I SMACKERS all round, but not on the lips lor Rudolph Valentino, he lorgot to put his Valentine’s message in The List. Next issue you can all get a message to your loved ones in The List's special Valentine Section. See Classilied Ads pages 79, tor details. The snapshot ol Valentino and Alla Nazimova is taken lrom Kisses, a glossy compilation ol snog-pics brought out just in time lor the big day. (Virgin £14.99).

HIT usr

If you glance over to your right you will see this fortnight’s major attractions laid out before you. And if you look on the other pages ofthe magazine, you will see the rest. Thank you and have a pleasant read.

I ARNIE on a ditierent plane lrom his pupils in Kindergarten Cop. Though a lirm believer in discipline, he mercilully draws the line at dispensing the kind ol punishment he once meted out in The Terminator and Total Recall. See Film Index page 19.

I IF the cap tits, wear it- the wrong way round. EMF, the Forest ol Dean's most lamous sons since Dean Martin, will be at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Sat 26 and the Calton Studios. Edinburgh, Fri 25. See Rock Listings page 34.

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I THE mad axewomen ol Llp Service return with their ‘Shakespearean' history play based on a lormidable Ieadercalled Margaret (get the topical relerence?). In the end it turned out to be a tragedy with a happy ending (tor us not her). See Theatre Listings page 48.

I GENE Hackman comes ' lace to lace with the arguementlorlessviolence !

: in lilms loryoungsters, : ‘s v whenaweelan demands an s

autograph or he’ll ‘blow

Hackman's head oll‘. Will

5 Narrow Margins,

llacltman's latest. Iollow

; the right lines? See Film Index page 34

I LOOKS like a cue lora song, Bob, though perhaps it could be put to betteruse clearing out his nasal passages. which have been blocked since 1964. Bob Dylan will be at the SECC. Glasgow. Sat 2 and Sun 3. See Rock Listings page 34.

2 The List 25 January 7 February 1991