i Fridays

I Crash at the (‘otton Club. llpm-late. £4 (£3 with ticket. £2 before midnight ).

L'npretentious(apart from someofthe

punters). long-running and well respected

indie crossover dance groove night with a

loyal crowd. I Earth 375 Sauehiehall Street. llpm-—3am. £3 (£1.50student ). Rare and bass grooves. I assume the title meansto 'get down to it'. ilee lice. This replacesthe 'Rain‘ night what is it with these Green themes’.’ 1 low about a PA from the

Weather Curls? Watch out for drinks

, promos.

I Home at The Choice. llpm--3.30am. £3

(£4 without ticket). New nightat'l'he Choice which. despite the Jamesian name.

is playing upfront house and mellow

garage wait a minute. mellowgarage'.’

: I Icon at the SubClub. llpm-‘3.30am. £3.50. So it’s true 7— there‘s to be nomore

Jo} at the Sub (w hich should disappoint

those who just went there fora lumber)—

remember you heard it here first.

Possibly. lcon is the brave new hope for the Slam crew and as far as 1 can gather has no connection at all with Shereen Nanjiani

or Scottish 'l‘elevision. but will be hoping

to make a name for itself with aslightly more ‘diseo‘ based house style -< don't

worry. I'm sure they don‘t mean The

Village People. I Radio City at the Mayfair((‘ameo

Suite). 10pm-2.30am. £2. Sixties rock merging surprisingly well with 00s rave.

~ with the odd dance record thrown in too. i I Rumble at .loe Paparazzi.

10pm—3.30am. £3 (£1 student). The only problem with Rumble is that it's sodark.


This issue's top five iave raves chosen by ian Jackson of Floral Riot, Edinburgh (Fridays, Network 2).

1. Simply Thrilled Honey: Orange Juice. [5de is undoubtedly the founder of the indie-pop scene (and he is God. . .G.0.D.).

2. Everybody's Fool: Teenage Fanclub. Obviously recorded in the bath, and why not? Nicest guys I’ve met in ages. 3. 24 Hour Party People: Happy Mondays. Just cos it’s what everyone should strive. to be.

4. Sonic Flower Groove LP: Primal Scream. The sort of record everyone should have to listen to every day as a whole LP.

5. You Can't Always Get What You Want: The Rolling Stones. A totally

uplifting song, well ahead of its time, by the first ‘dance’ band.

so big and so popular that if you're hoping to see friends there you really have to arrange it well in advance. Personally. I wish they wouldn‘t inflict full half-hoursof hleep-bleep-twiddle on us. htit those cavernous green shapes the lasers throw tip keep boredom at bay during them. See you on the stairs at half-past one.

I Shag at Fury Mtirry‘s. llpm—latc. £2.50. Enjoyable mish-mash of indie-dance. pop. classic chart hits and silly singalongs. Plus free chocolate.

I Temptation at Strathclyde L'niversity. 9pm—2am. £1 .50. Students and guests

24 Royal Exchange Square,





DJ Matthew plus guests



Glasgow 04] 221 5323

only. New look to Level 8. with DJ-about-town Tam (foer dishing out his usual enjoyable indie-dance sensations for the studes. Level 4 remains its usual sub-Sub Club self.

I Time Warp Rock Club at Club 1 lacienda. 10pm—4am. £2.50 (£0 for weekend ticket). After being flooded out of l lenry Afrika's. they're now temporarily doing the Time Warp at the llaecy. with rock music from the 60s. 70s. 80s and 90s. All drinksfl.

IThe Tunnel llpm—4am. £4. New look to Fridays at the Tunnel brings with it the excitements of a gyroscope (one ofthose funny twirly things astronauts practise in) and a surfboard simulator on stage. Cor. I The Alhambra 8pm—2am. Free.

I Bennel's 11pm—3.30am.£2.50.

I Blaze at Glasgow School ofArt. 10pm—2am. £2.

I Cleopatra's 10.30pm—2.30am. £3.

I Club Hacienda Under 18s disco 7—1 lpm. I Colours at Vertigo. 10pm—3.30am. £2 (for members. but you can join at the door).

I Crash at the Cotton Club. llpm-5.30am. £4 (£3 with ticket.£2 before midnight).

I Follies 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.50.

I Hard Rock Cane at the Venue. 10pm until late. £3.50.

I Hollywood Studios 1 lpm—late. £3.50.

I Mickey Finn's at Tin Pan Alley. 10.30pm—late. £2 before midnight. £4 after.

I MrD’s 1 lpm—4am. £2.

I Panic at Glasgow College Student Union. 9pm—3am. Free. Studentsand guests only.

I Rallies 10.30pm—3am. £3.

I Savoy 11pm—3.30am.£4.

I Stomp at Mardi Gras. 10.30pm-3.30am. £3.50.

I SW1 11.45pm—late. £1.50.

I Three Amigos at Tin Pan Allev. llpm—late. £4 (£1 .50 with leaflc‘t).

I Xposed at Club Xchange. l lpm-late. £2.50.


I Atlantis at the Sub Club. llpm—3.30am. £5. Where to be seen wearing the clothes you bought in the sales after taking back what Auntie Maude bought you for Christmas. . . house and techno soundsto accompany your vogueing. or whatever the trendy dance is these days.

I Bliss at Rain. 375 Sauchiehall Street. llpm--late. £4 (£2 student). Dance grooves with Larz and Flash. mostly upfront and house. Watch out for drinks promos.

W _ i I Storm at The Choice. 1 1pm—3.30am.£5. , A sudden change of atmosphere at The Choice. according to the tickets. focusing j on mellow house and soul. Resident DJ Matt will be joined by weekly guest DJs j from London Mad Axe on 9 Feb andon 10 Feb. Frankie Bones. the world 5 champion disc spinner. who will perform some of his numerous house hits. I Defect at Fury .‘yltirry’s. 11pm-late. £3. Dance music and 80s pop for the medium hip student types. I Divine at the Art School. llpm—2am. £1.50. Deee-groovy sixties pop and indie faves of a psychedelic persuasion in the Vic Cafe. named. of course. after the great man Reeves. Now how about the Bob Bar‘.’ I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets lounge). 10pm-—3am. £2.50. Newclub from the llypnotonic gang bounces in to take the place of Burnout. playing a good selection of indie dance faves in congenial atmosphere could fill a sorely needed gap on a Saturday night. I Halter Skelter at the Mayfair. 10pm—2.30am. £2. Sixties rock. mod sounds. psychedelic trips: that‘s that HclterSkelterfeeling. I The Tunnel 1 lpm-late. £6. Big upfront dance night. It‘s LOUD. apparantley. I The Alhambra 8pm—'midnight. Free. I Atslmevu at The Shelter. 9pm—midnight. I Bennet's 11pm—3.30am. £3. I Cleopatra's 10.30pm—2.30am. £3.50. I Club Hacienda 11.30pm—late. £5. Under-18s disco 7—1 lpm for hiplittle bruvvers (£3. or £2 with a ticket) and live PAs. I Cotton Club 1 lpm—3.30am. £5 (£3.50 with ticket). I Desire at Mardi Gras. 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.50. I Fever at The Choice. Under 185 Club. 7.30—10.30pm. £3. I Follies 10.30pm—3.30am.£4.50. I Glam Rock at The Venue. 10pm until late. £3.50. I Hollywood Studios 11pm—late. £4. I Under 18s Disco at Hollywood Studios. 7.30pm-10.30pm. £1.50. I Joe Paparazzi's llpm—Sam. £5. I Libra at Hollywood Studios. £3.50. Over-25sdiseo. I Mardi Gras 1 lpm—late. £4.50 I Mr 0's 1 lpm—late. £4. I Raffles 10.30pm—3am. £3. I Savoy l lpm—3am. £4. Over-21s night. I Stralhclyde University Union 9pm—2am.

62 The List 8 - 21 February 1991