I Van Der Valk: Doctor iioiiman’s Children (Scottish) 8—10pm. The long-awaited return of the popular 705‘ Dutch detective series. Barry Foster tackles the forces of evil in Amsterdam.

I Parnell and the Englishwoman (BBCZ) 9.25—10.25pm. After a short stint in Kilmainham Jail for fostering the Land Reform Movement. Parnell emerges as the ‘Uncrowned King of lreland'. Naturally enough . he starts calling his mistress ‘Queenie‘ in honour of his promotion as he continues to walk a very dangerous tightrope between private pleasure and public scandal.

I Matters ol Taste: The Great Scottish Takeaway (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Not an examination of suppers and sauce but more a lament for all that salmon. whisky and beef leaving Scotland for foreign climes.

I OED: A Slim Chance of Sight (BBCI) 9.30—ltipm. The remarkable tale ofa small DC8 aeroplane which boldly flies whereeye doctors are as rare as a very rare thing - restoring people's sight and at the same time teaching squads offuture surgeons to carry on the good work.

I The Company of Wolves (Channel 4) 10—1 1.45pm. Neil Jordan‘s film seemsto be the result of an unhealthy obsession with things lycanthropic. A rather disjointed movie perplexes rather than pleases and inspired Derek Malcolm to write. ‘The one certain thing is that you won‘t have seen anything like it before.‘


I The Sick Kid: (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. The fly on the wall documentary team report back on another week in the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience (BBCZ') 9—9.3(lpm. Successfully managing the switch from radio to TV, the snappy satirical team are easily the funniest thing around at the moment.

I The Call of the Wild (Channel 4) 10.20—11.40pm. A sly keek behind the cover of A Iaska Men. reveals not loggers in unlikely poses. but ordinary Alaskan males desperately advertising for a wife to come north and join them. in the main. the ads have proved remarkably successful. although the illusions of many would-be women of the wild are tested if

not shattered by the reality of life in the far, far north. Still. with men outnumbering women by eight to one in many areas. the women who trek north are unlikely to be the losers.

I Small Objects of Desire: The Fish Finger (BBCZ) 10.10—10.30pm. Eccentric arm-whirler Magnus Pykc. once referred to the humble finger as ‘the greatest food revolution since the discovery of fire.‘ though in reality it was the result ofa marketing accident. Appropriately enough. Michael Fish. explores the history of the frozen cod savoury on which we spend a few million quid every year.

I A Week in Politics (Channel 4)

11.40—1 . 10am. Despite the lack of a nasal Ulster tone among any of the presenters. this still provides the best political analysis of the week.

FRIDAY 13 ' i

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Sam tries to re-hire Rebecca as manager but the regulars don’t like it.

I Monty Python (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Who ordered Spam?

I Arena: Miller Meets Mandela (BBC2) 9.30—10.30pm. A momentous meeting indeed. as the American playwright made his first visit to South Africa to talk to Nelson in his home. Mandela trots through the story of his life. from the problems of being the son of aTembu chiefto the years in prison and ends up saying to Miller, ‘I never thought lwould be standing here with a myth.‘

I Macgregor Across Scotland (BBCl) 10.20—10.50pm. In his most ambitious walk to date. Jimmie crosses Scotland from east to west. from Montrose to Ardnamurchan. This first episode in the four-part series. sees him stride out through the Grampians and upJock's Road.

I Whose Line is it Anyway? (Channel 4)

10.30—1 1pm. (‘live Anderson returnsat the helm of a new series with several old faces improvising madly in front ofhim.

I Deadly Nights: Mildred Pierce (Channel 4) midnight—2.05am. After three years turning down scripts at Warner Brothers. Joan Crawford finally chose this melodrama to appear in. You can‘t fault her choice; she picked up an Oscar for her masterly portrayal of an overly-protective mother who gives up everything for her spoiled and selfish brat. Ann Blyth.


I The World This Week: GullSpecial (Channel 4) 7-8pm. An hour-long programme dedicated to the (itiilerisis.

I John Sessions: Tall Tales ( BBCZ) ‘).3()—9.55pm. Taking one step up from his improvised show. Sessions presents a series of short playlets he has actually scripted all starring himself.

I Shaka Zulu (Scottish) l().45pm—-12.45am. The epic tale ofthc 19th century Zulu warrior who took on the British. Shown in five parts.

I Small Stages: The Thirtysomehow ((Thanncl4) iii—l 1.30pm Mary. Mary and Mary are the remnants of the all-girl group. The Bodo Babies. famous for their Jelly Baby jingle back in the 70s. Assole survivors ofa Norwegian air disaster they alone know what happened to the bodyof the fourth Mary. Julie Balloo. Jenny Eclair and Maria Melirlane star in the second play from the alternative theatre circuit to be featured in the Small Stages season on Channel 4. This production was first seen at the Gilded Balloon at last year's Fringe and may soon be returning to Scotland.


I Tennents‘ Indoor Sixes (Scottish) 2—5.15pm. A dozen grown men chase a small sphere around a moderately large rock venue. in this annual contest among Scotland‘s top football clubs.

IThe WonderYears ((‘hannel-i) 6.3(l—7pm. The first of a new third seriestil the Emmy award-winning comedy show from America.

I Australia’s Mountain Cattlemen t t hannel 4) 7—8pm. Greenies are threatening the livelihood of the hardy crews who rttn their cattle in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Apparently. the beasts trample down river banks and pollute streams: because ofthis the government are determined to remov e the cattle from the high ground. Meanwhile. the locals" protestsare growing increasingly vigorous.

I You've Been Framed (Scottish) 8.05-8.35an The most annoying thing about this programme is that it does. occasionally. make you laugh. Still longing for someone to thttnipJeremy Beadle though.

I Job Experience (Channel-1) 8.30—8.45pm. Lenny l ienry stars asa jobless youngster in (‘hannel 4’s" first Oscar-winning lilm. (‘aught tip in the vicious circle of being unable to get ajob without experience. he stands around a department store pretending to be employed there.

IAmerican Football (Channel 4) 8.45pm-] .3()am. The build-up to the Superbowl has begun. Tonight. ('hannel 4 have full coverage of one ofthe Conference championship games.

I Screen Two: They Never Slept ( BBCZ) 9—ill.(l5pm. A World War ll comedy by Simon (iray and starring Edward Fox.

I Everyman: Parting ( BBCI)

10.25—1 l .li5pm. The moving story of a Dutch teacher who is dying slowly from leukaenua.

I Tennents' indoor Sixes (Scottish) 11.25pm— l .SOam. Highlights from the first day of the competition at the SECC.


I The Manageress (Channel 4) l()—l lpm. Re-run ofCherie Lunghi‘s struggle to make it good in the predominantly male world of football.

I Men's Madness (Channel 4)

l l .(iSpttt—12.2()am. A provocative. feminist examination of man’s progress on the planet. using the London Underground as a back-drop.

I Tennents‘ Indoor Sixes (Scottish) 11.25pm—l .5tiam. The second day's play reviewed.


I Eikon (Scottish) 7.3tl—Spm. Scotland‘s religous programtnc for young people.

I Without Walls: For Love OrMoney (Channel 4) 9-«lllpm. Another provocative look at the world of international antique collecting. A sortof upbeat .‘l nliqut’s Roads/tow.

I Culloden: Tough TimeS(BB(‘2) 9.5tl—ltlltlpm. The second programme in the Beeb's behind-the-scenes look at life in an inner London primary school. See preview.

I Film '91 (BBCI) 10.25- 10.55pm. Barry guides us through the forthcoming releases.

I Viewpoint 91 (Scottish) lt).4(l—l l .4tlpm. in TIM Hear! oft/1e Kremlin Scottish Television sent their cameras to explore every nook and cranny that they could of the ancient fortress’palace set in ()1 acres of central Moscow.

I Town and Country (Channel-1) ll.(i5pm—i2.ll5am. Nanci Griffith is tonight's guest star.

I The Rite (Channel 4) lZ.(i5-— l .3tiam. lngmar Bergman’s first ever madc~for-TV movie examines the grilling of a grottp of thespians by a judge obsessed with their theatrical production.


I Rapido ( BBCZ) 7.4(L-S. lllpm. Tonight‘s

guest ces Sting.

I Van DerValk (ScottislUS—illpm.

Another lengthy episode in the Dutch

detective series whose theme tune made a

mint for the Simon l’ark ()rchestra.

| IOED(BB(‘i)U.3ll—lllprn.Theboffinsat

OliDattemptascientifietcstofMurphy's Law. ()fcourse. it all goes horribly wrong. I She’ll 8e Wearing Pink Pyjamas (Channel 4) ll) -1 1.40pm. Julie Walters has a few Outward Bound frolics in this made-for-TV film. I Jazz On a Winter's Night: Herbie Hancock Featuring Herbie Hancock (Channel 4) l2. lti— l .Ztiam. Mr J lancock achieves the remarkable feat ofaccompanying himself on two electronic pianos. thereby doubling his appearance fee. I Ski With KlammeHScottish)12.35-lam. Perhaps not the easiest stylist for a

- beginner to model himselfon. the former Olympic gold tnedailist does have a few tricks tip his sleeve for you to practise in the Comfort of your own living room.


I Sick Kids (Scottish) ().3(i-7pm. The continuing saga of ill children in Edinburgh.

I Minder (Scottish) 9— lllpm. Second-hand laughs from the second-hand car dealer and his sidekick. worth every penny though.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience ( BBCB) ‘)-—9.3(lpm. Maintaining the traditionsof quality comedy on a Thursday night on BBC.

I True Stories: Lucha Libre ((‘hannel 4) 10.20—1 1.40pm. Franco Rosso’slilm examines the popularity of wrestlingin Mexico. where the contestants often insist on wearing masks to hide their true identity. ()ne such fighter isacatholic priest. who treads the canvas in order to make money for his orphanage in Mexico City.

62 The List 1 l“— 24 January 199]