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WILDCAT present a new production of

a Ceilidh - Play by JOHN MCGRATH

Directed by JOHN BETT Designed by Colin MacNEIL

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1 - 21 and 23 M ARCH at 7,30pm ':.:::::::?.:.:.\::':::.:.:..:‘::11:32:...- Saturday matinees 9, 16, 23 at 2pm D Free Ceilidh after Friday and Saturday evening shows Tickets £5 and £3.50 (clogcesfsion)§:dand £2 for matinees 0 U R N E Y Sillirsigi-‘L‘gbf A . . if; tc co ts: 3;: . a sense, INTO NIGHT

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EXERCICES DE CONVERSATION {1.0; {:\,:._'Oi_. I.:.\.‘u.

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by ' directed EUGENE IONESCO by * Jean-Jacques Dulon ' with / Jean-Jacques Dulon ' m , I M and the participation of two American students (2::

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x An absurd masterpiece based on exercises for French pronunciation and diction that Ionesco wrote for the American students of a French professor friend of his. It is a gracefully short work that moves effortlessly from one comic sketch to another.

A very funny play that even people with no knowledge of French will enjoy.

An informal discussion with the actors will follow the show.

Glasgow: 7th March, 7.45pm - Mitchell Theatre Tickets: £4, £2 Edinburgh: 9th March, 8.00pm - George Square Theatre Tickets: £5, £3, £2

Available at the Box Office or at the French Institute, Tel No. 031 225 5366

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