Welshing on your mates

I’m sick of all the propaganda we are subjected to every other year telling us how wonderful the Welsh Rugby supporters are. All this stuff about fraternal greetings between Rugby clubs and the spirit of sportsmanship doesn’t conceal the fact that for most ofthe supporters the game is just an excuse for a monumental pissrup. Some of them don‘t even make it to the right city, let alone the ground.

I for one would be a lot happier if we weren’t subjected to a whole week when Edinburgh boasts more beer-guts than a darts players convention, and you can‘t walk the streets without some valley dweller trying to get you to be his mate and join in some crap community singing.

What is Rugby union anyway except an incomprehensible and mindless sport played by miners or public schoolboys with a suspicious fondness for close physical contact? David Ford Marchmont Road Edinburgh

Scotching rumours

The choice of Scotland’s national anthem is too important a decision to be left to the likes ofthe Scottish Rugby Union. Why hasn’t anyone consulted me or for that matter Dundonian folk singer Michael


| h

Write to The List, Old Athenaeum Theatre, 179 Buchanan Street, Glasgow Gl 2J Z, or 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE. The best letter next issue will win a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila.


Marra? At a Burns Night concert with the Cauld Blast Orchestra recently, he caught the mood of the audience by dismissing the two main contenders for the honour, Flower of Scotland and Scotland the Brave, as far too militaristic for his liking and unrepresentative of the true spirit of a people he knew and loved so well. Marra modestly offfered to teach us his own alternative which he said

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was beginning to win support from many corners of the country. The words proved easy to learn and the tune uncomplicated. The chorus goes as follows:

Hairmless, Hairmless, you’ll get nae bother frae me.

[go to the library and tak oot a book, And then I go hame for ma tea.

Let us hope that in years to come it will be played at all solemn occasions.

David Mathieson

Lawrence Street


Schmo what?

Who, what, or upon which national feast day is Trevor Johnston’s Joe Schmo? (Letters Page, Issues 139 and 140).

And ifthe unveiling does take place, will The List be on hand to report to its hungry readership. This is a matter ofsome urgency to me. P. Thwaite (Miss)

Trevor Johnston fan, Dalkeith

Dazed and clueless

Would it be too much to ask you to be more consistent in future, or at least vet some of the things you give

away? The competitions page of your current List tries hard to work the reader up into a lather over Birdland‘s single, describing it as ‘fabby. . .just itching to be played’. While only a few pages earlier one of ; your reviewers has condemned as l l

‘wretched . . .so desperately ordinary that one supposes John Major will guest on the next one”. Who are we meant to believe? Annette Cowan

Bruce Street


Well done. Being the only one to spot i the deliberate mistake, you are the lucky winner of a Jose C uervo T—shirt.

Silly games

To fill the long winter nights that still remain, I recommend to List readers mental games involving the late lamented David M. Bennie, such as the following based on 705 song titles. Just think ofthe infinite g possibilities there could be: Tears Ofi A Bennie Smokey Robinson (1970); Bennie (The Fastest Milkman! In The West) Benny Hill (1971); I’d Like To Teach The Bennie To Sing— New Seekers (1972); See My Bennie Jive— Wizzard ( 1973). (That’s enough infinite possibilities Ed. ) This is an affectionate homage from one fan. Publishing that letter from the creep in Gourock was out of order; such space could have been reserved for Bennie’s silver tongue. Bring Bennie back, and ifyou feel he is too good for the letters page, which obviously you must, a fresh page would not be wasted on such a literary talent. It would target mature age-groups, hence increasing your circulation, even ifit does mean having to pay him his £9.99. Dee Stewart Park View Markinch Fife.

PS Please send me 24 ofyour ‘Bring Back Bennie’ T—shirts so I can distribute them in Fife.

W W}?




80 The List 8 21 February 1991

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