I Shrinlts (Scottish) 8—9.30pm. An extended introductory episode to a new series about six psychiatrists‘ struggles with their patients' problems.

I Nice Work (BBC2) 9.25—10.20pm. Further adventures in the industrialist/semiotician romance. as Vic realises that Robyn is having an even more disruptive effect on him than on his factory.

I Free For All (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. The latest experiment in public access television. in which viewers are given the opportunity to air important issues. Confirmed items for the first edition include Peter Tatchell‘s personal view on the prosecution of gay men. and a British Muslim perspective on the GulfWar.

I All the Right Moves (Scottish) lil.45pm—12.30am. Tom Cruise and Lea Thompson in a downhome tale of high school football star trying to escape a depressed Pennsylvania steel town by means ofhis talent.

I Film on Four Extra: The Good Father (Channel4) 10—11.40pm. Anthony Hopkins and Harriet Walter head a strong British cast in a tale of a broken marriage. Hopkins is persuaded to attempt to contest custody of his beloved son. and the stage is set for an acrimonious courtroom struggle. ‘Provocative, passionate. and superbly performed‘ said the Daily Telegraph.


I Valentine (Channel 4) 8.30-10.20pm. A high dose of the yuck factor threatensto swamp this TV movie. Terminally ill Mary Martin strikes up a romance with former cop Jack Albertson, who encourages her to engage in strenuous physical activity (stop sniggering). Tear-jerking or faintly emetic; depending on your degree of _CyniCle_'n_.___ 7


I Had Owed (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. A return

, for the cult space sitcom, with Craig

.Charles, Chris Barrie, and Robert Llewellyn. In this episode a rescued female droid causes relationship angst on board ship.

I 40 Minutes: Welcome to Surtriton ( BBCZ) 9.30—10. 10pm. Still notorious from its association with The Good Life. Surbiton‘s social life revolves around the local YMCA. Local writer Wendy Perriam draws back the curtains on the real town.

DUBUN “SI/0’ S TR 301.3”

I True Stories: Prophet Songs- lreland’s Rebel Priests (Channel 4) 10.15pm—12.05am. A feature-length documentary, telling the story of six priests who left the formal ministry of the Catholic Church . and questioning the institution of the Church in Northern lreland.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45-11.15pm. Bryan Burnett. Allan Campbell and Janice Forsyth go out and about, keeping you up to date on the Scottish arts and entertainment scene.


I Cheers (Channel 4) 9-9.30pm. Parenting trouble in the Boston bar. as Lilith and Frazier argue over who is responsible for childcare.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm. Hey, more parenting trouble in a new series. As one offspring practises for her driving test. Roseanne panics about the possible arrival of a fourth little Conner. I Moving Target (BBCI) 10.20—1 1 .55pm. Made-for-TV thriller about a young musician returning from summer camp to find the family house completely empty, and both the police and some cold-blooded killers on his trail. Listen, it happens . . .

I Whose Line is it Anyway? (Channel 4) 10.30-11pm. Tonight‘s wisecracking guests are Mike McShane, Tony Slattcry, Sandi Toksvig and Colin Mochrie (who he?)

I The Word (Channel 4) llpm-12am. All together now. pegs on noses. ‘Hello and welcome to the Word . . .‘Adenoidal Terry Christian presents the latest in a long line of execrable Channel 4 music progs.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish) 11.15-11.45pm. Alexander Sister Lynn Ferguson guests, along with offbeat New Yorker Larry Amoros. Music is supplied by the Humpff Family.

I Gentolt (BBC2) 11.20pm-1.0Sam. No nothing to do with Gareth Hunt. Gambit is a two-part political thriller from German television. that highlights the vulnerability of nuclear power stations, and the inability

- of governments to guarantee their safety.

Fiction comes alarmingly close to fact in some of the issues shown on screen.


Iorandstand(BBC1) 12.15-5.10pm. All the usual treats plus full and live coverage of the rugby union from Twickenham. England take on Scotland and will be looking for revenge for last year’s defeat at Murrayfield.

I From Russia With Love (Scottish) 7.40-9.35pm. Sean Connery as Bond tangles with Lotte Lenya in the second. and some say the best, of the spy thrillers. I The Trial oi George Washington (BBC2) 7.40—9pm. John ‘Rumpole‘ Mortimer presents a TV special, taking as a premise the idea that George Washington has come to London to stand trial for treason against the king. The programme is live and unrehearsed. with real barristers and judges.

I John Sessions’ Tall Tales: There's Hovrt So Queer as Foil: (BBC2) 9.30-9.55pm.

. More one-man wordplay from the

inventive Sessions. This tale is set in the Arran sweater and real ale world of folk clubs.

ITwin Peaks(BBC2)10.55—11.40pm. Repeat of Tuesday’s episode.

IThe FulIWax(BBC1)11.05—11.40pm. More subversive antics from the Stateside superrnouth, this week persuading Elaine Stritch to spill the beans about working with Victoria ‘Pammie Ewing‘ Principal. I Catlovr(BBC1) 1 1.55pm-1 .3Sam. The American Civil War is over, and Yul Brynner is on the loose as an outlaw, closely pursued by bounty hunter Leonard Nimoy (minus the ears). A low-key Western, stodgin directed by Sam Wanamaker.

I Interrogation (BBC2) 11.40pm—1.40am. This film was adjudged too strong to be shown by the Polish authorities during the period of martial law in 1981. it‘s asearing attack on the police state, with Krystyna

J anda outstanding as a singer who falls into the hands of the secret police.


I Viv on Sunday (Scottish) 3—3.3opm. More chat from Viv Lumsden and her guests, with filmed reports from around the country. See preview.

I The Clive James interview (BBC2) 4.30-5.05pm. The Antipodean one gets a touch more serious with this series of in-depth interviews with prominent figures from the worlds of literature, politics and entertainment.

I Butterflies(BBC1)8.35—9.05pm. Classic comedy or dire Ria-run? Look out for Nicholas Lyndhurst as the yobbish son. I Screen Two: 1102 Boulevard Haussman (BBC2) 9.05—10.20pm. Alan Bennett‘s introspective study of the eccentricities of Proust. full of quirky incident.

I OtiThe Page (Scottish) 11.35pm-12.05am. The Scottish literary programme features Gaelic poet Norman MacDonald.


I Snub (BBC2) 6.55—7.25pm. The wonderfully low-key independent music show, made on a shoestring budget. remains one of the more successful attempts to cover music on the small

I Horizon: The Day the Earth Melted (BBC2) 8.10—9pm. Hopefully nothingto do with the Gulf War. but rather an exploration of a new theory explaining why dinosaurs died out.

I Winning Fortunes (Channel 4) 9—10pm. ‘Pools winners aren't happy people’ suggests treble-chance expert Viv Nicholson. At least one impoverished listings writer would take a risk on that. Rob Rohrer‘s film explores the effects of sudden overwhelming wealth, and the repercussions of getting those elusive eight draws.

I Sport in Question (Scottish) 10.55—11.55pm. More studio-based discussion on topical sporting issues.


I Same Difference (Channel 4) 5.3il—6Pm' A new series of the magazine programme 1- trthe disabled.

I The Black Bag (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm- A new series. targeted at the black and A513“ communities. that tries to avoid preVIOUS programmes‘ concentration on their minority status. and tackle new and ' controversial areas. with an emphasis 0" a frank and investigative approach. .

I Minder9—10pm. Repeated rhymlng _ slang from Terry and Arthur. once again involved in dodgy dealings down the ever-open Winchester Club.

ITvrin Peaks (BBC2) 9-9.50pm. Still hanging on to find out whodunnil" Bear up folks. this is the one when they put YOU outof your misery. l’m still none the wiser. lfanyone knows where 1 ea ll get an Albert the Misanthropic Pathologist T-shirt. by the way. please write in.

I Omnibus: inside The Russia House 1025—] l . 15pm. Omnibus goes on the SCI of the new film. starring Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer.


I inspector Morse (Scottish) s- 10pm. Does Thames Valley force actually contain literature-quoting. Mozart-loving real ale fanatics with an unerring eye for the truth? Probably not, but the lushly-made Morse programmes have nevertheless become yuppie favourites. destined to occupy videotape for many years to come.

I Short and Curiies: The Zip (Channel-1)

9. 15—9.3Upm. Another in the seriesof whimsical short films. This one concerns a disgruntled white-collar worker who wakes up one morning to discover a zip running down his torso.


I The Orchid House (Channel 4) 8.30-9.45pm. Channel 4‘s flagship costume drama for the spring season stars Frances Barber, Kate Buffery and Diana Quick in a tale set on the West Indian island of Dominica in the late 305,111rec sisters return home to the island to come to terms with a changing personal and political situation.

I Altairs at The Heart (Channel 4) 9.45—10.45pm. Starting a week late by m reckoning, this documentary health sen'es looks at how the human heart is central to our well-being. IBicycle(BBC2)10.10—10.3opm.A celebration of 150 years ofthe ozone-friendly vehicle. Bet they play mm Queen song at some point.

I NB (Scottish) 10.55—11.25pm. More an and entertainments info provided by s Scottish‘s wacky trio of presenters.

68 The List 8 21 February 1991