I There's Something About Convent Girls (Scottish) 10.40-11.40pm. What sounds uneasily like the title ofa Carry On film. in fact purports to be a straightforward documentary seeking to establish whether all those feelings repressed in a convent school stay repressed. or whetherthey burst out in later life.

I Omnibus Special: A Prolile oiMichael Andrews(BBCl) l().55—ll.55pm. One of the lesser known of the so-called School of London painters. Andrews‘ most . interesting recent work has been a series of huge canvases inspired by a trip to Ayers Rock in Australia.


I Springtime in the Rockies (Channel 4) 2-3.45pm. Betty Grable. John Payne. Carmen Miranda. Cesar Romero and Charlotte Greenwood star in this lavish musical comedy based on the relationship between two dancers.

"ifi’kfiv #3,. - -

I Short and Curlies: The Hangover (Channel 4) 9. 15—9.3()pm. The adventures of Colin (Kevin McNally). who wakes up after a night ofover-indulgence to find that his household goods have taken on a life of their own and are ganging upon him.

I OED: Panic Attack (BBCl ) 9.30—10pm. It wasn‘t until 1980 that so-called panic attacks were offically recognised by the medical world. Apparently they are more likely than mere depression to lead to suicide and are far more complex than the little bouts of worry that Corporal Jones used to suffer from in Dad’s Army.

I Wetherhy (Channel 4) 10—1 1 .55pm. After a stranger (Tim Mclnnerney) commits suicide in her house. a quiet village librarian (Vanessa Redgrave) is haunted by her love affair with a local lad which took place 30 years ago. When a fellow student of the deceased turns up at her cottage she begins to discover the reasons that led to the stranger taking his own life. David Hare described his directorial debut as ‘unlike English films in general. The nuance and sexuality and violence that mix is somethingthe English don‘t do.‘ In some ways he is right it is European in form. but very Britishin

its dour emotional climate.


I Minder (Scottish) 9-i()pm. A video implicating two senior police officers is inadvertently returned to Daley Videos Ltd.

ITrue Stories (Channel4)

l().2()—l 1.35pm. Former binman Ron Todd (no relation to the Union leader) lives with over 300 wild animals and exotic fowls on a half-acre ofland upon Kirbymoorside on the North Yorkshire moors. Canadian filmmaker Harriet Pacaud spent a year on his ‘ranch‘ making this documentary about his life with the birds and the beasts.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45—1 l . 15pm. What‘s on. apart from the war in the Middle East. of course.

I Sumo (Channel 4) 5.30pm. lt‘sthe return ofthe fat gits to the telly. Dopeople really have nothing better to do than stuff themselves up into a tub of lard and then collide with each other pretending it‘s worthy ofthe title sport? Grrr. it makes me so angry. i could eat a bag of rice.

I Lazarus and Dingwall (BBCZ) 99.30pm. Frost and Arden. the Oblivion Boys. are a couple of extremely unlikely detectives on assignment for the Really Serious Crime Squad. backed up by a host ofstrangc colleagues.

I Gilda (Channel 4) midnight—2am. Channel 4‘s most enthralling series oflatc Friday night films so far. This one stars Rita llayworth as the smoulderingfemme [male who rekindles a love affair with Glenn Ford despite being married to his boss. A seductive. elegant thriller every bit as opaque and complex as The Big Sleep which came out in the same year (1949).


I In Solidarity (BBCZ) 8.05—9.05pm. The remarkable changes that have taken place in Poland over the last few years are the subject of tonight‘s documentary and three others. which will be shown on Sunday 3 and over the following weekend. I John Sessions’ Tall Tales: Don Juan in Cornwall (BBCZ) 9.35—10pm. A thinly veiled excuse for a lot of rural accentsin this tale of a randy painter. penned. of course. by Sessions.

I The Full Wax: Grace Jones(BBCt) 10.15—10.50pm. Scrap! Scrap! Scrap! As Grace takes on Ruby.

I Barbarosa (Scottish) 10.45pm—12.45am. Willie Nelson and Gary Busey are a grizzled old-timer and a fresh faced German-American farmboy respectively. Together the two wander the Texan terrain. Nelson. however. hasa

30-year-old blood feud to occupy his mind.

Australian director Fred Schepisi emerges triumphant from Peckinpah territory with a darkly ironical Western.


I Scottish Eye (Channel 4) 5.30—6pm. The first in the new series of eight programmes investigates the horrific and unlawful killing of birds of prey in order to keep Scotland‘s sporting estates free ofthcm. See preview.

I You've Been Framed (Scottish)

1 -_ 8.()5—8.35pm. Beadle. though safely

tucked away in the studio. still managesto make a fortune on the backs ofother people making fools out ofthemselves. Occasionally the odd clip will have you in hysterics if you‘re the sort of person who gets hysterical about other people‘s home movies.

I The Media Show (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. Although the people at Channel 4 were unwilling to commit themselves on this one. it is a fairly safe bet that the media‘s coverage ofthe Gulfwill feature heavilyin this. the first programme of the new series. ITin Men (Channel 4) 9.4S—i 1.50pm. The first in a new season of American comedy hits of the 805 kicks off with this 1987tale ofa long-running feud between two door-to-door aluminium siding salesmen (whatever that is). The pair are portrayed with a suitably acidic vim by Danny De Vito and Richard Dreyfuss.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish) 10.25—11.25pm. The controversial screen version of Tom Wolfe‘s best-seller Bonfire of the Vanities is the subject of tonight's 385. Hollywood. it seems. has spared nothing in its attempt to ruin a very good yarn.

I The Saltire Society's Book of the Year Award (Scottish) 11.25—1 1 .45pm. Annual celebration of the best of what‘s new in Scottish literature. presented by Jenny Brown.


I Cutting Edge: Sanctuary (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The new series commences with a look at Erin Pizzey‘s hostel for battered wives in Chiswick.

I Sport in Question (Scottish) 10.45—11.45pm. Archie McPherson takes the chair for another series ofquestions and answers on sporting topics. With him tonight will be Sam Torrance. Jack Steedman. Terry Cassidy and Alex Cameron of the Daily Record.


I Eikon (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Ethical and social issues are examined for the benefit of religous and non-religous young Scots. I Without Walls (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The intriguing story of an Egyptian woman who has been living in Paris for five years and who returns to her native Cairo. where she finds that not all is as it seemsin the life of the authoress she admires the most: Anwal Saadaii.

I First Tuesday (Scottish) 10.40—11.40pm. The horrific story of the poisoned olive oil sold in Spain in the early 805. which resulted in the deaths of several hundred people.


I lnsigniticance (Channel 4) lOpm—midnight. Bit of a chamber piece this. but it covers a vast amount ofground as Monroe. Di Maggio. McCarthy and Einstein (obviously not the real McCoys) are confined to hotel rooms by director Nicholas Roeg and given the chance to get a load off their chests: about life. love. hate. jealousy and atomic firestorms.

I Scottish Question Time 12.40—1.5()am. Scottish MPs‘ monthly shot at pumping the Secretary of State for Scotland for some info.


I The Sick Kids (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. The brave crew from Scottish TV are still hanging in there.

I The Mary Whitehouse Experience (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Last in the current hit and miss series.

I Minder(Scottish) 9—10pm. One ofthe few comedy series worth a rerun or two with George Cole in the role he was born to play.

I 40 Minutes: Prisoner(BBC2)

9.30—10. 10pm. A painter with no arms is the subject of tonight‘s documentary.

I True Stories: Homeland (Channel 4)

10. 15pm—12.()5am. Last year 24.000 exiled Latvians gathered in their homeland to sing songs that had previously been banned for 50 years at the Latvian Folk Festival.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45—1 1.15pm. The weekly round-up ofthe things that the famous three presenters think we should all know about.

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