I EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY FILM SOCIETY Contact: EUFS, 60The Pleasance, 557 0436. Annual membership fee of £18 (£13) gives free admission to the year‘s programme of over 130 films plus concessionary entry to special events and premieres. Guest tickets (£2.50) are available weekdays from Student Union shops and must be purchased in advance. Sun to, George Square Theatre:

Picnic at iianglng Rock (15) 6.45pm.

Dead Poets Society (PG) 8.50pm.

Tue 12, Pleasance:

Repulsion (18) 6.45pm.

Alice (15) 8pm.

Wed13, George Square Theatre:

The Killing (PG) 6.45pm.

Dr Strangelove (PG) 8.20pm.

I FRENCH INSTITUTE 13 Randolph Crescent, 225 5366. Screenings organised by the Institut Francais d’Ecosse. Members £1. Non-members£l .75.

Les Zozos (PG) (Wed 13 only) 8.30pm.


I CAMEO Home Street

Fri 3:

This is Spinal Tap (15) and The Song Remainsthe Same(15) 11.15pm.

Sat 9:

30 Special: The Creature From the Black Lagoon (PG) and.“ Came From Outer Space (PG) 11.15pm. . Thurs 14:

Flatliners (15) and Brainstorm ( 15) 11.15pm.

I UCI Craig Park, Kinnaird Road,669 0777. (Over-18 only).

Fri e/Sai 9:

Three Men and a Little Lady(PG) 11.30pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) 11.45pm. Rockyll (PG) 11.55pm.

Home Alone (PG) midnight. Arachnophobla (PG) 12.20am.

The Rookie (15) 12.10am.

Reversal of Fortune (15) 11.20pm. Kickeoxerz (18) 12.15pm.

Grease (PG) 12.05am.


I ALLANPARK Alianpark Road, Stirling, 0786 74137. £2 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1. NB: Student/U B40 concessions not available Fri—Sun). No unaccompanied children after 6pm. 1.Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) Fri. Sat, Mon—Thurs 2.30pm (Sat only), 5.45pm, 8.15pm; Sun 7.15pm. 2. Almost an Angel (PG) Fri, Sat, Mon-Thurs 2.45pm (Sat only), 6pm, 8.25pm; Sun 7.25pm.

I CALEDONIAN Almondvale Centre, Livingston, 0506 33163. £2.20 (Child/CAP £1.20). Family ticket £6—£8. Closed Mon and Tue until further notice. 1. Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1.45pm (Sat only), 5.30pm, 8pm.

2. Kindergarten Cop (12) 1.45pm (Sat only), 5.15pm, 7.45pm.

I CANNON Princess Street, Faikirk, 0324 23805. £1.

1. Kindergarten Cop (12) Fri, Sun—Thurs 2.20pm (not Sun), 5pm, 7.55pm; Sat 3.40pm, 6.05pm, 9pm.

Home Alone (PG) 1.15pm (Sat only), 2.30pm (Sun only).

2. Rocky V (PG) Fri, Mon—Thurs 2.10pm. 5.10pm, 8.10pm; Sat 1.40pm,4.10pm, 6.40pm, 9.20pm; Sun 3.10pm, 5.30pm, 8.10pm.

3. Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) Fri. Mon—Thurs 2pm, 5.20pm, 8.20pm; Sat 1.30pm, 4pm, 6.30pm, 9.05pm; Sun 2.55pm, 5.20pm, 8.20pm.

I MACROSERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University, 0786 61081. £2.50(£1.70). Shirley Valentine (15) (Sun 100nly) 7.30pm.

I REGAL North Bridge Street, Bathgate. 0506 634 152. £2 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1.30 Mon-Thurs only).

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 2.30pm (Sat only), 5.30pm, 8. 15pm.

28 The List 8 - 21 February 1991


I CANNON Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, 0563 37288. Adults £1.50, children/CAP £1.

1. Kindergarten Cop ( 12) Fri. Sat. Mon-Thurs 2.35pm, 5.45pm, 8.30pm; Sun 5.35pm, 8.05pm.

2. Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) Fri, Sat, Mon—Thurs 2.40pm, 5.50pm, 8.35pm; Sun 5.40pm,8.15pm.

3. Rockle (PG) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.35pm, 5.50pm, 8.35pm; Sun 5.35pm, 8.15pm.

I KELBURNE Glasgow Road, Paisley, 889 3612. [D] both screens. £2.20 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1.20). Programme times unavailable at time of going to press. Call cinema iordetails.

I MOTHERWELL THEATRE Civic Centre , Motherwell, 0698 67515. [D]. £2 (certs 18 and 15)/£2 adult, £1 child (certs U, PG, 12).

Presumed Innocent (15) Fri 8. Sat 9 7.30pm.

Home Alone (PG) Wed 13, Thurs 14 7.30pm.

I OOEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr,0292 264 049. Licensed bar open every evening (inc Sun). £3.25/£3 (Child/OAP/Student/ UB40£2.25/£2). No concessions for performances after 8pm). Luxury seats £3.50 (all screens). Saturday Lates £3; morning shows£1 .50.

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1pm, 3.25pm, 6pm, 8.25pm.

RocIryV(PG) 10.30am (Sat only). 1.20pm, 3.55pm, 6.20pm, 8.55pm.

Home Alone (PG) 10.30am (Sat only). 1.20pm, 6.20pm.

Arechnophobia (PG) 3.35pm. 8.35pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) 1.30pm, 3.45pm. 6.30pm, 8.45pm. Teenage Mutant Ninla Turtles (PG) 10.30am (Sat only).

The Little Mermaid (U) 10.35am (Sat only). See also Strathclyde Lates.

I OOEON Townhead Street, Hamilton, 0698 283 802. [D](cinemas 2 & 3 only). £2.80 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1 .75— no concessions on final shows).

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 12.20pm. 3pm, 5.30pm, 8.15pm.

Home Alone (PG) 12. 15pm.5.35pm. RoclryV (PG) 2.55pm 8.20pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) noon, 2.40pm, 5.20pm, 8.15pm.

I LA SCALA Hamilton Street, Saltcoats, 0294 62051 [D] by prior arrangement. £2 (Child/Student/UB40 £1; OAP 50p).

1. Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) Fri and Sat 6pm, 8.05pm; Sun—Thurs 7.45pm.

2. The Rookie (15) 7.35pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre, Clydebank, 041 951 2022. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available. [D] all screens. Shows commencing before 4pm £1.95;‘Twi-Lite shows’ commencing 4—6pm all tickets £1.50pm; after 6pm £2.95 (Chiid£1.95). Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1.20pm (Sat, Sun only), 4. 10pm, 6.40pm.9. 10pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) 1.30pm (Sat. Sun only),4.25pm, 6.55pm,9.25pm.

RockyV (PG) 1.40pm (Sat, Sun only), 4.35pm, 7.10pm. 9.35pm.

Fantasia (U) 1pm (Sat. Sun only), 4pm. 6.30pm, 9pm. t

Home Alone (PG) 1.50pm (Sat. Sun only), 4.45pm. 7.20pm. 9.45pm. '

The Rookie (15) 2. 10pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.05pm, 7.40pm. 10.05pm.

Air America ( 15) 2.30pm (Sat, Sun only). 5.20pm, 8pm.1().20pm.

Arachnophobia (PG) 2pm (Sat, Sun only), 4.55pm, 7.30pm. 9.55pm.

Ghost(12) 5. 15pm. 7.45pm (not Tue). 10.15pm.

Kick Boxer 2 ( 18) 3pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.30pm,8.10pm, 10.25pm.

Teenage Mutant tlinla Turtles (PG) (Sat. Sun only) 12.40pm, 2.45pm.

Jailhouse Rock (PG) Tue only 7.45pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I UCI Olympia Mall. East Kilbride. 03552 49699. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available. [D] all screens. Shows commencing before 4pm £1.95; ‘Twi-Lite’ offer, all shows 4—6pm £1 .50;after6pm £2.95 (Child £1 .95).

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1.45pm (Sat, Sun only), 4.15pm. 6.45pm.9.15pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) 1.55pm (Sat. Sun only), 4.25pm, 6.55pm,9.25pm.

RocIryV (PG) 2.05pm (Sat, Sun only), 4.35pm. 7.05pm, 9.35pm.

Narrow Margin (15) 3.40pm (Sat. Sun only). 5.50pm. 8.05pm. 10.20pm.

. The Rookie (15) 2.30pm (Sat. Sun only).

5.05pm,7.45pm,10.25pm. HomeAlone(PG) 2.15pm (Sat, Sun only). 4.45pm, 7.15pm,9.45pm.

AirAmerica (15) 5.20pm (not Sat. Sun). 7.55pm,10.30pm.

Arachnophobia (PG) 2.25pm (Sat , Sun only),4.55pm. 7.25pm.9.55pm.

Ghost ( 12) 4.40pm (not Sat. Sun),7.35pm (notTue). 10.15pm (Tue 10pm). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG) (Sat,

5 Sun only)3.30pm,5.45pm.

The ileverending Storle (U) (Sat. Sun only) 3.20pm, 5.25pm.

Tom Thumb (U) (Sat only) 1 1 .30am.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street, Irvine. 0294 79900. £2 (Child £1.25; OAP— Mon—Thurs only £1.50). Junior Club matinee (Sat only) £1 (Child 70p). Family ticket (2 Adults, 2 Children) £5.50.

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) Fri and Sat 1pm (Sat only), 3.10pm (Satoniy), 7.15pm, 9.30pm; Sun—Thurs 6pm (Sun only),8.15pm.



Screenings at Alexandria Commmunity Education Centre, Main Street, Alexandria, Dunbartonshire. Membership £10 (£6 concession), details available from Stuart Rankin, Rosebank Cottage, Arthurston Road, Jamestown. Alexandria 55150. Guest tickets are available in advance only from Alan S. Davis, 12 Wylie Avenue, Alexandria 563560.

Travelling North (PG) 7 .30pm.

I UCI/EAST KILRRIOE FILM SOCIETY Screenings at East Kilbride Olympia Nine Complex every second Tuesday evening. Membership £25 (£20). Members can buy guest tickets for individual films for£1 .95. Films are open to the general public at the usual price.

Tue 12:

Venus Peier(12) 7.30pm.


I OOEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. Sate:

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1 1pm. RockyV(PG) 11.10pm.

The Exorcist(18) 11.05pm.

Kindergarten Cop (12) 11.05pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre, Clydebank. 041951 1945. (Over-18$ only).

Fri e/Sat9:

Three Men and a Little Lady (PG) 1 1 .30pm. Kindergarten Cop (12 ) 11.40pm. RockyV(PG) 11.50pm.

Home Alone (PG) midnight. Arachnophobia (PG) 12.10am.

The Rookie (15) 12.25am.

I UCI Olympia Mail, East Kilbride.03552 49699. (Over 1850nly).


Three Men and a Little Lady(PG) 11.45pm. Kindergarten Cop (12) 1 1.50pm.

RockyV (PG) 11.55pm.

Home Alone (PG) midnight.

Right of the Living Dead(18) 12.10am.


Friday 15—Thursday 21

See under WeeIt1 for details oi ticket prices, opening hours, facilities etc.


Provisional programme details only-not confirmed at time oi going to press. 2 I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend,633 2123. 1. Unconfirmed. 2. Unconfirmed.

I CANNON The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to coniirrn.


2. Kindergarten Cop ( 12).

3. Three Men and a Little Lady(PG).

4. Home Alone (PG).

5. RockyV(PG).

6. Arachnophobia (PG).

7. The Rookie (15).

Possible opening, replacing one oiabove: Men atlAlorIr(12).

See also Glasgow lates.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to confirm.

1. Kindergarten Cop (PG).

2. Ghost(12).

3. KicltBoxer2(18).

4. Narrow Margin (15).

5. Havana (15).

Possible opening. replacing one oiabove: Men atWorit(12).

I CITY CENTRE OOEON Renfield Street, 332 8701.

Expected programme approximately as follows. Call cinema to confirm.

Three Men and a Little Lady( PG). Fantasia (U).

Roclry V (PG).

Arachnophobia (PG).

Home Alone (PG).

Reversal of Fortune ( 15 ).

I GROSVENOR Ashton Ifane. Hillhead. 339 4298/7814.

1. Kindergarten Cop (12).

2. The Comfort of Strangers ( 18).

See also Glasgow Lates.

I SALON Vinicombe Street, 3394256. Three Men and a Little Lady(PG).


12 Rose Street. 332 6535.


Nikita (18) 3.30pm, 6pm, 8.30pm. SATURDAY 16

Good Morning Vietnam (15) and In Country (15) 1.30pm.

Nikita (18) 6pm. 8.30pm.


Nikita (18) 6pm, 8.30pm.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (PG), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (PG) and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (PG) 1 lam.

A Handful of Time (15) 6.30pm.

The Enchantment ( 18) 8.45pm.


Painted Faces (15) 6pm.

December Bride (PG) 8.45pm.