The core at the Revolting Cocks is three 'studio rats', Alain Jourgensen (lelt), Luc Van Acker, and Scotland's Chris Connelly, who operate a scorched earth policy on rock, dance music and what- everelse gets in their ww.


‘Umm. yeah . . . it‘s all bullshit. It’s all complete lies. We have a really excellent press agent in Britain who just lied through his teeth and got us a bunch ofpress. There are very. very thin threads oftruth in all these stories. but basically. phhht. there‘s no truth in it whatsoever. I mean. why would a band bring live cattle on stage a bunch of docile animals? For Christ‘s sake. I‘m a vegetarian. I wouldn‘t let that happen anyway. And cows are not very interesting animals to watch. It would be really dumb. They’d just take shits and things like that. Maybe we could milk them, I don‘t know.‘

Once tales of the (‘ocks' activities had reached the ears ot‘certain Ml’s. there was a genuine danger that they would be banned from playing in this country. ‘Which was great. \Ve‘ve cancelled the tour once already. and the more were not allowed into the country. people can't see how bad we really are. and the more records we sell.‘

Random attempts to buy a copy of Beers, .S'Ieers and Queers in the weeks leading tip to their Scottish show suggest this may well be the case. The Reva/ting (be/(splay (i/(ls‘gurt‘ ( '(I/lt’gt' Uin Building and Printing on .S'urun/uy 30. 7716ng is open to the genera/public.

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