oon. Scottish football is to have its heart ripped out. Hampden Park. once the pride and passion of a footballing nation. has had its day. If one thing is certain in such an unpredictable sport. it is that after 1992 we can no longer play international matches there. The order has come

, down from on high‘ from Fifa, that all qualifying l games for the next World Cup must be played at

The sight of Scots fans herded together on the slopes of Hampden will shortly be only a memory. Should the stadium be saved? Can a new Hampden be built on Strathclyde’s green and pleasant land? Ross Parsons tries to find out what lies in store.


all-seated stadiums. ()fcourse. such sedentary

spectating is alien to the glorious echoes of

Hampden‘s terraces and initially at least.

Scotland must look elsewhere for a home yenue. This means that next year. whether they like it

or not. the Scottish Football Association will have

to stage internationals at [bros (the largest

Scottish stadium to meet Fifa's requirements).

Hence February‘s ‘trial run’ against the USSR at


The List 25 January 7 February lWl 13